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Gangan2 Mon 13-Nov-23 20:49:28

Has anyone tried a weighted blanket to help with insomnia and if so did it help ?

Iam64 Mon 13-Nov-23 20:51:55

I haven’t a weighted blanket but I sleep better with a heavy cover over my duvet

JaneJudge Mon 13-Nov-23 20:52:57

they have been proven to help. I would suggest buying one of the cheaper ones first to see if it helps. Like these for example but I guess amazon may have cheaper ones too

midgey Mon 13-Nov-23 20:53:40

There was a long thread about weighted blankets recently. Not too sure how to search though!
You might like to listen to the programme called Sliced Bread or B S, there’s a whole programme about blankets there. BBC radio 4.sounds.

dogsmother Mon 13-Nov-23 20:55:31

I got one………gave it away very quickly, too heavy. Absolutely couldn’t bear it.

NotAGran55 Mon 13-Nov-23 21:01:26

My sleep improved dramatically when I got mine from John Lewis. However I only use it when the weather is very cold as I get too hot.
Be sure to buy the correct weight if you go ahead with one.

Sparklefizz Mon 13-Nov-23 21:09:41

I bought one about 3 years ago and love it. Before buying, I tried sleeping with a lot of extra bedding piled on top to simulate the heavier weight and found I definitely did sleep better.

I bought the Koala weighted blanket which at the time was coming near the top of the best buy list. Cheap isn't necessarily good because the beads inside which make up the weight can collect all down one end, whereas with the Koala (and probably other middle of the range brands), the blanket is "pocketed".

I would recommend using a top sheet underneath the weighted blanket because the sheet can be washed every week whereas it would be a real faff due to the heaviness to change the cover on the weighted blanket very often.

As mentioned by NotaGran, be sure to buy the correct weight which will be explained on the websites.

Gwyllt Mon 13-Nov-23 21:49:51

Sliced Bread a pod cast on bbc sounds did a whole program on weighted blankets (12 October 23) for anyone who does not know this podcast it is really interesting

Maggiemaybe Mon 13-Nov-23 22:47:29

Yes, and no. I only used it three times before passing it on to my DDIL. She likes it - I hated the feeling of being pinned to the bed.

karmalady Tue 14-Nov-23 04:46:31

I sleep well with a heavy welsh blanket on top of my duvet, that keeps the duvet settled around me, so I don`t get any cold spots in the night. I sleep very well under that combination. I could not be doing with anything heavier

Gangan2 Tue 14-Nov-23 08:07:29

I will definitely research the various threads suggested, thank you. Then try a cheap one to start . I was thinking about buying a warmer duvet for winter but maybe spend my money on trying this first .

hollysteers Tue 14-Nov-23 08:31:39

My weighted blanket has been on for the last few nights and I definitely sleep better. I find it very comforting and warm.

Mollygo Tue 14-Nov-23 09:25:42

I tried one, but didn’t like it. Decided I’d rather read if I can’t sleep. Gave it to DGS who loves it and says it helps him sleep better.
Things like this are worth a try, especially if you can pass them on if you don’t like them.

CassieJ Tue 14-Nov-23 09:50:29

I too tried one, but couldn't cope with the weight of it, so ended up giving it away.

Vintagewhine Tue 14-Nov-23 10:07:47

It's really important to buy the correct weight. I tried my daughter's and couldn't move but she finds it really helps her to sleep better.

LadyGracie Tue 14-Nov-23 13:56:29

My SIL who suffers from fibromyalgia says that a weighted blanket has helped him sleep tremendously.

Cabowich Tue 14-Nov-23 13:59:36

I've got one, but it didn't work for me and I did feel very penned in by it.

NemosMum Thu 16-Nov-23 11:19:34

I use this one, which is lighter than most (5kg), made in Sweden and of very good quality. Didn't get away with a standard 7.5kg one! The outer fabric is a lovely smooth satin-cotton, although I put it in a duvet cover for hygiene. In winter, it goes over a 4.5 tog M&S feather duvet, and together they keep me comfortably warm. The weight does feel comforting, and it keeps the duvet in position all night.

janthegranx6 Thu 16-Nov-23 11:22:32

I've had one for the past two years and have grown to like the feeling of being 'contained' as I tend to be very restless in bed I feel I need to get a heavier one now, to regain the real improvement I experienced in my sleep when I first used the blanket.

LisaAN Thu 16-Nov-23 11:23:42

I bought one two years ago and I feel safe and secure in it and sleep a lot better. Admittedly it is too hot to use during the warm days of summer. Initially I found it difficult to even turn over in bed but was used to the weight after a few nights. I can only say, if you don’t sleep well, it is worth a try.

Dempie55 Thu 16-Nov-23 13:14:55

I’m sleeping a lot better since I changed to an all wool duvet, it has extra weight which is comforting and it snuggles around the body. Incredibly soft and warm, too. Got mine from Amazon, it is made in Poland from alpaca wool.

Otis Thu 16-Nov-23 13:37:17

I have a Silent Night one and love it. I put a sheet under it for hygiene reasons. I've had mine for 3 years now and even use it in the summer. Give it a go.

Joplin Thu 16-Nov-23 15:47:21

Bought one from Lidl a couple of years ago - can’t remember the make but it was a well-known one - & I love it. Time to get it out & use it again now the nights are colder.

Cid24 Thu 16-Nov-23 16:17:24

Oh yes very much helped my daughter who has had years of insomnia

Gwenisgreat Thu 16-Nov-23 21:04:37

I had one for a very short time - I couldn't get on with it.