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Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations.

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Welshy Sun 19-Nov-23 13:50:59

Hi all and thank you in advance.

I am looking for an upright vacuum cleaner. Not silly prices. I always have Dysons. But looking for other recommendations too please. I have a mixture of carpeted and hard floors.

eddiecat78 Sun 19-Nov-23 14:04:20

Gtech every time! Cordless, lightweight and their customer service is the best I've ever encountered

Siope Sun 19-Nov-23 14:25:32

I have a Shark. I love it. So light compared to a Dyson, and I like the detachable function for doing stairs, furniture etc. It doesn’t switch automatically from hard floors to carpets, but it’s a simple single button push to do so. Easy to empty, but there is a roller/brush that occasionally needs cleaning. I wouldn’t say it was cheap, but I think it was good value for money.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-Nov-23 14:39:07

I have a lightweight Miele. Excellent.

MaizieD Sun 19-Nov-23 14:47:26


Gtech every time! Cordless, lightweight and their customer service is the best I've ever encountered

I would second that!

Brilliant customer service. Dealing with real people and no phone queueing When I needed a replacement for a faulty part they were very apologetic that I couldn't get it next day because they were stock taking... It came 2 days later.

I know people who swear by their Sharks, too.

OldFrill Sun 19-Nov-23 14:48:41

Bought a cordless for under £50 in B&M because it is very, very light. I've a dog. No complaints. I live by a beach, it picks up sand, dog hair and whatever toy the dog has destroyed. I did stay in a holiday let that had a Miele, was very impressed but I'd rather have a weekend away.

Primrose53 Sun 19-Nov-23 15:16:33

I have a Sebo upstairs and a Panasonic downstairs. Both are great.

Georgesgran Sun 19-Nov-23 15:26:52

GTech upstairs
Shark downstairs.

Works for me.

harrysgran Sun 19-Nov-23 15:27:18

Gtech cordless everytime

Patsy70 Sun 19-Nov-23 15:30:27

I’ve got a lightweight, cordless Shark and prefer it to the Dysons I’ve had in the past.

Grannybags Sun 19-Nov-23 16:46:10

Shark every time for me. Not cheap but well worth money and so much better than Dyson

Welshy Sun 19-Nov-23 18:10:43

Shark like this one? Some say heavy and difficult to manoeuvre .... Oh decisions decisions confused

Siope Sun 19-Nov-23 19:17:10

Mine is similar to this

Shinamae Sun 19-Nov-23 19:20:36

Corded shark. I must admit it’s a bit heavy to manoeuvre, but the suction is absolutely 2nd to none.

Chardy Sun 19-Nov-23 19:27:13


Corded shark. I must admit it’s a bit heavy to manoeuvre, but the suction is absolutely 2nd to none.

Another vote for a corded Shark

Welshy Sun 19-Nov-23 19:33:46


Mine is similar to this

Thank you. It looks very similar.

Parsley3 Mon 20-Nov-23 09:13:56

I have this Shark. I have had Dysons and Gtech in the past but much prefer the Shark.

Aveline Mon 20-Nov-23 09:28:31

GTech air ram has revolutionised hoovering for me. So light and manoevreable and powerful. It easily copes with the fur cast by our long haired cats. So glad I took advice from this site and bought one. Thanks Grans.

Fosha Mon 20-Nov-23 14:37:37

Halo is brilliant! I chose it because it came top in the Which tests, and I’ve been delighted with it.

Cnash Mon 20-Nov-23 14:43:28

I have shark cordless downstairs where I have carpet and quarry tiles and gtech ram upstairs, mainly carpet. Both are really good and lightweight. Have had the gtech 8 years and still going strong!

Blackcat3 Mon 20-Nov-23 14:54:07

Gtech…..many parts/ accessories can be bought and easily replaced after the warranty runs out…..can’t recommend highly enough.

Cornishgreenhouse Mon 20-Nov-23 14:57:35

Switched from a Dyson to a Shark. Best thing ever! Light, easy to manoeuvre, great suction. Really impressed.

Ailidh Mon 20-Nov-23 14:59:14

I had a gtech when they first came out. It was more like an electrified carpet sweeper than a vac, and definitely couldn't cope with dog hair, so it's put me off trying again.

Have just taken delivery of a Hoover stick vac in amazon's black Friday sale. It looks good so far but it's not out of its box yet. 🙂

CrazyGrandma2 Mon 20-Nov-23 15:03:17

My Dyson packed up and I wanted a truly lightweight hoover to replace it. This one had good reviews. Only had it a week, but so far delighted. It actually is lightweight!

Eureka H11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner . I bought it off Amazon at a special price of around £113.

Saggi Mon 20-Nov-23 15:13:32

Gtech ….all day long ….wonderful vacuum