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Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations.

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Welshy Sun 19-Nov-23 13:50:59

Hi all and thank you in advance.

I am looking for an upright vacuum cleaner. Not silly prices. I always have Dysons. But looking for other recommendations too please. I have a mixture of carpeted and hard floors.

Nannashirlz Mon 20-Nov-23 15:16:57

I’ve got a shark but I pick it because of it’s weight I’ve arthritis in my hands but I think I’m going for Henry next one of my daughter inlaws had same has me but her cleaner brought Henry with her because she says it’s better at cleaning and my daughter inlaw saw a big difference so she also brought one. Having seen how good they are. Shark is good but not great I’d say Henry

Rondetto Mon 20-Nov-23 15:19:50

My daughters have had cordless for years, but I loved my old one and said I would never have one. Last year there was a special offer of a cordless from Argos so I relented and thought I'd give it a try.
WOW!!! I love it and should have had a cordless years earlier.
It doesn't have to be an expensive one either.
This is the one I bought and I'm thrilled with it. On offer again at the moment too.

emz2 Mon 20-Nov-23 15:23:24

I have the new Henry hoover stick cordless vacuum, I bought it in August and still haven't had to replace the disposable dust bag, it is a bit heavy compared to the Dyson stick but looking back at all that emptying and dust flying about this is a breeze, bit pricey at £300, maybe I should update when I have its first emptying, lol

NormaF Mon 20-Nov-23 15:26:26

I'd like to add a vote for a Shark. We've recently bought one (directly from Shark) and we're really happy with it.

LovesBach Mon 20-Nov-23 15:35:55

NormaF Me too - we had a cordless Dyson and without fail the battery would die before I finished cleaning. The Shark has fantastic suction, a light on the front to show up those annoying wisps of pet hair against the skirting board, and because it is corded it is ready to use and works for as long as I need. It is quite heavy, but the lift off section is light and easy to use on stairs, or anywhere else. Best price was direct from 'Shark'.

PinkCosmos Mon 20-Nov-23 15:36:50

I also have a corded Shark. It is a great vacuum but, as others have said, it can be hard to push depending on the surface you are vacuuming. It does have three options - hard floor, medium pile and long pile - which does help a bit.

I also have a cordless Dyson but I mainly use that on hard surfaces. I occasionally use it on the carpet if I can't be bothered to get the 'big' hoover out.

I have had Dysons in the past but the current Shark is superior.

Beau1958 Mon 20-Nov-23 15:44:53

I have a Vax cordless has 2 batteries so that’s handy easy to manoeuvre and easy to empty
I got through 2 Dyson uprights both useless and a waste of money they just keep cutting out and lose battery life quick Vax has been brilliant so far

Meme60 Mon 20-Nov-23 15:48:34

We always had a Dyson but they were getting into "silly money" territory so I decided to go for the Shark.
Absolutely love it. The amount of dirt/dust it picked up the first time I vacuumed was amazing (I put it down to the Dyson being on it's last legs) but subsequently still picks up loads more than the Dyson ever did.
As you can see super happy with it (and it came with two batteries which is brilliant) and certainly will never go back to Dyson

cc Mon 20-Nov-23 15:59:32

I've just checked the "Best Buys for various types of vacuums and Shark come out on top for both normal and lightweight cleaners. The cordless recommendation was an expensive Miele or (for a mid-range priced cleaner) Samsung. The "Best Value" option was given as a Vax Pace Pet CLSV-VPKAI at £149.
I have had Dysons too in the past but never found them very good, the filters needed replacing too often.

sarahcyn Mon 20-Nov-23 16:03:59

Shark. Excellent machine and outstanding customer service.

Onthemoors Mon 20-Nov-23 16:10:47

G tech cordless, had it years, mine is pink, I love it xx

albertina Mon 20-Nov-23 16:15:17

I am very happy with my Shark. It goes under the bed and cupboards nicely and you don't need to be a genius to use it, which suits me nicely.

MrsBoot Mon 20-Nov-23 16:29:42

GTech Pro and Halo Capsule. Both lightweight and a reasonable price as well as being very efficient on carpets and hard floors.

62dg Mon 20-Nov-23 16:38:50

I’ve just bought the Miele one recommended by Which. It’s expensive but has delivered so far. I had a Dyson previously and the dirt knew one has picked up is unbelievable! The Dyson still worked it’s just my husband has taken it, I am glad I had to buy a new one!

DamaskRose Mon 20-Nov-23 16:44:03


Shark every time for me. Not cheap but well worth money and so much better than Dyson

Just that.

Beautyandthebeast Mon 20-Nov-23 16:44:17

Shark every time

grannybuy Mon 20-Nov-23 16:47:31

Bosch cordless. No complaints, but I’ve nothing to compare it with.

tictacnana Mon 20-Nov-23 16:48:58

I had a V Tec which broke very quickly. Now have a Shark which is excellent.

SachaMac Mon 20-Nov-23 16:58:40

It’s a Shark for me too, lightweight (which was the main reason I got it) performs very well on thick carpet or hard surfaces and it’s easy to empty.

icanhandthemback Mon 20-Nov-23 17:12:34

I have a Shark and love it.

Romola Mon 20-Nov-23 17:16:52

Halo is so light and convenient. My ancient Miele is kind of okay still, but I don't love it.
Maybe that's because, when I commented that I hated vacuuming, DH went out and bought it 🤔 "as a present". I was furious and nearly made him take it back but it was better than the old one. I think he got the message.

win Mon 20-Nov-23 17:26:28

My GTech Ram is very noisy is that normal, I inherited it almost new from an elderly lady I supported who had hardly used it, but it has been really noisy from day one.I keep meaning to telephone them, but forget. any advice. I am not keen on the small waste basket either.

Nibbie Mon 20-Nov-23 17:34:39

I have a Sebo ,expensive but had it for twenty years,excellent suction

Jess20 Mon 20-Nov-23 17:49:08

Shark every time.

Mojack26 Mon 20-Nov-23 17:50:54

Hi had them all,G tech,Shark,Dyson,both corded and cordless.. Nothing between them...all pricey. This year I went back to a corded £120 Vax Pet Max,excellent and I bought a new cordless too £62.. Vyonix,never heard if it. Excellent,does what it says and it's lightweight. See pic. £182 for both! Half price of Dyson,Shark etc as as good.