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Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations.

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Welshy Sun 19-Nov-23 13:50:59

Hi all and thank you in advance.

I am looking for an upright vacuum cleaner. Not silly prices. I always have Dysons. But looking for other recommendations too please. I have a mixture of carpeted and hard floors.

midgey Mon 20-Nov-23 18:08:03

I have just seen that Lidl have a Vax pet plus for sale.

Lifrah2 Mon 20-Nov-23 18:13:32

Always loved my Dyson, but my sister bought me a GTech air ram for upstairs…and it’s perfect,

MaggsMcG Mon 20-Nov-23 18:31:35

I have the same only the other way round.

JaneD666 Mon 20-Nov-23 18:50:00

Another vote for Shark. I'm not a housework fan. I've got a lot of carpet, a border collie (there's a reason they feature in the adverts), a long-haired cat and a long-haired me. The corded upright with the large-capacity bin and the anti-hairwrap technology is brilliant. And it has a 5-year guarantee. I'd had it about 3 years and the brush bar stopped turning. Phoned them up (yes, they have a UK call centre), linked up through the phone camera to see the fault, the lady said she'd send a new head unit, then realised that model was discontinued and they sent a whole brand-new vacuum. All free of charge. I was amazed. Wish all companies were like that.

Dempie55 Mon 20-Nov-23 18:58:30

I have a Vax Mach Air Revive corded, it's currently £80 at Argos. It's fab for me, I have a mix of rugs and hard floors, the suction is brilliant. The cylinder is easy to remove and empty, the cord is long, and the vacuum is very light to take upstairs.

Pinkrinse Mon 20-Nov-23 18:58:42

Shark the best - very light and detaches very easily for stairs - keep an eye on their websites they often have 40% off.

Candelle Mon 20-Nov-23 19:02:57

John Lewis recommended a Sebo to my daughter and I thought it worked so well that I bought one. I shortly bought a second, to use upstairs.

Al three Sebos have worked for over 23 years, with suction and cleaning power undimished.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that's not too heavy, has brilliant suction and will last for yonks, try Sebo.

Pandrews Mon 20-Nov-23 21:04:53

I have had Sebo vacuum cleaners for many years, they are easy to disassemble if you have a blockage etc. DH bought a Shark when our last Sebo was damaged, without asking what I'd prefer. I was impressed with its suction but found its centre of gravity too low so it felt heavy to manoeuvre also the cord and its holders were too low to wind back onto the machine ( I have back pain) so we gave it away and went back to another Sebo-expensive mistake!!

SWT61 Mon 20-Nov-23 21:05:35

I've got a shark, its brilliant I've had dysons before but i much prefer those shark

Dottynan Mon 20-Nov-23 22:23:06

I bought my Sebo 35 years ago and it is still going strong. Amazing German built to last vacuum cleaner.

Purplejoanf Tue 21-Nov-23 09:37:26

I've tried the Shark and was not very impressed so I got the Vax Pet Plus and it’s great

Lomo123 Tue 21-Nov-23 10:02:02

Shark, practically lifts carpet off floor the suction is soo good. Customer service also excellent, sent out new part new questions asked.

pce612 Tue 21-Nov-23 10:15:53

I always had Dysons but tried a corded Shark Liftaway. No comparison, Shark wins every time.
I have a cordless one upstairs and the liftaway downstairs.
The narrow rotating brush tool is brilliant for stairs and getting into spaces that the main unit is too wide for.
Suction is second to none and every part is available as a spare as far as I can see.
I have been opening up a sealed off fireplace, masses of very fine dust, no problem for the Shark, and it has a decent sized collection bin. Coped with all of the fine dust particles no problem.
Not the cheapest but worth every penny.

Gilly8591 Tue 21-Nov-23 10:39:12

I have two pets and a daughter with very long hair so I recommend the Gtech I bought it from eBay 2nd hand but in excellent condition & it’s brilliant for hair & dust. Easy to empty and cordless.light to carry on stairs. Only mine had no attachments so can’t use in car. I had a shark for 7 years corded which was also brilliant but heavy for me with wrist issues. I also have an Eufy robot vacuum which is great when you’re tired / ill - effortless but a bit of a faff to empty at times

Jaxie Tue 21-Nov-23 10:39:52

Gtech air ram. Much superior to Dyson, which kept clogging up.

Susie42 Tue 21-Nov-23 13:52:34

I have had a Vax mach air for about 8 years and have been very happy with it and my cleaner says it’s one of the best machines she has used. I also have a Vax cordless which is good for a quick whiz round but it doesn’t hold a charge for long.

oodles Tue 21-Nov-23 17:49:27

Cordless shark. Got it a couple of years ago when Amazon were doing some black Friday type offers. I'm fact I ordered one then shortly after a higher spec one was on offer for less than the one I'd ordered so cancelled first and ordered the other one. I can use it was a hand held one too so savede having to get a handheld one for the stairs