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What can TM be thinking of?

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Luckygirl Wed 03-May-17 19:25:02

Sigh and double sigh.

Not content with taking us into an undemocratic referendum when we are all asked to vote on something where no-one could have a clear picture of the options, the conservatives now have a leader who stands and loudly slags off those with whom we need to negotiate for the secure future of the country. All thoroughly irresponsible - it just makes me want to despair.

varian Wed 03-May-17 19:30:16

It looks more and more like she is following a script written by her first guest at Downing Street, the editor of the Daily Mail.

Rigby46 Wed 03-May-17 19:36:38

Deluded? Paranoid? Setting up her excuses for when she fails? She choose to have the election and now she's complaining about the EU interfering in the totally unnecessary election. What on earth is going on?

Rigby46 Wed 03-May-17 19:38:31

Well I'm sure there'll be some GNers along soon to explain how this is all about strong and stable government in the national interest confused x100

varian Wed 03-May-17 19:45:08

We thought Boris Johnson was the most undiplomatic politician ever. We were wrong. Theresa May will throw away any chance to have a reasonable negotiation because she's been told her aggressive stance will benefit the Tory party. Let's hope she's proved wrong.

nigglynellie Wed 03-May-17 19:49:37

Mrs May DIDN'T take us into the referendum, D.C. did and the H of C promised to honour the result!

nigglynellie Wed 03-May-17 19:51:49

The vote included JC voting with the government!

Riverwalk Wed 03-May-17 19:53:53

I'm genuinely startled that she's directly accused the EU negotiators of trying to influence the General Election.

I personally know two people who voted for Brexit because they were outraged that Obama was seen to be telling us how to vote in the Referendum.

Welshwife Wed 03-May-17 20:09:58

I think I must have missed something - how are the EU interfering in the General election - are they bugging things ?

Ana Wed 03-May-17 20:30:52


Deedaa Wed 03-May-17 20:35:05

The more I see and hear of Theresa May the more I like Jeremy Corbyn.

This just sounded like sheer paranoia. And I waasn't impressed by her interview on the Andrew Marr show.

POGS Wed 03-May-17 20:39:44

I find the ease with which some posters so easily forget that at one time or another in the past Labour / Lib Dems / Conservatives have ALL wanted an EU Referendum.

Who remembers Ed Davey arguing in Parliament for a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty, boy he and the Lib Dems were very angry.

"Lib Dem ordered out of EU debate

Lib Dem front bencher Edward Davey has been ordered out of the Commons, after angry protests to the deputy speaker.
Mr Davey was annoyed at the decision not to allow MPs to debate and vote on a Lib Dem call for a referendum to be held on the UK's membership of the EU.

Deputy Speaker Sir Michael Lord acted after Mr Davey defied warnings. Fellow Lib Dems then walked out in support.

The Lib Dems support the EU treaty and UK membership of the EU. They oppose a referendum on the treaty itself.

The protest came as MPs began the latest day of debate on the Lisbon Treaty - something the Conservatives, some Labour and some Lib Dem MPs have said should be subject to a referendum.

Points of order

The Lib Dem leadership, who say they would not vote for such a referendum, say the whole issue of Britain's membership of the European Union should be subject of a referendum instead."

BBC Link above is a Time Line of when Labour/Conservative/Lib Dems have called for EU Referendums.

POGS Wed 03-May-17 20:59:19

As for Theresa May and her point re the EU, on the ongoing Brexit Thread I mentioned I was watching The EU Parliament LIVE on BBC Parliament this morning. I believe both Sky News and BBC News were also relaying coverage to a certain degree.

It then went onto the full speech being made by Michel Barnier about Brexit. It is interesting that comments will be made by simply seeing the 'clips' of his speech that the media want to show..

I think Theresa May may well have watched both the EU Parliament and Barnier, as we had the opportunity to do, listened to the 'horses mouth' so to speak! I also think Theresa May, coming off the back of the German Newspaper article and Junckers assumed connection, she would have no option but to come to the conclusion she did.

I don't know if it is possible to 'catch up' with todays EU Parliament Brexit debate but if you watch it you might just appreciate how some MEP's are indeed wanting to make the UK pay for exercising our right to Leave the EU. Guy Verhofstadt was taking questions and answers.

Ana Wed 03-May-17 21:06:42

Not content with taking us into an undemocratic referendum

As has already been pointed out, David Cameron did that, T May just inherited the poisoned chalice. Please at least get the facts right.

Anniebach Wed 03-May-17 21:07:05

If they went easy on the UK more countries msy choose to leave, the tougher they make things may be a deterrent

nigglynellie Wed 03-May-17 21:12:23

You've said it ab!

minesaprosecco Wed 03-May-17 21:24:02

Lucky legs didn't say TM took us into the referendum, she said the conservatives did.

Cindersdad Wed 03-May-17 21:54:44

I agree totally with Luckygirl. The referendum was appallingly put in such a way that few of us could clearly understand it. It was offered by the conservatives to placate UKIP fully expecting a REMAIN vote. TM was the best of a bad bunch to take over from David Cameron. All she seems to be is to slag off Labour, the Lib Dems. and the SNP, repeat increasingly hollow sound bites. She is showing herself to be unfit for purpose.

We need the "Coalition of Chaos" in the hope that sanity might be restored. The previous referendum on the electoral system was a sham as well offering the option of AV instead of PR to replace FPTP. I despair too.

rosesarered Wed 03-May-17 22:12:38

The coalition of chaos and sanity don't fit in the same sentence.grin

Luckygirl Wed 03-May-17 22:14:15

My original post did not say that TM took us into the referendum - I said the conservatives did. That is perfectly clear.

And they have now chosen a leader who is gunning for a fight with the EU to try and impress some voters - no hint of stateswoman-like behaviour - indeed proud of being a "bloody difficult woman" and threatening the EU with such behaviour.

How can we now be asked to take her seriously?

rosesarered Wed 03-May-17 22:22:01

Because the EU officials and politicians are also 'bloody difficult' and are threatening the UK I would think .However it's all shenanigans by both sides, so expect to see more of it, and then by the end we will no doubt have a deal with compromises on all sides.

POGS Wed 03-May-17 22:23:29

"We need the "Coalition of Chaos" in the hope that sanity might be restored. "

They don't agree on the Freedom of Movement, Brexit going ahead. Unless Corbyn and Momentum run rough shod over the PLP then they don't agree on Trident. I don't think the Lib Dems would back McDonnell over his class warfare of taxing the rich for the sake of it, even if it proved to raise less tax income, etc. etc.

If they succeed with their coalition of 'whatever they think of themselves' they will be fighting like cats in a sack in a short while.

Welshwife Wed 03-May-17 22:28:49

Barnier did not say at all that they wished to punish the UK or fine them but the 'accounts needed to be settled' by that I take him to mean what they have said before which is to pay the contracts they agreed to. The current funding continues till 2020 - the earliest the UK will leave is 2019 so it us conceivable it would go to the end of the agreed period. Any funding agreed for the UK will be paid for that period.

Marine LePen says the courts and Judges are useless (and worse things) if they disagree with her or find against her - sounds as if she has problems with the Tax people - May is just complaining because they have not kept things secret as she wished and she is not getting her own way. When asked if they wished to make a statement the EU declined this afternoon.

POGS Wed 03-May-17 22:44:08


" May is just complaining because they have not kept things secret as she wished and she is not getting her own way. When asked if they wished to make a statement the EU declined this afternoon."

Did you watch Barnier's speech in full , or watch the EU Parliament on the t.v stations where you live? I watched, I listened and I understood totally how she came to the conclusion she did.

As for all the sniping about the 'non factual' leak about the dinner Juncker was asked today at a press conference if he regretted 'THE LEAK', he answered with one word 'YES' and walked off the platform.

Luckygirl Wed 03-May-17 23:13:22

I do not doubt that there will be times when both sides of the negotiations will be "bloody difficult" - but it is not diplomatic or wise to be be shouting this from the rooftops in a gladiatorial fashion rather than simply taking this into account when dealing with the talks. There is too much at stake. We can do without this loose cannon.

If you are trying to get a sensible settlement from someone, you do not antagonize them unnecessarily.