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How much will a flight cost after Brexit?

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trisher Fri 14-Jul-17 13:51:03

With Ryan Air stating that it may not fly to the EU from Britain after Brexit and easyjet setting up an operation in Austria are we looking towards a time when there will be no cheap flights to EU countries?

Welshwife Fri 14-Jul-17 14:07:37

I read a few articles about the airlines in the last couple of days and I think the cost of tickets may well be the least of our worries - there is the possibility mentioned that unless another agreement is in place there may be NO flights in or out of Uk for a couple of months at least. It will affect American flights etc as well as European ones. It is to do with this One Sky agreement and flying in other countries air space.
Ryanair are talking of taking all their bases out of UK - O'Leary says that aircraft are easy to move but staff or not and it will take time to move the staff who are willing /want to move abroad.

trisher Fri 14-Jul-17 14:48:37

It is even scarier than I first thought then Ww Book your holiday now!

ninny Fri 14-Jul-17 16:04:03


Ana Fri 14-Jul-17 16:06:19

Yes, ninny, I agree.

petra Fri 14-Jul-17 16:17:09

NO flights in or out of the uk for a couple of months at least
It's getting to the laughable stage now grin

trisher Fri 14-Jul-17 17:20:23

So why do you think Ryan is warning about what will happen? And why have easy jet moved to Austria?

Darnsarf Fri 14-Jul-17 17:21:08

Anyone remember the dire warnings at the millennium? On the stroke of midnight, December 31st 1999, all computers would crash, aeroplanes would fall out of the sky, you wouldn't be able to access your money from atm machines, all because of the millennium. New companies were set up who would "help you to get your computer millennium ready". Scare mongering was a whole new industry. Looks like it's got a resurgence. You'd think intelligent adults would have got a bit more sense. grin

MaizieD Fri 14-Jul-17 17:26:13

So, petra, Ana and ninny,

Do you think this a made up problem?

Or is it one that has a simple solution and will be sorted before we Leave?

If you are better informed than Ryanair and EasyJet do let us in on it.

MaizieD Fri 14-Jul-17 17:28:13

And you, Darnsarf,

Are you able to explain why it is scaremongering?

What actually will happen?

Cherrytree59 Fri 14-Jul-17 17:34:03

Richard Branson and the like will be waiting in the wings (no pun intended) to pick up any leftovers from from the likes of Mr O'Leary (can't stand the man)

MaizieD Fri 14-Jul-17 17:39:15

Branson will be subject to the One Sky agreement, too. He won't be able to fly over EU airspace, either.

Cherrytree59 Fri 14-Jul-17 17:44:25

How the Spanish, Greek etc economy manage with all the empty sunbeds?

Cherrytree59 Fri 14-Jul-17 17:54:12

How will.....

Welshwife Fri 14-Jul-17 17:55:46

They will be bringing back Couchettes!!!

petra Fri 14-Jul-17 18:39:26

You have stated that easyJet have moved to Austria.
When did that happen?
And to everyone else: I have every faith that it will be sorted. That might sound simplistic and naive but that's how I feel.

rosesarered Fri 14-Jul-17 19:10:50

It's scaremongering...pure and simple.RyanAir may well move to Eire, but to say there could be no flights in and out of Britain.....ridiculous!

Darnsarf Fri 14-Jul-17 19:11:19

Maizie I have no more information than you or anyone else as to what will happen post Brexit but I'm fairly certain that sitting wringing my hands, worrying myself to a frazzle about something that may or may not happen, is futile. 1999 had millions of people worrying unnecessarily. And a lot of people got very rich on the back of that fear.

trisher Fri 14-Jul-17 19:15:20

petra I said easyJet are setting up an operation in Austria Not they have already moved.

Welshwife Fri 14-Jul-17 21:17:22

There was a meeting in London last week with companies such as Ryan air. Easy jet American Airlines and the company which owns BA plus the owners of NeThrow etc and all this was discussed. This possibility/probability of no flights was talked about then unless other plans can be put in place.
I have not seen a NY report of the meeting in the press but someone at the meeting belongs to a closed group I am a member of and that is where I saw it.

I knew that it would be considered scaremongering - I hope it is or it will be very difficult to arrange to see my family!

Deedaa Fri 14-Jul-17 22:31:24

To be honest most of the cheap flights aren't that cheap nowadays. Other problems we could face are joining long queues for non EU members with our pretty blue passports (I remember waiting ages for our American SiL at airports before he got British citizenship) and possibly needing visas and having to pay for them.

Cold Fri 14-Jul-17 23:56:00

It will likely cost more to fly and travellers will also probably need to factor in the cost od visas as non-EU citizens entering the EU

paddyann Fri 14-Jul-17 23:56:15

I saw the owner of Easyjet on TV last week and he was talking about not being able to fly over European airspace ,he didn't know how long it would take to get back to "normal"but was very convincing about there being a lack of flights in and out of Britain for at least sometime .We rarely fly so it doesn't affaect us ,but my son in law works in motor sport and is on mainland Europe most months so it could well affect his job and his life if he has to travel overland to racetracks

Day6 Sat 15-Jul-17 01:49:36

Am I alone in starting to ignore all Brexit news?

How much will a flight cost? Who knows? The same as now? More? Less?

IT'S ALL SPECULATION. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, never mind how a post-Brexit UK will be.

We just don't know and the news, stories, theories, depending on who is spouting them, tend to have a spin and a bias. They are bound to have, depending on whichever corner they're fighting or supporting.

It's all Chinese whispers. Life is just far too short to try and predict what life will be like in the future. We can influence very little. We owe it to ourselves not to fret about things out of our control. Brexit will unfold, with many twists, turns and surprises I daresay.

I doubt very much if any of us would bet serious money right now on the price of flight to Berlin in 2021. There are far too many variables to factor in, even if we weren't going through Brexit negotiations.

Crystal ball gazing is a dodgy practice.

Tegan2 Sat 15-Jul-17 03:02:42

'We can influence very little. We owe it to ourselves not to fret about things out of our control'
..hang on a minute; wasn't brexit all about 'taking back control'? So now you're saying that we have little influence over something that we had enough influence to instigate in the first place, even though we obviously didn't know the implications of what we had instigated. This is making my head hurt...