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TM and THAT dress

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MawBroon Wed 26-Jul-17 07:02:22

OK I am being sexist, but that Next dress on the front of today's DT really got my day off to a bad start. Fair enough, her pins are pretty good, but a woman of her age does NOT IMO wear a little pink shirt dress suitable for a girl/woman less than half her age several inches above the knee.
Girlish? Yuk!
Say what you like about Michelle Obama or Sam Cam but they knew how to look elegant, whether formally dressed or smart casual.
(Brigitte Macron is another whose determination to look "young" irritates me.There is such a thing as trying TOO hard. )

MawBroon Wed 26-Jul-17 07:05:58

In case you managed to miss it. Memo to self, must try harder.

kittylester Wed 26-Jul-17 07:11:05

I agree Maw. The dress might have looked less bad in a better colour but the combination of style and baby pink is wrong.

Brigitte Macron tries way too hard, as you say.

No doubt people will be along who say that it's not about looks etc etc but the initial impression does count these days.

Oldwoman70 Wed 26-Jul-17 07:15:16

Oh for heavens sake, she is on holiday!

mumofmadboys Wed 26-Jul-17 07:36:03

How awful not to be left alone when on holiday! I would hate my holiday wear to be put in the papers!!

Anya Wed 26-Jul-17 07:40:46

It's not just her holiday wear is it though? She has no dress sense.

Imperfect27 Wed 26-Jul-17 07:45:12

"It’s a nice dress, isn’t it? Pink linen. Very summery. Very a la mode, and only gently needling away at that generalised sense of doubt about a woman..."

Yes, for heaven's sake - it is just a dress. Where do you come across such snide criticism - evidently purposefully linked to a question of competency - of anything that men wear?

I am not a fan of Theresa May - or that particular dress, but to me this is just a sad example of sexism and it boggles my mind that many women will join in the criticism instead of calling it as such.

travelsafar Wed 26-Jul-17 07:56:27

I think it looks awful, far too short and her legs are pasty white, she should have had a spray tan or used one of the products that give you a slight golden tan on her legs.I know she is on holiday and should be given down time, but it is obvious that somehow pictures of her will appear and she has walked right into criticism.

kittylester Wed 26-Jul-17 07:56:55

I distinctly remember David Cameron's holiday attire being mocked too!

Riverwalk Wed 26-Jul-17 07:57:11

Prime Ministers never look good off-duty - remember pictures of Gordon Brown in a boat with his sons in a collar & tie, and David Cameron in awful but expensive shorts, showing off his paunch.

The dress isn't a good look but she's on holiday and it's about settings I think - if she were pictured sitting having a drink it would look OK.

I don't know why PMs go to public places on holiday - probably for political PR purposes e.g. Cameron having a UK beach holiday. Surely they could go to a private retreat or remote island away from the crowds.

whitewave Wed 26-Jul-17 08:00:35

We all have different tastes so I guess she is perfectly entitled to wear what she wants.

It is however a dress I would have put on - took one look and thought " No way!"

Imperfect27 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:05:47

Kittylester you are right, David Cameron was 'mocked' for his choice in holiday clothes - which incidentally, he blamed on his wife's choices...

However, his competency as PM was not ever called into question because of his dress sense (or lack of).

Believe me, I never thought I would find myself defending TM, on ANY issue, but I think anyone has the right to wear what they want to on holiday in particular and I am concerned that women, as much as men can join in disrespecting / undermining their own sex over something so trivial.

ninny Wed 26-Jul-17 08:10:21

It's a casual dress suitable for hot weather and she is on holiday, at least she is nice and slim and not a fatty. When I've been away and it's been very hot I've worn clothes I wouldn't dream of wearing at home because that's what you do when you are away on holiday relaxing.

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jul-17 08:25:59

Sorry Ninny it's not a suitable dress for her Nothing at all wrong with the dress but it doesn't suit her and is too short for a woman in our years It is a perfectly decent dress but you need to look in the mirror and see the overall picture and she looks pretty awful I understand she's on holiday good for her but unfortunately people in top spots get constant media attention and she will be photographed where ever and when ever and would look much better in a pair of light cut offs or a nice summer dress to the knee
In an ideal world critising should not exist but it does so she needs to look her best at all times and poor dress judgement makes people think rightly or wrongly poor general judgement and that's proved right so far

gillybob Wed 26-Jul-17 08:28:08

I would wear a dress like that on holiday. Can't see a thing wrong with it. In fact I have a pale blue one from Next that is very similar .

How awful that you would get followed around on holiday with no more intention than to mock your clothes.

merlotgran Wed 26-Jul-17 08:32:04

OK it could do with maybe being an inch longer to please the fuddy duddies but she's on holiday, she's got good legs and a slim figure.

I wish my fallen arches would allow me to wear sandals like that.

MamaCaz Wed 26-Jul-17 08:35:08

As someone who tried in vain to find a new casual summer dress yesterday (I only have one, which is ancient!), I can sympathise with TM on this issue. I'm slightly younger than her, though not much, and I couldn't find a single dress that I felt was right for me. It's partly an age thing, but mainly the fact that I don't feel that any of the casual styles around now suit my body shape (bits of it are thin/ skinny, other bits not).
My first thought when I saw 'that dress' were similar to the OP's, but then it crossed my mind that she probably has similar problems to me in finding something perfect. It was casual, looked comfortable, and was probably perfectly suited to the activities she is planning to do, so go for it TM! Wear whatever you want!

Baggs Wed 26-Jul-17 08:45:52

She's on holiday! Give her a break!

I expect* to see all the people who got annoyed when Corbyn's shabbiness when he first became Labour leader was commented on (not by me) to get on this thread and condemn this as well.

*expect as in 'aye, right ?'

Anniebach Wed 26-Jul-17 08:52:44

Little was said about Corbyns scruffiness and his choice of hats were defended , both the baseball cap and the Zhivargo hat

Baggs Wed 26-Jul-17 08:54:14

Does anyone else find that opening posts like this thread's makes them want to be as don't care, as 'inappropriate' and as rebellious in their attire as possible? Or is that just me?

I didn't do rebellious as a teenager. Guess it's got to come out sooner or later.

(I do shabby really well already. It's what comes of isolated living on a wet hillside does for you).

merlotgran Wed 26-Jul-17 09:00:01

I don't understand why a picture of TM in holiday attire would get anyone's day off to a bad start?

Waking up to a pile of dog shit on the kitchen floor however......grin

Maranta Wed 26-Jul-17 09:00:45

Yes Baggs, I agree. Now where are my purple trousers and outrageous hat!

Too many critical people around here!

Anniebach Wed 26-Jul-17 09:00:58

Most strange that one woman's dress can cause another woman to have a bad start to her day.

Luckygirl Wed 26-Jul-17 09:08:34

She's on hols so what the heck. It is ghastly though!

BlueBelle Wed 26-Jul-17 09:14:42

She certainly hasn't made any difference to my day haha

Gosh I m not adding the inches for fuddy daddy reasons but those legs need a bit of cover to look better just to knee would look a lot nicer the overall look isn't flattering at all I m just saying this from a practical point of view not a bitchy one there are better holiday looks Belts on a thickened waist is not good fashion sense nor are mid thigh lengths when you have fairly chunky thighs and thin white pins underneath
But hey ho if she likes the look and is comfortable that's all that really matters