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Cyclist cleared of manslaughter.

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gillybob Thu 24-Aug-17 10:17:46

Charlie Alliston was 18 when he crashed his fixed wheel track bike (with no front brakes) into mother of two Kim Briggs in London last February.

Prosecutors took the unprecedented step of bringing manslaughter charges but following a trial at the Old Bailey, jurors took 12 hours to find him not guilty of manslaughter but guilty of "causing bodily harm by wanton and furious driving" which carries a maximum of 2 years in jail.

Reading various news reports I cannot help but think that I hope he does get a term in jail as not only was he riding a bike that should never have been on the road, he doesn't appear to have shown any remorse for his actions, which was confirmed by Judge Wendy Joseph QC who commented that she "had not seen one iota of remorse from Mr Alliston at all at any stage" . Some of his comments on social media are nothing short of disgusting. Even when Ms Briggs lay dying in the road he shouted obscenities at her.

Cyclists are forever saying that they should be shown respect on the roads and should be treat like other road users such as cars, vans etc. so shouldn't we then liken a bike without brakes to any other vehicle without brakes?

Following the tragic death of his wife Mrs Briggs' husband has set about to bring "a change in the law and a change to attitudes".

devongirl Thu 24-Aug-17 10:19:10

gillybob I agree 100% with the opinions you express.

devongirl Thu 24-Aug-17 10:19:41

This is one thread that I personally would be happy to see shared on social media!

Jalima1108 Thu 24-Aug-17 10:47:35

Very well said gillybob and I hope he gets the maximum sentence possible.
Without parole.

Imperfect27 Thu 24-Aug-17 10:55:45

Yes gillybob.

This is the season for encountering cyclists out and about on narrow country lanes and I have seen some abominable road use - sometimes cycling two or three abreast right in the middle of the road, no hand signalling when turning and yet it is the motorist who is always at fault.

It is so very sad that it takes a tragedy to revisit and review laws that need revision.

Imperfect27 Thu 24-Aug-17 11:01:25

Sorry - slightly off point there and definitely in danger of ranting.

I think the manslaughter charge should have stuck.

In these sort of circumstances, can a judge add to a sentence because 'no remorse is shown'?

glammanana Thu 24-Aug-17 11:14:28

I fully agree with gillybob and her comments this lad has been so disrespectful on his media statements he seems to think he was the one in the there anyway that the family can influence the Judge re his manslaughter charge as I think he should go down for a lot longer than possibly 2 yrs.

glammanana Thu 24-Aug-17 11:15:33

Crossed posts sorry Imperfect27 same thoughts.

mumofmadboys Thu 24-Aug-17 11:43:42

I think it should be mentioned that the lady crossing the road was looking at her mobile. So sad all round.

Baggs Thu 24-Aug-17 11:58:29

He was in charge of a vehicle that was illegal on the road and 'driving' it dangerously. Drivers have to make allowances for inattentive pedestrians (children, for instance). Like all careless and dangerous drivers I think he deserves a longer sentence than two years so I agree that the law needs to be reformed.

Baggs Thu 24-Aug-17 11:58:55

is illegal

Baggs Thu 24-Aug-17 12:04:08

I wonder if his aggressive-seeming lack of remorse is his self-defence kicking in or whether he's just a hard nut.

Baggs Thu 24-Aug-17 12:05:59

And it's his sort of behaviour that gives the vast majority of law-abiding cyclists the bad name that has shown up repeatedly on Gransnet. Cyclists like that make me sick.

gillybob Thu 24-Aug-17 12:10:41

Yes I believe she was mumofmadboys but had this been a car ploughing into her that was later found to have no brakes I feel sure the driver would be looking at a VERY long prison sentence indeed.

In court he admitted to twice yelling to Mrs Briggs before the collision "get the f--k outta my way" which in my opinion means had his bike had brakes he could have stopped.

gillybob Thu 24-Aug-17 12:12:45

And it's his sort of behaviour that gives the vast majority of law-abiding cyclists the bad name

Couldn't agree more Baggs

Just reading the trial report on line he does seem like a nasty character.

Baggs Thu 24-Aug-17 12:20:29

If he had time to yell at the woman twice, he had time to stop before he hit her had he had brakes. His being on that bike on the road was criminal behaviour.

NanaandGrampy Thu 24-Aug-17 13:07:31

I'm horrified that he is not being charged with manslaughter.

Two small children lost their mum to someone who was driving with an illegal vehicle.

Obviously , I don't understand the nuances of the law but the thing that stuck with me was one of things he said on social media '

^'It is a pretty serious incident so I won't bother saying oh she deserved it, it's her fault. Yes it is her fault but no she did not deserve it.

'Hopefully, it is a lesson learned on her behalf, it shouldn't have happened like it did but what more can I say.'^

A lesson learned on her behalf???????? She died !

A custodial sentence is the own right outcome to this sad sad event.

fiorentina51 Thu 24-Aug-17 13:13:14

I also hope he gets the longest sentence allowed. His idiotic arrogance has resulted in the death of a much loved woman.

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking along the footpath through a park in Buxton and narrowly missed being knocked down by a young man on a bike. He was at least 20 so not a kid and only missed me by inches as he swerved off the path to avoid me. I think the only reason he swerved was in order to keep his speed up as he was racing round the park and I suppose he was timing himself!

Imperfect27 Thu 24-Aug-17 13:19:17

Baggs I have often thought that when people show 'no remorse' it may be because they need to shut out what they have done in order to cope.

MawBroon Thu 24-Aug-17 13:19:38

I fail to understand how anybody riding or driving an illegal vehicle which results in a death, can be found not guilty of manslaughter. confused
Regardless of whether she stepped out without paying attention, she might have stood a chance if he had been cycling more responsibly.
However, it is also incumbent on us to be alert as pedestrians, not stepping into the road while checking a phone - it could just as easily have been a car or bus or juggernaut.
Doesn't make him less guilty though.

MawBroon Thu 24-Aug-17 13:23:34

PS the inclusion of remorse in court (or not) worries me as any barrister worth their salt would have advised him to tone down his expression, turn on the waterworks and look suitably contrite.
His behaviour at the time of the accident is much more pertinent.

suzied Thu 24-Aug-17 13:29:00

I heard on the radio , not sure if accurate, that cctv showed he lied about her being on the phone. I hope they throw the book at him. Some of his tweets reported sound very unpleasant, more upset about his bike than the victim.

loopyloo Thu 24-Aug-17 13:40:09

Yes if a motorist was driving with deliberately illegal brakes and shouted that at a pedestrian he would have been found guilty of manslaughter.
I hope the law is changed.

loopyloo Thu 24-Aug-17 13:41:04

Perhaps this case should be taken to the Court of Appeal.

BlueBelle Thu 24-Aug-17 13:49:25

As a cyclist myself we are much more likely to be in danger on the roads but like most other posters I abhor his arrogance and hope they throw the book at him and he gets a jail sentence I think the using her phone was a red herring He should not have been on the road with that bike he should not have been riding recklessly and blimey for a bike to kill a pedestrian it's majoring rare so he was really going at some speed and with no brakes could only shout, I read as he shouted she stepped back but he had swerved inwards to try and avoid her so hit her anyway But his words on social media was inexcusable and unforgivable