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Anniebach Fri 29-Dec-17 22:50:30

Darcy Bussell. A Dame

Ringo Star. Sir

Barry Gibb. Sir

Nick Clegg. Lord

Jalima1108 Fri 29-Dec-17 23:49:52

I can't think of anything to say except:


and that the H of L definitely needs reform.

merlotgran Fri 29-Dec-17 23:55:59

Oh well. Darcy Bus Stop has got one over Shirley Ballast now. grin

Jalima1108 Fri 29-Dec-17 23:57:39


Well, if it is for her contributions to classical ballet then well done, but if it's for Strictly then hmm

maddyone Sat 30-Dec-17 00:15:27

I don't agree with an 'honours' people for doing their jobs. Ringo Star and Barry Gibb sang, played instruments, and wrote pop songs. Darcy Bussell was extremely talented and worked extremely hard during her dancing career, she now works for the BBC! Nick Clegg was a politician!

paddyann Sat 30-Dec-17 00:36:02

I dont believe in Honours at all,all part of the out od date monarchy system ,playing Kings and queens and lords and ladies is a bit nmedieval for me..we're in the 21st century ..surely £300 a day jobs for the boys should be long gone by now

durhamjen Sat 30-Dec-17 01:59:36

Nick Clegg was knighted, not made a lord, as was Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee. Now that's cronyism.

Anniebach Sat 30-Dec-17 03:48:10

Sorry error Clegg

Darcy for her contribution to dance ,

Always been cronyism , nothing as bad as making Shami a dame though for a few months least Brady for twenty years

Far less known awarded this year

WilmaKnickersfit Sat 30-Dec-17 04:14:06

It's a bit meh this year, as if there's some mopping up going on. Don't mind Darcey being made a Dame. I want to be Darcey when I grow up, so being a Dame sounds about right! tchgrin We used to say my Granny was a bit of a dame - but it wasn't meant as a compliment! tchgrin

As for Nick Clegg, I can't forgive him for betraying voters by going into coalition with the Tories. He also has to take responsibility for leading his party to the point of extinction.

Grandma70s Sat 30-Dec-17 06:06:07

Darcey, fair enough. She was a superb dancer, though sadly she has dumbed down since.

Ringo, words fail me.

NanKate Sat 30-Dec-17 06:38:19

What about Mary Berry for her contribution to cookery over the decades ? No snails in porridge ? for her or quinoa, just good plain cooking.

BlueBelle Sat 30-Dec-17 08:16:41

Oh for goodness sake what a load of old twaddle
How many firemen in Glenville towers got honoured the ones we saw sitting on the pavement exhausted, any police who ran into terrorist areas or nurses and doctors who save lives every day instead we get people who make massive amounts of money ‘entertaining’ like Eamon Holmes, Bee Gee Gibb Bussey a brilliant dancer and seemingly nice person but it was her job for heavens sake and a Beetle who has played drums and read stories to kids
Oh my word says it all really doesn’t it what a light weight country we are

petra Sat 30-Dec-17 08:28:22

Let's not forget Wiley, the godfather of grime. He got an MBE!!!

Newquay Sat 30-Dec-17 08:52:14

The whole system is madness as OP have said, being "rewarded" for doing a job you're paid to do? And folks like Ringo. . . what for exactly? And this companion of St Michael and St George for Helen Sharman-what on earth is that all about?
The whole thing is to keep this outdated monarchy show on the road-what happens in countries like France?
Also I'd be more interested-and impressed by-folks who have turned down these so called "honours". We should be told!

jenpax Sat 30-Dec-17 08:56:59

Yes it’s ridiculous! Lots of people do life changing jobs every day on the front line! emergency services, NHS staff, social workers, charity workers none of these are rewarded with titles!

Anniebach Sat 30-Dec-17 09:09:21

If nurses were made Dames and Doctors knighted how many would there be?

Unfair to say Darcy has dumbed down, many people enjoy ballroom dancing , how many get to see the Royal Ballet every year?

sunseeker Sat 30-Dec-17 09:10:56

I am not against a system which recognises those who have made a contribution to society, but awarding someone for just for doing something they enjoyed and were well paid for is crazy. A former editor of British Vogue has been awarded a CBE having previously been awarded an OBE -why? Eamonn Holmes's only talent appears to be that he can read an auto-cue and be well paid for it. There are so many others who are much more deserving

durhamjen Sat 30-Dec-17 09:24:39

I thought people had to be recommended for honours.
Did any of those complaining recommend any of the Grenfell firemen for honours?
Have you looked at your local paper to see the list of police and firemen among others who have been honoured?

Anniebach Sat 30-Dec-17 09:27:03

Suppose we could say they were doing their job ?

whitewave Sat 30-Dec-17 09:30:25

Much the same as a lot on the honours list.

I thought that May said that she’s was going to get rid of cronyism?

Another failure!

maddyone Sat 30-Dec-17 09:33:13

Yes, I agree with everyone on here, so I'm glad it's not just me. The honours system is outdated and I feel annoyed every time these so called 'honours' are announced. I know the occasional lollipop lady or whatever is honoured, but that's just a sop that's being thrown to the masses (us) to try to stop us complaining about it. I absolutely loathe this system that rewards people for doing their job, especially if they become famous. Sports personalities, pop stars, entertainers, politicians, civil servants (the highly paid ones), the list goes on. It's totally despicable in my opinion, it's rotten to the core. The amount of cronyism that goes on is truly unbelievable. I absolutely hate the way many politicians end up in the House of Lords, just so they can continue with their self importance, and fleecing the tax payers.

Just in case you didn't gather from my post, I absolutely loathe this system!

durhamjen Sat 30-Dec-17 09:47:05

Children’s author Michael Morpurgo, 74, said he will "give" his knighthood to the equine character Joey from his acclaimed story War Horse, adding: "I think in a way the only reason this wonderful honour has been given, it is for charity, but it is because, probably if I'm honest with myself, it is about one book.

"And it's about one story and one play, the great good fortune of my writing life in terms of, I suppose, circumstance and bringing the kind of success you can't dream of in terms of rewards and awards - it's the play of War Horse".

durhamjen Sat 30-Dec-17 09:51:28

Strange how many people say they think the system is wrong and should be got rid of, then complain that nobody they know about was honoured, none of the local people who deserve it. You can't have it both ways.

I wonder if Warhorse is still being staged, and if we'll see Joey being awarded his medal.

BlueBelle Sat 30-Dec-17 09:59:15

Not at all durhamjen I think the whole system should be abolished but the prime reason for me is that no one who has done anything worthwhile is ever honoured I m certainly not saying bring it back biput onky for some more worthy folk I m saying get rid of it and the main reason is because.....There is a difference

Smithy Sat 30-Dec-17 10:00:17

I agree Maddyone!
Thinking about it, I think all those who stelflessly run the People's Kitchen in our city, helping the homeless day after day, week after week, all deserve an award far more than that self serving well off egotistical bunch