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Can't believe it!

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Jane10 Fri 18-May-18 18:08:03

BBC news at 6. Main 'headlines' a load of crap about the Royal wedding preparations plus would you believe it? - interviews with other people getting married tomorrow. Meanwhile in the real world there's been another mass shooting at a school in America and the UN condemns Israel for its behaviour.
Priorities please BBC!! You are meant to be reporting the news. Leave the fluff to Hello magazine. angry

Anniebach Fri 18-May-18 18:12:43

I am now more than fed up with the reporting , I do not care, do not sodding care.

Luckygirl Fri 18-May-18 18:23:41

I do so agree - it it quite insulting that they do not credit us with a sense of balance and priorities. I will probably be weeding when the wedding takes place, but I am sure I can rely on being able to catch up at the next news bulletin, when I am guessing it will get a mention.

Anniebach Fri 18-May-18 18:34:39

Getting a mention Luckygirl, if only a mention .

BBC Wales News has started with disability payments followed by education ?

OldMeg Fri 18-May-18 19:05:00

Channel 4 is leading with the shooting. BBC news coverage is now too parochial and is not what it used to be.

OldMeg Fri 18-May-18 19:29:37

And how about the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Nine counties border it and it’s already spread to,a city of over 1,000,000 people..


NfkDumpling Fri 18-May-18 19:44:23

Apparently there’s a volcano erupting in Hawaii, a plane has crashed in Cuba too.

I was really p***ed off when our BBC six o’clock news spent half the time trying to pre-guess what the dress would look like.

PamelaJ1 Fri 18-May-18 20:17:54

You are all so right, there are so many horrible things happening all over the world and we should all wallow in misery.
However tomorrow I am going to be happy that more than 2 people will be having a fabulously joyful day with friends and family.
Good luck to all of them????

Grandad1943 Fri 18-May-18 21:25:03

PamelaJ1, I will be joining you along with millions to thoroughly enjoy a great day for these two young people.

The world and domestic British news could not have been worse consistently over any number of recent months. Therefore, why should not the main news channels take the lead in guiding the UK population towards a great day of enjoyment, and in that we can forget all the disasters and dire warning for a number of hours.

For those who would still wish to continue "wallowing" in the news gloom there are any number of American, European and Middle East English speaking news channels which are online, on satellite and on Freeview etc that will indulge any that do not wish to join the celebrations.

So, it will be most definitely the wedding for me and my wife from mid morning to mid afternoon and then it's the FA Cup final, Manchester United V Chelsea into the evening.......What a day........what a in hand, what a day.

Britain at its very best.

jusnoneed Fri 18-May-18 22:14:25

Will be a tv and radio free day tomorrow for me. Can think of nothing worse than the royals having yet another huge jolly followed by a lot of overpaid blokes chasing a bag of air around!

varian Fri 18-May-18 22:16:54

And for those of us who still care, it is supposed to take our minds off b.....y brexit

Anniebach Fri 18-May-18 22:22:05

Cheer up Varian, just one day and the hysteria will calm down ?

Granny23 Fri 18-May-18 22:24:07

For once I'm in total agreement with Jane10 . We will spend tomorrow at a fundraising fete at our local care home.
Planned before the RW was announced, it is their Annual big effort to raise money for their Dementia Unit. In the evening we are going to a Big Band concert at the local theatre. We will have no time for RW, nor English and Scottish Cup Finals - Hooray.

Maggiemaybe Fri 18-May-18 22:31:42

Do you know, I can’t believe it either. Yet another thread for people who are fed up of hearing about the royal wedding to take their mind off it by talking about.....oh, the royal wedding! grin In a few hours it’ll all be over, folks, and we can don our sackcloth and ashes again and get back to our daily diet of unrelenting misery. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your day, whatever you do, as much as I intend to with my frivolous couple of hours of cake and fizz and people-watching. wine

Jane10 Fri 18-May-18 22:32:22

grandad1943 and PamelaJ1 I'm talking about the BBC news not features or chat shows, the actual news. There are plenty of programmes peppered throughout the tv schedules about this wedding but national and international news is what I expect to see on the BBC news!

OldMeg Fri 18-May-18 22:37:05

Me too Jane

Maggiemaybe Fri 18-May-18 22:38:17

And much as I’m not a big fan of “overpaid blokes chasing a bag of air round” either, I hope those of you who do like your football have plenty of goals and action in your Cup Finals.

Grandad1943 Fri 18-May-18 22:59:33

Jane10 the BBC is a public service broadcaster and the BBC news is a sector of that public service broadcaster. Therefore this wedding will be to many millions of the British public the predominant news item for tomorrow (19/05/18) over and above all else, (unless we get a three minute warning of nuclear attack or such like).

To many, myself and my wife and my three daughters and their families tomorrow will be a day for enjoyment and to forget the cares of the world. In that, we will have the barbecue out after the wedding along with a few bottles of wine and along with millions of others thourely enjoy ourselves. To follow that we shall all watch the FA Cup Final again with millions of others.

All the above will be brought to us courtesy of the BBC to which we all pay for.

muffinthemoo Fri 18-May-18 23:09:49

As long as United win the Cup I’ll be happy!

Grandad1943 Fri 18-May-18 23:14:41

Apologies, should be thoroughly above not text error placed. Been a long week of work and after that along with millions of others looking forward to the great wedding and wonderful football to follow for out of this world relaxation

Grandad1943 Fri 18-May-18 23:17:26

muffinthemoo, I will second that, been a ManU supporter for the last thirty years or more

maryeliza54 Sat 19-May-18 04:40:04

Also in the real world ( the one without the unicorns) TM has created 10 new life peers to try to get her Brexit fiasco through the lords. What a coincidence that this has happened at this time.

stella1949 Sat 19-May-18 05:52:31

So many conflicting comments here about what the news " should" cover. We all have our opinions about what really matters. I don't see anything wrong with having the royal wedding on the news - a lot of people do care about it whether you like it or not.

Scooter58 Sat 19-May-18 06:28:29

Well I will be going to watch my team Motherwell playing in the Scottish Cup final,we don't get to many finals and this is a massive day for all of us Motherwell fans,enjoy your day which ever way you choose to spend it ,also will be hoping for a Man Utd win ?⚽️?

Scooter58 Sat 19-May-18 06:36:51

News channels these days do tend to go way over the top on reporting events that are considered to be in the "public interest". Sign of the times I'm afraid.