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Nicola Sturgeon-does appearance matter?

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trisher Sun 28-Apr-19 19:23:55

She strides onto the podium, her every movement is confident and controlled. She speaks with passion and authority and still manages to connect with her audience. How come we can't produce a politician with such panache?
Oh and she does selfies without looking as if it is all a set up.

Day6 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:29:05

Oh no - Nicola Sturgeon clones!!!!! Spare us.

She changed her appearance considerably to look as slim and polished. Good for her. It's the minute she opens her mouth that millions turn off.

Kandinsky Sun 28-Apr-19 19:29:50

Hi Nicola!

trisher Sun 28-Apr-19 19:34:08

You might Day6 but she has a following and you can see why. It isn't just to do with her appearance. It's the absolute confidence. When you compare her with Mrs May's wilting creepiness you have to wonder.

trisher Sun 28-Apr-19 19:35:57

Oh Kandinsky I wish!!! Unfortunately I'm carrying 30 years and 4 stone too much.

lemongrove Sun 28-Apr-19 19:37:25

You have to be a big fan of Sturgeon to want any more like her.😱
There are plenty of confident women MP’s that speak well,
They just don’t wear scarlet suits and six inch heels.

Sara65 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:37:48

I admire her enormously, just don’t like her politics!

Jane10 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:39:23

She's absolutely tiny and totters along on high heels. I have passed her in the corridor a few times.
I loved the Tracy Ullman impressions of her and also of Angela Merkel. That episode of Angela getting drunk on a private jet and drunk dialling Nicola to accuse her of stealing her style was hilarious.

Urmstongran Sun 28-Apr-19 19:39:52

I too admire her panache and utter confidence. Quite admirable.

Kandinsky Sun 28-Apr-19 19:50:35

She comes across as aggressive to me, like if you disagree with her she’d love to knee you in the goolies.

Sara65 Sun 28-Apr-19 19:52:20

Yes! She certainly seems tough!

lemongrove Sun 28-Apr-19 19:53:38

Jane10 the Tracey Ullman sketches were hilarious.grin

lemongrove Sun 28-Apr-19 19:54:09

All of them!

Alima Sun 28-Apr-19 19:55:48

Yes Kandinsky, know what you mean. If her appearance does matter is that because she is a woman? Alex Salmond didn’t go in for sartorial elegance but when he spoke it was like a verbal grabbing of the balls. Actually I have a theory that Nicola Sturgeon is morphing into Angela Merkel. (Oh no, does this mean that NS will be banging on and on about Indy2 now?).

Day6 Sun 28-Apr-19 20:02:58

It's the absolute confidence.

Is that good trait? I am not sure. I like a bit of humility too in my politicians.

I feel she is quite aggressive.

She is like a dog with a bone too. She doesn't give an inch. It might be good in competition but maybe not in politics. She might be polished but she's not likeable, imo.

Mycatisahacker Sun 28-Apr-19 20:08:53

I don’t agree with anything that comes out of her mouth but I think she carry’s herself well and looks the part.

BlueBelle Sun 28-Apr-19 20:10:41

I like her and I like Merkel, they are both strong women and seem straight talking not like most other politicians who say one thing and mean another

Deedaa Sun 28-Apr-19 20:45:29

I was watching her today thinking that some of her clothes are very like Theresa's, but she always looks good in them. Oddly DH, who is not a lover of a scottish accent, really likes her. And I think she has a sense of humour, unlike Theresa!

Urmstongran Sun 28-Apr-19 20:50:56

That said Do any politicians believe in democracy at all? A referendum was held in Scotland and the people voted to stay in the UK. The British people voted to leave the EU in another referendum. The whole idea of a referendum is to find out what the people want and then deliver it. Why do politicians find this so difficult?

Jane10 Sun 28-Apr-19 20:52:38

I do like Angela Merkel. I don't know why but I do.
I'm not keen on Nicola. She's a right nippy sweetie (Scottish phrase alert!)

annodomini Sun 28-Apr-19 20:55:01

'Nippy sweetie' = acid drop? Eh Jane10?

Urmstongran Sun 28-Apr-19 20:55:14

I think AM has a kind heart.

Jane10 Sun 28-Apr-19 20:58:00

Not quite an acid drop more of a very hot peppermint anno.
She doesn't take any disagreement well!

Sara65 Sun 28-Apr-19 20:59:56

I agree Jane10, I’ve always liked Angela Merkel, she seems like a nice decent woman, although, obviously I can’t understand a word she says!

Cherrytree59 Sun 28-Apr-19 21:00:23

Mutti Merkel
Mammi Nicky?? hmm