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maddyone Sun 19-May-19 10:42:00

Last Tuesday Matt Kelly, the editor of New European, tweeted in response to a photograph of an audience listening to Nigel Farage, and I quote,

' actual Nigel Farage audience. Marvel at the diversity, behold the spread of demographics. And bring a mop to clear up all the leaked piss afterwards.'

Have we reached a new low in insults to leavers, or is this simply the truth?

Anniebach Sun 19-May-19 10:45:29

That is disgusting

Kandinsky Sun 19-May-19 10:49:41

See, if Nigel Farage said that about remainers he’d be crucified.
But remainers turn a blind eye to disgusting ageism if it’s said by a remainer.

Nonnie Sun 19-May-19 10:54:22

Its just more granny bashing in a very unpleasant way. Of course the figures do suggest that a lot of older people did vote to leave but does it have to be assumed we all did and that we are incontinent? Do we lump all young people into one group of entitled drug taking fast food eating slobs? No.

I'm going to throw in something unpopular now, sorry to those on here who have researched and come to the opinion that leaving is right. I have been on Twitter on several threads about Brexit and have to say that many of the leave posts are semi-literate and totally failing to understand anything. On a NF one they seem to think that lying and cheating is moral and have argued that case to me. That could be because the more intelligent ones are not on Twitter so I am not lumping them all into one group.

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 10:55:38

I agree Annie, and Kandinsky. I can’t see how anyone with the slightest amount of human decency could think otherwise. It shocked me to be honest.

suzied Sun 19-May-19 10:57:00

If you want to read only polite and measured opinions, don't look at Twitter. Some of the comments from all sectors are hateful.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 10:58:49

Personally I ignore such silliness. No point in feeding the beast.

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 11:00:13

It’s all beneath contempt Nonnie. By the way, I’m not on Twitter, I saw this online. Why can’t people make properly reasoned arguments to defend their position? After all, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and others are entitled to disagree, but to resort to this type of comment is disgusting.

MaizieD Sun 19-May-19 11:00:45

The first two statements about diversity and demographics are true. The third was just nasty but indicative of the anger Remainers feel about the cynical manipulation of a section of the population by a populist charlatan.

Mind you, if push came to shove I'd rather be accused of being incontinent than of being traitorous and unpatriotic.

Kandinsky Sun 19-May-19 11:01:59

Well yes, I’m not on twitter so don’t see a lot of the offensive nonsense.
Mumsnet is bad enough, full of very frightening remainers who absolutely hate leavers, some of them actually willing us all to die.
And they call leavers fascists.
But that’s social media for you, full of weirdos.

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 11:03:12

Suzied, I don’t look at Twitter, as I said I saw this online. I’m really shocked, that’s why I put it on here.

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 11:06:07

Perhaps I should have asked the question ‘why do some people think it’s okay to be so offensive on social media?’

jura2 Sun 19-May-19 11:07:58

So glad I am not on Twitter. Agree, not nice, and not helpful at all - but reflects the massive frustration on all sides by this spectacularly disastrous situation.

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 11:08:23

But Maizie, is the mocking way in which the comment was framed okay? Or should he have been more restrained in his expression?

Mycatisahacker Sun 19-May-19 11:12:57

I think it says far more about why millions voted to leave.

This patronising nasty establishment language is so dangerous

MaizieD Sun 19-May-19 11:15:09

I am on twitter and I find that Remainers are, on the whole, much more restrained than Leavers (yes, I find them in my timeline, too) The Leaver abuse that follows tweets by prominent Remainers such as Femi, Adonis and James O'Brien, can be utterly horrific, worse if the Remainer is female. I wouldn't bother to single out any examples to post on here, though, as all it would do would be to heighten emotions that are already running high, at the cost of any sort of rational thought.

So, maddy, though I appreciate your motive was probably not to inflame, that's what posting stuff like this does; I think it's harmful and diverts from what is important.

Mycatisahacker Sun 19-May-19 11:16:29

And I agree with you Jura this situation and this impasse and division is very very frightening and dangerous for the country. The poisonous atmosphere is awful

David0205 Sun 19-May-19 11:20:39

It’s funny really, a lot of my friends are leavers, they know I am a remainer. Asking them why they voted leave it comes down to not wanting to be told what to do by foreigners, is that xenophobia?, not sure.
My own choice is I’d rather deal with the devil I know than the devil I don’t.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 11:39:26

david xenophobic and totally incorrect?

maddyone Sun 19-May-19 11:59:20

Thanks Maizie, I think my last sentence should have read ‘have we reached a new low on social media?’ because I absolutely had no idea that Twitter was so toxic. Obviously I realised that he (Matt Kelly) was having a swipe at leavers, but what I didn’t know was that so much of Twitter was so appallingly rude and unpleasant. It’s certainly given me no incentive to join. Think I’ll stick to Facebook and a few pictures of my holidays or family.

What I do know is that women are often targets on social media, and I know that many women, particularly MPs, have even received death threats! This is also shocking, and should be investigated by the police in my opinion. I’m appalled by the way some people hide behind the computer to dish out threats and disgusting comments such as those in the original post, and even worse.

POGS Sun 19-May-19 12:10:19

Is it much different to some posts using for example the term ' Brexshitters ' and links to twitter et all some GN posters over the years have posted?

To see ourselves as others see us.

maryeliza54 Sun 19-May-19 12:32:06

It’s ridiculous picking out one statement by one side - as others have said, social media is awash with insults from both sides. It’s just how it is now whether we like it or not.

Nonnie Sun 19-May-19 12:39:28

maddy that puzzles me too. I have discussed Brexit with a leaver friend and we have surprisingly a lot in common, we both think its about the economy. We just have different opinions about how to achieve it.

Maizie that is my experience too.

David have you told them we are having EU elections this week? Don't they understand that we are part of it and not ruled by it?

I haven't experienced any comments based on being a woman. My twitter name makes it clear that I am.

maryeliza54 Sun 19-May-19 12:43:35

Nonnie it depends what you’re tweeting about- any tweet I’ve made critical of self id or the use of the word ‘cis’ to describe a natal woman brings forth foul responses from males. But my choice to tweet so I just give as good as I get.

Nonnie Sun 19-May-19 12:45:31

marye I didn't say it didn't happen, I said it hadn't happened to me. I think we all know it does because of the MPs it has happened to.