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No deal here we go!

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Whitewavemark2 Fri 24-May-19 11:21:39

Are you prepared?

October 31st the date.

jura2 Fri 24-May-19 11:28:24


Just copy and paste from the other thread:

People who have been bitterly complaining about non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels- whom they had the right, as ever before, to vote for yesterday ... are now happy to see the second un-elected PM in charge- who will throw us at the mercy of totally unelected bureautcrats in Geneva- and at the mercy of the whims, tariffs and quotas from 164 countries- without us having a say- the only country in the world to be in that disastrous position.

Beggars belief.

MaizieD Fri 24-May-19 11:34:16

Not to mention breaking international agreements, such as the Good Friday Agreement. Making us look so untrustworthy that no-one will want to touch us with a bargepole.

Patriotism is indeed the refuge of a scoundrel. (And, I suspect, the brainwashed)

eazybee Fri 24-May-19 11:38:25

Every Member of Parliament is elected by the electorate. They, in conjunction with Party members, elect their leader.
The electorate elect the governing political party, and its leader becomes Prime Minister. The electorate do not elect the Prime Minister.

MawBroonsback Fri 24-May-19 11:39:30

I can’t be the only person to see the Referendum being like a random decision (maybe to please the kids in the back) to choose one of two roads at a junction with no signpost. And then despite the growing sense that we are heading in the wrong direction in the first place and for a spurious reason, refusing to think of turning back or even pulling over in a lay-by and looking at the flipping map.

Framilode Fri 24-May-19 11:39:55

Well I'm an ardent remainer but I'm almost at the stage now of saying bring it on - let them see what they have done.

I see Tony Blair is now saying that he thinks the only way now is a hard brexit or to remain. He can't see it being sorted any other way.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 24-May-19 11:41:53

I reckon there is almost a dead cert we will crash out now.

Raab is standing on a no deal ticket as is Johnson. Loved by the right of the Tory party there is no way a remainer or even a compromiser will get it.

So as I said

No deal here we come.

October 31st

GabriellaG54 Fri 24-May-19 11:58:09

Hurrah! ???????

jura2 Fri 24-May-19 12:14:08

Hurrah says the person who says she can't be bothered to read about the reality of WTO ...

EllanVannin Fri 24-May-19 12:52:10

Framilode, I'm beginning to think like you------let this country have the biggest turmoil that people will ever see. I don't care any more, but the most unrest, the better, I say. It " might " just sort the wheat from the chaff !

dragonfly46 Fri 24-May-19 12:57:08

I find it very scary. It will not affect me although the thought of not being able to access drugs etc is worrying but I worry for our children and grandchildren. Does nobody realise the implications of just crashing out? The Reese-Moggs and Johnsons have feathered their nests and moved their assets abroad while they still can. The rest of us are being hung out to dry.

Gonegirl Fri 24-May-19 12:57:36

I wouldn't care about any of it if it weren't for my children and, especially, tbh, my grandchildren.

newnanny Fri 24-May-19 13:01:45

We just need to restart the no deal preparation. We have all over summer to get it sorted out. We can offer EU a simple free trade deal with extras such as security and if they say no just leave with no deal. We would save almost half of the £39 billion. We would still have to pay for pensions as we are legally obliged to pay for those but the rest was a sweetener for a good deal and we were not offered that. We need immigration policy that is points based on skills needed and not just coming from EU country as sole qualification. Economists have clearly shown growth is going to be outside of EU in next 10 years +. Spain is in recession and a wealthy Germany on brink with their manufacturing plummeting. The EU is imploding because it wants to take autonomy away from individual countries. Once new MEP's are installed they will attack EU from within. We just need to get out and if they say no to simple free trade deal then we should leave on managed no deal or WTO terms.

BBbevan Fri 24-May-19 13:04:15

Well expressed Maw, I agree completely.

newnanny Fri 24-May-19 13:04:58

The health secretary has already said even in the event of no deal Brexit we can still access drugs. We also make drugs in UK that they want in EU, so it makes no sense for them to stop our access to drugs. This is just scaremongering.

lemongrove Fri 24-May-19 13:15:45

Good posts newnanny .....but you must realise, that GN,
Like all social media sites, don’t welcome sensible and non hysterical comments on this subject.wink

It was the right thing for T May to do ( resigning) but should have been done a while ago.

Urmstongran Fri 24-May-19 13:17:39

It won’t be on WTO terms. Different negotiators will bring different tactics to the table now.

The EU will have to renegotiate or the prospect of no deal (always good to have it there to focus minds!) will be the default.

A deal will be struck.

Fennel Fri 24-May-19 13:19:18

A comment from Mumsnet:
"Wish she'd just said screw you guys I'm going home."
Not that I admire her, but she's shown terrific persistence.

MaizieD Fri 24-May-19 13:21:09

Oh, bless, newnanny. Such sweet innocence...

Urmstongran Fri 24-May-19 13:24:40

And bless back, MaizieD such condescension.

MaizieD Fri 24-May-19 13:26:12

The EU has been prepared for 'no deal' since the beginning of 2018. They will come out of it far better than we do. It really isn't a credible negotiating stance.

And, if it really looks as though 'no deal' were going to happen it might well stir up the 70% of the electorate who didn't vote to leave the EU.

And perpetuate rifts in personal relationships for generations to come..

GabriellaG54 Fri 24-May-19 13:27:38

I don't care. I can't alter it.
My mantra is only to worry about things under my control.
WTO isn't so I'm not compromising my health by worrying.
Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you, is, I believe to people of my age, a well known saying.

Urmstongran Fri 24-May-19 13:48:10

Let’s remember though that although 70% of the electorate didn’t vote there’s no saying that they would have voted Remain! So many people couldn’t be bothered to vote and we will never know their views.

jura2 Fri 24-May-19 14:14:14

which exactly why we now need to ask them, about the current situation, with facts known. Thank you for making the case for me.

lemongrove Fri 24-May-19 14:19:04

It can’t be the case that 70% of the electorate didn’t vote in the referendum three years ago, as it had the highest turnout of voting ever.
Do you mean UK residents? That includes children, EU nationals and anyone else not registered to vote, plus those who couldn’t be arsed to.