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Anniebach Sun 26-May-19 21:55:59

Well ?

NanKate Sun 26-May-19 22:01:44

We shall see.

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-May-19 22:06:08

Wipeout ??

Firecracker123 Sun 26-May-19 22:06:58

Go Nigel ?

Bridgeit Sun 26-May-19 22:12:22

Go away Nigel

Urmstongran Sun 26-May-19 22:14:55

The Brexit Party will smash it!!

Prediction is a low turn out though.

lemongrove Sun 26-May-19 22:19:30

Interesting to see how not only the UK votes but in all the other countries too.
Am half asleep though after a busy day so won’t stay up for long.zzzzzzzzz

Anniebach Sun 26-May-19 22:28:25

Wales has always been strong Labour since the first Labour MP took his seat, I have heard things are down the pan for them

Urmstongran Sun 26-May-19 22:28:38

Wow! The N.E. result is in.
The Brexit Party romped it - even better than they hoped for.

2 MEP’s for Brexit
1 for Labour

Sorry Lib Dem’s & Greens.

GrandmaKT Sun 26-May-19 22:30:41

Shame that Change UK split the remainer vote, as the Lib Dems could have taken that seat from Labour.

Dinahmo Sun 26-May-19 23:22:36

It looks as though the Brexit Party will have about 31% of the vote. Last time UKIP was 27% so not a huge difference. Combined Lib Dem, Green Part & Change UK may well exceed Brexit and I don't think we can tell what the Labour and Tory voters thought. So over all it's not a good night for Farage.

Dinahmo Sun 26-May-19 23:27:33

The right wing has been trounced in the Netherlands with Labour winning.

Grandad1943 Sun 26-May-19 23:28:43

Actually it anyone take the Liberal Democrats and Green Party total votes being they are both clear remain parties it is slightly ahead of the Brexit party at this point in the night

So, Perhaps it will not be the great night that the Brexitiers had hoped for, being that was for a clear majority in the Total vote.

They may win the most seats in European young coming out Parliament, but it changes nothing at Westminster, and that's where the future of Brexit will be decided.

Apologies for ruining the brexit party on this forum. ?

Grandad1943 Sun 26-May-19 23:32:33

Apologies please take out "the coming out" above in an hotel with a great deal of background noise going on for the use of voice recognition software.

Having a great bank holiday though

maryeliza54 Sun 26-May-19 23:36:17

Basically BP will end up with same number of seats as UKIP in 2014 / hardly earth shattering

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-May-19 23:51:43

Lib Dems 3 seats in London, Brexit on 2 (+2) Lab on 2 (-2)
Cardiff = Brexit

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-May-19 23:52:52

Nige looks smart. Impeccable navy suit.

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-May-19 23:56:49

Germany and France having a terrible time.
Germany worst results for 73 years. Lost Bremen.

GabriellaG54 Sun 26-May-19 23:58:28

No ear buds Grandad1943?
Get up to date.

GabriellaG54 Mon 27-May-19 00:03:52

In the midst of all this seriousness, a news story about a 20 yr old male trying to get to Britain from Spain, was found in the GLOVE BOX of a car.
Police had to unscrew all the dashboard to get him out. Imagine it ????

Welshwife Mon 27-May-19 00:15:00

Nigel saying that Remain parties did well and not looking quite so happy - no pint in his hand either.

Welshwife Mon 27-May-19 00:28:27

Were you looking at the old Welsh results GG54 - over all wales voted Remain this time - Pro remain parties polled more votes than Leave parties.

paddyann Mon 27-May-19 00:42:40

SNP wipe the floor with the rest in Scotland expected

maryeliza54 Mon 27-May-19 00:53:08

The BP have not ‘smashed it’ or ‘romped home’ Remain parties will have larger share of vote overall and I hope NF hasn’t got a cat.

GabriellaG54 Mon 27-May-19 01:08:14

A 6 week old baby has smashed the oppo.