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France is going to be shut down 22nd June

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Grany Thu 13-Jun-19 08:49:50

I just been sent this YouTube video

Seems the French are fed up with Macron
What do others think?

Grany Thu 13-Jun-19 08:57:24

I think people of UK should get together and stand up for themselves against our nasty incompetent government
What woukd it take?

Riverwalk Thu 13-Jun-19 09:03:05

More right-wing populist crap.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 13-Jun-19 09:05:30

Blimey they want to live here on the 1 November!

crystaltipps Thu 13-Jun-19 09:25:54

Sort out your own house before criticising others maybe.

EllanVannin Thu 13-Jun-19 09:35:58

I like Macron. Of course many citizens won't remember France under General De Gaulle will they ?

Teetime Thu 13-Jun-19 09:53:31

22nd June is DH's birthday- just saying.

MiniMoon Thu 13-Jun-19 10:17:37

This woman has a YouTube channel called Secret Sources. She has some strange views. I would take what she says with a pinch of salt.

Grany Thu 13-Jun-19 10:20:51

Macron is not liked by the French people, thousands of French in yellow vests have been protesting for months against the unfairness of neoliberal polices of Macron, benefiting the already very wealthy to the detriment of the many. Like here really, neoliberalism capitalism call it what it is, it is not working for the vast majority. People want change.

Granny23 Thu 13-Jun-19 10:24:57

Reason to be Cheerful - I will not be in France on 22nd June grin

(Not that I have been or will be there any other day either}

Davidhs Thu 13-Jun-19 10:27:54

Large demonstrations will quite likely disrupt much of the country, the French are good at that but Macron was elected by all of the population not just the demonstrators who have many different grievances. If he is replaced it will be by another with similar policies.
A 6% rise in electricity was mentioned, fuel prices have gone up and the consumer pays just like in the UK. Our own activists have threatened to shut down Heathrow and other nuisances but they only represent a small minority of the population.

Grany Thu 13-Jun-19 10:29:47


Thank you I should have checked her out before posting.

EllanVannin Thu 13-Jun-19 10:50:12

It's this present troublesome generation that the majority of countries now see with their violent protests. Look at Hong Kong ?
France and indeed ours is no different when it comes to violence and unrest.
It's groups of militant airheads that don't know any different and their only way of expressing themselves is through violence and disruption.
These neanderthals are all in touch via the internet passing on their protests on how best to disrupt the country where they are. Their feeble excuse for free-speech and democracy.

gillybob Thu 13-Jun-19 11:30:34

Same here Granny23 . I have never been to France in my life.

Dinahmo Thu 13-Jun-19 11:47:33

Those of you who haven't been to France are missing out on a beautiful country with which we have many historic links - some good and some bad. Why not give it a try?

gillybob Thu 13-Jun-19 11:49:32

You gonna pay for me to go Dinahmo ? I'm up for it wink

Gonegirl Thu 13-Jun-19 11:53:35

I find the French countryside very much like our own, but not so green. And the whole country seems slightly backward. But it's quite nice to step back in time.

Dinahmo Thu 13-Jun-19 11:57:31

It is very much like our own in many areas but with fewer people. Right now it's extremely green because we've had so much rain.

Gonegirl Thu 13-Jun-19 11:59:48

Well yes. Ours is too. grin

Fennel Thu 13-Jun-19 12:00:40

I agree Dinahmo - we lived there for 16 very happy years.
It's ok if you're retired like we were, but for workers it's very hard. IMO Macron's main thing is taking on the Unions, who are still very powerful in France . Other presidents have tried and failed.
One example of how tough it is there financially - if you fail to pay your mortgage, or pay other debts, the bank swoops in and takes over your home. It happened to someone we knew. Or they close your account and refuse renewal. No temporary forgiveness.
Their equivalent of our national insurance deductions is much higher than ours.

Day6 Thu 13-Jun-19 12:04:30

More right-wing populist crap

Well, if there is right wing populist crap, *Riverwalk, *there is left wing populist crap as well.

We need to be clear about populism, which is sweeping the globe. It is a rejection of the elite and those who think they know better and impose their (often liberal, left wing) views on others.

Definition - Populism refers to a range of political stances that emphasise the idea of "the people" and often juxtapose this group against "the elite"

Please note how left wingers are OK with an elite and see themselves as "elite". Isn't it strange, a few decades ago, left wingers would be fighting for the rights of the working man/woman to object to those who think they know what is best for them. I thought most rebellions and revolutions were about the downtrodden saying 'enough is enough'?

And the left would be there championing their cause.

Now, if the people dare rise up and say "I have had enough of this (political) crap" - they tend to be written off by left wingers as right wing fascists. It's sneaky.

Please look at how the left are doing the manipulating again because they do not like it that a massive proportion of the UK population are calling out the two party system, fed up with it and rejecting what is on offer. A

And rightly so in my opinion.

I'd say the opposite of populism is to PUT UP AND SHUT UP - something the liberal elite would like for the rabble who dare protest.

That folks, is "populism" and (much of) the left hate it and denigrate those who are rising up.

Long live populism, I say.

Day6 Thu 13-Jun-19 12:12:04

I like it that the French rise up en masse.

They don't roll over and die as Brits tend to do. We accept our lot.

Now of course,w hen people in the UK vote for any party rather than Labour or the Conservatives, we see populism in action. A protest.

I believe in protest. Without protest the less affluent would be disregarded.

sodapop Thu 13-Jun-19 12:44:41

I live in France and don't find it backward at all gonegirl some rural areas are very quiet and don't have 24 hour amenities but backward no.
Macron is not popular but some changes he was trying to bring about are much needed.
The gilets jaunes took things too far and were being used by the far right and left. I do admire French people for standing up for what they perceive is right but in general they are quite resistant to change.

EllanVannin Thu 13-Jun-19 13:04:00

I love France and have had good holidays there and what's more I've always got on with its people too.
I even enjoyed Disneyland with my GD a few years back.

silverlining48 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:45:10

France is a beautiful country, it has it all, lakes, mountains, beaches, historic and very attractive towns and villages. It is 4 times the size of the UK with the same population, which means a lot more open space and in the main, empty roads, a joy to drive there.
Fabulous village restaurants which cook fresh meals every day often 3 or 4 courses including wine if lucky, all for the princely sum of around 11 or 12 euros.
I could go on....