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mcem Sun 24-Nov-19 08:43:12

Any thoughts on John McDonnell 's proposal to to compensate waspi women to the tune of £58 bn?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:44:41

Justice imo

Newquay Sun 24-Nov-19 08:45:40

Haven’t heard this? More hot air election promises?

Tooting29 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:48:42

Just wonder where the money will come from

Iam64 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:48:50

I'm lucky enough to have been born before the cut off point, so I got my state pension at 60. I have loved ones who retired in their 50's because of health problems, safe in the knowledge their state pension would soon be arriving. Nope -wait till 64 or 66. How are they supposed to pay the basic bills?
Yes, I'd be pleased to see the Waspi women compensated.


cornergran Sun 24-Nov-19 08:51:00

Very positive and just in theory but I also wonder where the money will come from. Promises without funding clarity are a worry.

Sara65 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:52:31

I doubt it will ever happen, and if it does I imagine it will those facing the most hardship.

mcem Sun 24-Nov-19 08:55:24

Twitter pointing to articles in Guardian and Observer.
Average pay out of approx £15k up to a maximum of £31k.
"A debt of honour".

Blinko Sun 24-Nov-19 08:55:53

Same here, I was lucky to be born before the WASPI cut off date. I fully support their cause and applaud McDonnell's pledge. I just hope it can be carried out if/when they come to power.

PamelaJ1 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:58:42

It will pay the increase in capital gains that we will have to pay if we sell our buy to let property! The one we bought because neither of us had a work pension.

Tooting does that answer your question?

oldgimmer1 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:58:51

Unfortunately Labour haven't a clue?

McDonell will bankrupt us in a week!

I actually agree with most of his proposals but he needs to get real.

mcem Sun 24-Nov-19 08:59:11

Also Independent and Mirror. Let's see if Andrew Marr covers it.

grannyrebel7 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:59:39

Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle, so he wouldn't have made this promise if he couldn't follow through with it. I agree labour are intending to spend a great deal but it's all been costed and is in their manifesto. I don't know the details of the WASPI women's (of which I am one) pay out but I'm confident it will happen should the people of Great Britain come to their senses and put Jeremy into No 10.

growstuff Sun 24-Nov-19 09:00:49

It's impossible to bankrupt a country which produces its own currency.

oldgimmer1 Sun 24-Nov-19 09:00:57

Pamela I'm a landlord too.

I get where you're coming from

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 09:03:38

It’s just another bribe from an increasingly desperate Labour Party.
What won’t they promise to get through the doors of number 10?
Most people see through it.

growstuff Sun 24-Nov-19 09:04:40

IF it happens, the people who will receive it will spend the money on goods and services which will be taxed and go straight back to the Treasury. If they save it, the money will be available for others to borrow to fund various projects.

Tax redistributes money. It doesn't remove it from the economy.

mcem Sun 24-Nov-19 09:05:09

Genuine question to Pamela and oldgimmer.
How does the fact that you are landlords impact on the waspi injustice? Or alternatively- how will waspi women suffer/benefit from that fact?

growstuff Sun 24-Nov-19 09:05:27

Most people don't understand economics. hmm

mcem Sun 24-Nov-19 09:07:17

(A bit like increasingly desperate bribes around 40 new hospitals - to name but one!)

PamelaJ1 Sun 24-Nov-19 09:09:49

mcem - so hard to type that. My spellcheck wants to call you McEnroe!
It was really in answer to The question asked earlier. Where will he get the money?
Well from me and oldgimmer and many like us.

Hetty58 Sun 24-Nov-19 09:10:27

I had to wait until 65 for my pension but I very much doubt that we'll see much in the way of compensation. I live in hope, though!

growstuff Sun 24-Nov-19 09:10:35

What do people think has happened to the money which would have been paid, if the state pension age hadn't been raised? The country hasn't become richer because less is being paid out in pensions than otherwise have been the case.

In the long term, if people had better pensions and buying btl properties became less attractive, more property would be available for people at more affordable rates at the bottom of the property ladder.

PamelaJ1 Sun 24-Nov-19 09:11:25

BTW I am also a waspi woman.

Yehbutnobut Sun 24-Nov-19 09:11:54

After WW2 the Labour Government announced a huge programme of regeneration and rebuilding and introduced the NHS to shouts of ‘we will be bankrupted’ ‘how will we pay for this?’

Well, we weren’t (bankrupted) and we did (pay for it)

So much so that a MacMillan was able to boast, on the back of this that ‘we never had it so good’.