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The future if Boris gets in

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Yehbutnobut Mon 09-Dec-19 08:09:32

Take back control??? ???

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Dec-19 08:13:53

Amazon to get NHS patient data. Undoubtedly that will in return be sold to USA drug companies.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Dec-19 08:15:33

The breakup of the Union.

Yehbutnobut Mon 09-Dec-19 08:22:10

And of course we get Trump thrown in for free!

Urmstongran Mon 09-Dec-19 09:16:34

He will deliver Brexit so he will get my vote.

Austerity measures have ended (officially - Theresa May assured us of that in the summer) so hopefully conditions will pick up for many more now.

After Brexit?

The next GE after it will be interesting. Probably no Jeremy Corbyn. Swinson might have been replaced by then too. Brexit won’t be a deciding factor any more as we will have left.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Dec-19 09:19:14

But you know

Nothing lasts for ever, and when the voter finally understands the way he/she was mislead their fury will be like nothing we have seen.

“The lying politicians, the corrupt lawyers, and accountants. The greedy bankers, the arms dealers and shit-scientists and the smooth salesmen who pushed the corrupt and liars because it was good for business will all be put in the dock to answer for their misdeeds.

And what will they say?

“We did it because if we hadn’t someone else would have”

And the voter will say “ oh, we see, so if you hadn’t raped a girl some other fellow would have rapped her”?

And that’s your justification for rape? Well we note that say the voters.”

But never again. We will never allow it.

From le Carre

paintingthetownred Mon 09-Dec-19 09:22:09

Many more people under severe stress and some committing suicide due to Universal Credit.

Future under Boris? Universal Cruelty. And we will have failed our children if we vote for the Tories.

paintingthetownred Mon 09-Dec-19 09:22:54

And Austerity measures haven't 'ended'. I see people going down as a result each and every day. Open your eyes.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Dec-19 09:23:19

It fills me with despair. Truly. Please let it not happen. Tories Out!!!

inkcog Mon 09-Dec-19 09:23:38

WW, yes I think the UK is on borrowed time.

MaizieD Mon 09-Dec-19 09:41:51

Just 'saying' that austerity is over doesn't actually make it true.

Actions speak louder than words and there have been no actions on the part of the tories to bring an end to austerity.

Do you always believe everything you're told, Ug? Even when you're told it by a confirmed liar?

BlueBelle Mon 09-Dec-19 10:09:06

I have no understanding how an intelligent person can vote for him and the Tories because ‘he’ll get Brexit done’ My god
urmstongran I m disappointed in you
What on earth do you think England and yes it may not be UK will look like when Brexit is done !!! Do you really think saying whoppee we are out after the election is the end of it This is going to go on for years, are our friends in Europe really that much of monsters, is it worth all this just to rub your hands and to say ‘we re out’ we will alienate ourselves from Scotland Ireland and mainland for what ? so we can ‘take back control and be the wonderful country we once were’ what a mistake

Calendargirl Mon 09-Dec-19 10:11:50

Boris and Trump.
People seem to have forgotten how Tony Blair crept round George W. Bush.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Dec-19 10:12:57

That doesn’t make it right though cc

newnanny Mon 09-Dec-19 10:18:13

Really there is no sensible alternative. JC will borrow to go on 1.2 trillion spending spree and our children and grandchildren and children yet to be born will end up paying for it. I think Boris will do well. When mayor of London he brought down crime, built more affordable housing, brought in Boris bikes and we had a good Olympic games in London. I agree with his policy on crime; if a person is given a 20 years sentence it is for a good reason so should not be released after just 8 years. He also has a sensible plan for immigration using a points based system like Australia do. He has promised more police and nurses and more money for NHS. JC offers more money giveaway but it is not fair on future generations to burden them with huge debt. It is so selfish to do that.

MaizieD Mon 09-Dec-19 10:19:50

^ so we can ‘take back control and be the wonderful country we once were’^

When were we ever a 'wonderful country'? Can anyone tell me?

gmarie Mon 09-Dec-19 10:21:47

There's a joke here in the states that George Bush looks like a saint to us now. He even grinned at reporters at one point and said, "Miss me, now?" And damn me if we don't. Would take him 100X over DT. Of course, would rather have Obama back but the other comparison makes the point re/ how desperate the majority of us are here...

Urmstongran Mon 09-Dec-19 10:22:28

Sorry to be a disappointment to anyone. There are a lot of us about who feel as I do. (I think some ‘lurk’ out there, reading these threads so I do come across as a lone(ish) wolf at times).

Boris has a great Cabinet behind him. For instance I trust Sajid Javid. He is a man of integrity who came from a working class background. He is in charge of the Exchequer.

newnanny Mon 09-Dec-19 10:23:03

My son who voted remain is voting for Boris because when we all voted leave was majority choice so we have to deliver that or country will never heal. JC is aiming to fix a second referendum so we have no choice but to remain.

trisher Mon 09-Dec-19 10:23:23

Anyone thinking of voting for Boris should listen to Jonathan Pie (But it does contain some swearing!!)

BlueBelle Mon 09-Dec-19 10:33:19

urm what a strange argument ‘there’s a lot of us about’
that’s the problem
Oh dear what a wonderful group of men behind the blond one there is not one I would trust with a penny, they are all cheating conniving liars who think only if themselves don’t get me wrong I think Labour will lose because of Corbyn he’s a decisive character a true marmite and the awful mudslinging that’s been thrown at him makes him unelectable but how anyone can imagine the Tories are good guys full of integrity is beyond belief
maizedee we were never a wonderful country we were richer because we bled the developing world dry we walked over everyone pretending we were ‘helping’ them

newnanny Mon 09-Dec-19 10:34:57

I agree Urmstongran and he also has Priti Patel who will be 1000 times better than DA would be.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 09-Dec-19 10:38:20

Urmstongran I think that the bombarding of GN with political threads of Labour persuasion is not typical of the real world.

It's hard to put ones head above the parapet and constantly have insulting posts levied at you.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Dec-19 10:39:46

Patel. My god that is really clutching at straws.

newnanny Mon 09-Dec-19 10:41:00

Crime is a top priority for me and we have to get it under control. There is hardly a week that goes by that we don't hear about another stabbing of an innocent life. We need to give tougher sentencing for violent crime and terrorist, make them complete their sentence and not let them off years early but we also need better rehabilitation. Radicalised terrorist should not be allowed out to kill more people. Bringing back stop and search for knife crime is a good start. No one can have a good reason for carrying a knife. We need to have knife and weapon amnesties, better education about violence for children in PHSE. Ban music that glorifies carrying knives and stabbing people.