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Leave voter faces ruin without EU workers

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GagaJo Mon 24-Feb-20 18:29:48

No sympathy.

MawB Mon 24-Feb-20 18:34:40

There you go!
He should have thought things through first, and I don’t expect he will be the only one.

BlueBelle Mon 24-Feb-20 18:36:14

The jigsaw will fit into place and many will realise, sad, sad days

suziewoozie Mon 24-Feb-20 18:37:02

Well he’ll not be the last.

varian Mon 24-Feb-20 18:39:52

It is tragic. He thought he was voting to regain "sovereignty" but we never lost sovereignty. He was fooled by the Leave liars and now he may lose his business.

Don't blame the leave voters. Blame the liars who conned them into voting against their own best interests and the best interests of the country

Charleygirl5 Mon 24-Feb-20 18:42:45

I agree, one is our MP.

eazybee Mon 24-Feb-20 18:42:48

What truly lovely people you are, crowing at another's misfortune.

vampirequeen Mon 24-Feb-20 18:45:33

Well he and others like him have brought misfortune on the rest of us.

EthelJ Mon 24-Feb-20 18:46:51

eazybee Its not crowing at anothers misfortune its wishing that people would realise the consequences of their vote!
To be honest with you I wish it was only goung to be people who voted leave that will suffer because of Brexit but it wont be it will be everyone.

suziewoozie Mon 24-Feb-20 18:48:21

I’m not crowing - just saying serves him right.

Daisymae Mon 24-Feb-20 18:49:05

Its interesting as so many people have been so certain that they knew what they were voting for. This man has a large business so you would think that he would have been aware of the impact.

EllanVannin Mon 24-Feb-20 18:51:43

Why can't folk see further than the ends of their noses ? Why do they always have to follow what others do ? I hate anything to do with Brexit----it was the vilest decision ever made to divide this country as well as our friends in Europe.
You reap what you sow. Why did anyone vote to leave---can you answer that yet ??

varian Mon 24-Feb-20 18:52:23

So many, both Leave and Remain voters, have already suffered the consequenses and much worse is still to come.

How long will it take for the folk who were fooled by the Leave liars to wake up and see that they were seriously misled?

suziewoozie Mon 24-Feb-20 18:55:00

This time next year, even more beds will be blocked in hospitals as care homes reduce beds due to shortage of staff. Thank you to Leave voters as more operations are cancelled and waiting lists grow.

Kandinsky Mon 24-Feb-20 19:03:41

Even if every single leave voter ends up regretting their decision - so what?
Nothings going to change now, we’ve left the EU no matter what.

varian Mon 24-Feb-20 19:06:28

An abject apology wouldn't come amiss.

Kandinsky Mon 24-Feb-20 19:08:38

Don’t hold your breath.

paddyanne Mon 24-Feb-20 19:11:27

Are you happy with that* Kandinsky* with potential price rises of 50% ,and thats on things we grow here ,heaven alone knows what the tarrifs on things from abroad will be .Well done all those fighting for a sovereignty they always had .You should have looked a lot closer to home for all the UK's ills Westminster!

Kandinsky Mon 24-Feb-20 19:21:17

It’s far too early to know whether brexit will be a success or not. In 5 years time maybe we’ll know.
What’s worrying ( and pretty pathetic ) is the fact that there are remainers scouring the media for any bad news so they can say .....’see! look what you’ve done!’
Just get on with your lives for god sake & stop obsessing over a trading bloc.

GagaJo Mon 24-Feb-20 19:45:25

'Scouring' at the top of the news links. Whatever kandinsky.

varian Mon 24-Feb-20 19:52:42

We've already suffered three and a half years of brexit damage. When can we admit that this was wrong? 5 yrs or 50 years ( according to Mogg). Hardly any of us will be around to see it - if it ever happens that we overcome this brexit nonsense.

paddyanne Mon 24-Feb-20 20:27:49

We 've been saying ...up in Scotland... that our industry and economy will die as a result of Brexit.Give us credit for knowing our own country and its needs.Doen't it appall you that people will lose fruit farms and a lot of other businesses due to the brexiteers being too "trusting" in government and media reports ? It sure as hell worries me that friends will lose decades of hard work building businesses simply because people couldn't be bothered finding out the FACTS before marking an X in the box.

Dinahmo Mon 24-Feb-20 20:59:16

Rather than feel sorry for that young man, i feel more sorry for his UK workers who are going to lose their jobs and may have difficulty in finding another. The Eu migrants who used to come over for summer jobs will be able to find them elsewhere in the EU.

NotSpaghetti Mon 24-Feb-20 21:49:54

This is an old piece from 2017. I'd like to know how he feels today...

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 22:20:58

Nearly three years ago, NotSpaghetti!

How is he faring so far?