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Dominic Cummings has left No.10.....

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Ramblingrose22 Fri 13-Nov-20 20:13:51 clear the air apparently.

If the air needed clearing and couldn't be cleared unless he left the premises we can imagine how bad the atmosphere must have been.

But before we get too excited, we won't see the back of him for another month. He's still going to carry on working for the PM behind the scenes till mid-December. Boris needs his ideas for as long as possible so that's understandable.

What I don't understand is why he was thought to be some kind of genius in the first place.......

Sparklefizz Fri 13-Nov-20 20:16:45

^ He's still going to carry on working for the PM behind the scenes till mid-December.^

Is he? He was filmed leaving with his possessions in a box tonight.

Doodledog Fri 13-Nov-20 20:28:04

According to the Guardian, both Cummings and Cain are on 'gardening leave' and being paid until the middle of December, but won't be setting foot inside No 10 again.

suziewoozie Fri 13-Nov-20 20:29:18

Once the puppet master always the puppet master. Remember what he knows - Johnson will never be free of him

suziewoozie Fri 13-Nov-20 20:29:57

And remember who is paying him and Cain - we are

Teacheranne Fri 13-Nov-20 20:49:39

Allegedly working from home for a month!

25Avalon Fri 13-Nov-20 20:59:11

I thought he had gone with immediate effect from early this evening.

suziewoozie Fri 13-Nov-20 21:07:53

They can’t even sack people properly - already contradicting themselves within a couple of hours.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sat 14-Nov-20 09:34:40

Somewhat late but good riddance.

Nortsat Sat 14-Nov-20 09:38:13

suziewoozie ???

suttonJ Sat 14-Nov-20 09:39:25

He’s the reason that many folk are treating the lockdown with some disdain. One rule for them, and another for us. Obscene.

Cambia Sat 14-Nov-20 09:41:14

Who’s in charge, Boris or Carrie? Hope it is Carrie, we could do with a woman’s common sense and less ego!

GrammarGrandma Sat 14-Nov-20 09:41:37

Hallelujah! But, as with Trump, even though the symptoms disappear, the cause of them does not. As this man has done the country such untold harm through Vote Leave he will probably be given a peerage.

Nezumi65 Sat 14-Nov-20 09:42:57

It means the Brexit plans are all in place - god knows what they are (he wouldn’t go if there was still Brexit lose ends to tie up) & he’s about to pocket his millions.

Only hope is that Johnson now returns to his socially liberal roots and puts some sensible moderates in cabinet, rather than the headbangers, although I suspect he’ll be gone early next year. Can’t see him hanging around.

MaggieMay69 Sat 14-Nov-20 09:44:10

Common sense, could do with some o' that, but Carrie chose to have a sprog with Bojo after how long? Not sure common sense is Carries strong point!!

crazygranny Sat 14-Nov-20 09:44:26

And this is what passes for government!

Doodledog Sat 14-Nov-20 09:45:20

I wonder what we are being distracted from.

He shouldn't have been allowed to leave by the front door (and the fact that there were so many journalists there points to his having tipped them off in advance). Plus, his office is not even in No 10, so if there were any doubt that this is a staged performance, the dramatic exit would make me wonder.

Davida1968 Sat 14-Nov-20 09:45:26

DC has left the building... Not before time, IMO.

MaizieD Sat 14-Nov-20 09:45:48

I think it's all a dead cat and that he'll be 'keeping in touch'. There are private routes in and out of no. 10...

Sarnia Sat 14-Nov-20 09:55:06

General rejoicing all round amongst the Tories and the journalists.

songstress60 Sat 14-Nov-20 09:56:25

Not before time. He thinks he is above the law. Mind you I have no time for this government as I think it is too full of posh boys who cannot relate to ordinary people.

polnan Sat 14-Nov-20 09:58:00

God help us.

Caragran Sat 14-Nov-20 09:59:52

He should have been sacked during the first round of Covid when he and his family travelled to Durham at Easter. If he hadn't have been so arrogant thinking he was allowed to get away with breaking lockdown then more people may have taken things a bit more seriously

Pattie47 Sat 14-Nov-20 10:00:33

Has he REALLY left? I think his "exit" via the No 10 front door was staged for the benefit of the public. Most leave via the back door. I think he will remain an "advisor" to Boris just not based at No 10. He knows too much & Boris depends on him. hmm

jocork Sat 14-Nov-20 10:05:53

He should have been sacked months ago after 'BarnardCastlegate' but better late than never. How will Boris cope without him? Maybe Carrie will be his new advisor!