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Sparkling Fri 21-May-21 06:07:16

I am disgusted at the way the BBC have behaved. Prince William was so upset and hurt on her behalf and at her treatment by them. My heart goes out to him, he has behaved with such integrity. Thank goodness he has Kate and his children. Diana would be so proud of him. Who else have they given this treatment too?

keepingquiet Fri 21-May-21 06:09:59

Jeremy Corbyn?

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-May-21 07:17:38

The BBC has to issue an apology.

Prince William looked devastated whilst reading his statement. Prince Harry has also issued a condemnation of the BBC.

nanna8 Fri 21-May-21 07:20:03

Shameful, especially for a national broadcaster that is supposed to be a good example.

Ellianne Fri 21-May-21 07:51:06

Prince William did the right thing to speak out straightaway and at length about his
I am appalled at the BBC.

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 08:17:52

Harry has been banging on for years about the toxic impact of the press but now Saint William has said the same, suddenly it's all true.

William and his family came to an agreement with the press to support their own needs but Harry told the press in the UK where they could stuff it. Good on him.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-May-21 08:23:11

I agree Alegrias1

Lucca Fri 21-May-21 08:29:17

And yet there are those onGN who have not one good word to say about Diana.

Ellianne Fri 21-May-21 08:33:50


And yet there are those onGN who have not one good word to say about Diana.

Diana was a brilliant mother, and the way William spoke of how her last two years deprived them of that amazing bond, really upset me. So sad.

Washerwoman Fri 21-May-21 08:34:44

I'm sorry for what both those boys went through.But Harry's statement where he clearly says his mother was chased to her death because she was in a relationship with someone who wasn't white .Really ?!

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 08:44:32

Got a link to that? Because its not in the version I read. 😡

Rosie51 Fri 21-May-21 08:50:37

Alegrias1 as someone who patently dislikes unfair criticism of Harry, why do you feel the need to be nasty and call William 'Saint William' ? Is it really necessary? You could easily make your point using just their given names.

sodapop Fri 21-May-21 08:55:49

Unfortunately the BBC have come to believe they are untouchable and a lot of the time this has proved to be true. The issue here is with the BBC and the fraudulent way they obtained this interview along with their skewed and biased reporting of the news etc. Princes William & Harry are entitled to comment of course but it shouldn't be all about them.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-May-21 08:58:31

Actually sodapop it is all about them, it was their Mother! 😡

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 08:58:40

Yes, it was necessary. The way people refer to Harry and Meghan on here is despicable. And William and Catherine are lauded as paragons of everything that should be praised in Royals. So my reference to Saint William is intended to shame those GNers who can't see that both of Diana's children were damaged by her treatment at the hands of the press and that the secular sanctification of one of those brothers, and the demonisation of the other, is grossly unfair.

I feel for them both and the sooner we get rid of this outdated worship of the "right kind" of royal, the better.

Easier just to say Saint William.

JaneJudge Fri 21-May-21 09:00:18


Got a link to that? Because its not in the version I read. 😡

the only thing I can find is a line under a video in The Independent

also there is a video of Archie for those who don't know what he looks like grin

Shropshirelass Fri 21-May-21 09:05:36

I agree, it is horrendous. I used to trust the BBC more than most news agencies but this has caused serious trust issues. I can’t believe how low they have stooped and the damage that has been done, this can’t be undone neither can the consequences of these actions, it is appalling. William spoke very firmly, as did Harry, about what happened to their mother. Very, very sad.

MaizieD Fri 21-May-21 09:06:10

I'm sorry, but I don't get this. It happened 25 years ago. The BBC is now being screamed at by the papers that hounded Diana and have no scruples at all about using dirty tricks to get the dirt on public figures. They're all complicit.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-May-21 09:06:30

The BBC have form on cover-ups...

Jimmy Saville

The Dr. Who actor who is under investigation.

John Barrowman...

eazybee Fri 21-May-21 09:09:13

Prince William's statement was dignified yet excoriating; Harry's as usual was all about himself. For the first time since she alighted on him I felt a smidgeon of sympathy for Meghan who has to spend the rest of her marriage with a man suffering from an obsession with his mother.

Diana was not a brilliant mother; she loved her children and gave them a happy time but she spoilt them, encouraged them to be naughty and shared far too many details of her marriage with them, privately and publicly. Her private secretary and her 'medium' both allegedly commented to her after the interview about the possible effect on the children and she admitted she had not even considered it.

The personal details she disclosed in that dreadful interview were shocking, and my first thought was, your sons will hear all this, and all their friends. At that time I was newly divorced and raw, but tried hard to keep unpleasant details private and not denigrate their father to my children, not because I was particularly noble but because I saw the distress suffered by the 'divorced ' children that I taught.

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 09:10:19

Harry's statement is all over the internet. I've attached a screenshot of the whole statement. Nothing about her being in a relationship with anyone. But there are some in this world who are happy to disseminate the myth that they only thing Harry cares about is Harry, and it's all because of his wife.

And they don't see that they are falling for the very brand of reporting and manipulation of opinion that contributed to Diana's death.

I don't know why I'm so angry about this, I'm a republican..... smile

Gannygangan Fri 21-May-21 09:10:48

Don't think Harry was saying she died because she was in a relationship with someone who wasn't white.

This is what he said

"My mother was chased to her death when she was in a relationship with someone who wasn't white, and now look what's happened. You're talking about history repeating itself? They're not going to stop until she dies," Harry says in the mental health documentary series "The Me You Can't See."

MaizieD Fri 21-May-21 09:11:14


The BBC have form on cover-ups...

Jimmy Saville

The Dr. Who actor who is under investigation.

John Barrowman...

Well, I really wouldn't worry about it because this looks like possible curtains for the BBC. I'm sure that Murdoch is rubbing his hands with glee...

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 09:11:23

Harry's as usual was all about himself.

No, it wasn't. Read it again. Read the statement, not what you have assumed was the statement.

Alegrias1 Fri 21-May-21 09:14:26

PS - the Oprah interview you're all dredging up as evidence of Harry's self centeredness was recorded in April, long before the BBC investigation was made public.

You're being played, folks, and not by Harry.