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I have just about had enough of these contradictory covid19 regulations.

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GillT57 Wed 23-Jun-21 13:45:40

Ok, so I am a law abiding person, I stayed at home, had my shopping delivered, no visitors, masks, hand washing, social distancing, both vaccinations etc., But, now I sit and watch thousands of football fans and Royal Ascot to name just two, at the same time as some bleating windbag of a politician is explaining why we shouldn't dance at a wedding ( other then the bride and groom), can only have limited guests in the church.....I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of the hypocrisy of it. I am going to a wedding in a mid July and the parents ( good friends) are worried sick about managing it all, how many can go into the Church, I told them to just stick a couple of horses in the gardens and we can say it is a race meet ( we will be wearing frocks and hats!), or get a football game going with some of the guests and we can be the spectators? Am I the only one irritated beyond measure?

Callistemon Wed 23-Jun-21 13:50:38

You are not alone.
We couldn't go to a funeral of a much-loved family member last week because of a limit on numbers.

Ilovecheese Wed 23-Jun-21 13:51:31

Then there are all the football bigwigs not having to quarantine. Sport is king.

Baggs Wed 23-Jun-21 13:53:28

Am I the only one irritated beyond measure?

GillT57, you are not.

Rosie51 Wed 23-Jun-21 13:57:50

No you are not alone. I've kept to every regulation and guidance, but inwardly seethed at some of the contradictions while being told every one was backed by science. I appreciate that as more was known about the virus, guidance would adjust and change. One I can remember having absolutely no basis in science was when we were permitted to meet one other person not in your household in a public park. You could meet with your mum in the morning and go back to meet your dad in the same park in the afternoon. The fact your mum and dad occupied the same house apparently didn't count. You could however sit on the grass 6 feet away from a family of two adults and all their children who were total strangers to you! That sort of illogical thinking irritated the life out of me

Talullah Wed 23-Jun-21 14:00:44

It is annoying. Some are saying it's a trial to see whether we can return to open air contests and the like.

Parsley3 Wed 23-Jun-21 14:00:44

You are not alone. We are being harmfully restricted when it comes to family occasions and it sticks in the craw to see big sporting events going ahead. I have had enough. It is turning into a farce.

Ro60 Wed 23-Jun-21 14:04:48

So true.
It's beginning to feel like a trial to see how much we can be controlled.

LadyGracie Wed 23-Jun-21 14:52:17

Yes, it's definitely a trial, a trial to see how much they can push the rest of us!

Greta Wed 23-Jun-21 14:53:25

I think the government is afraid of football/Ascot or rather what people would do if these events were cancelled. Restricting weddings, funerals etc is a much safer bet.

MaizieD Wed 23-Jun-21 15:02:48

I think it's the government losing what little grip they ever had on dealing with the pandemic. They did everything too late (lockdowns, borders) or too early (opening up) and now they have put all their eggs in the vaccine basket and are hoping that that will keep the number of deaths down to a level that people think we can live with.

In the meantime it's like a free for all out there with contradictory guidance, no money for important modifications like effective ventilation in schools, and the distinct possibility of a vaccine resistant strain developing because so many people are infected.

Much as I dislike the idea, I think that 'living with the virus' is our destiny and their intention. If that is so they should be investing in methods of mitigation, not just abandoning the nation to its fate.

LauraNorder Wed 23-Jun-21 15:12:55

I suppose we abided by the rules early on because they made sense. Social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing, not visiting or having visitors indoors. Later when bubbles were allowed it made sense for childminding where necessary and for the mental health of the lonely. Difficult I know but we did it.
Now when we see one child in a class room testing positive and the whole class is isolated we sigh but accept until we see a footballer testing positive and his team mates carry on playing together, sharing changing facilities the heckles for up.
It is becoming a bit ridiculous when we can’t dance at a wedding, in a marquee, with a few dozen friends and relatives but can go maskless to a festival, also in a marquee, but with hundreds of strangers.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 23-Jun-21 15:20:28

MaizieD living with the virus was always going to be the reality, it would be nigh on impossible to eradicate a worldwide Corona virus in 18 months.

The elderly and the vulnerable have all been offered the vaccine, no doubt a booster shall be offered this Autumn. The JCVI I believe have come out against vaccinations for under 16’s, anyone 18 and over can now apply for their first jab.

We were told, not just here but worldwide once the elderly and vulnerable had been vaccinated life would return to normal (as it is in many US States and other Countries).

Time to open up and those who chose to be careful can do so, whilst the rest live as they please.

Chewbacca Wed 23-Jun-21 15:28:02

Quite agree. Like so many others, I've stuck rigidly to "the roolz" for 15 months now and stood and watched as MPs, footballers, cricketers, "celebrities" and even senior health ministers have cocked a snook and carried on with their lives unimpeded with any concern for anyone except themselves. I've listened to them all give their lame excuses as to why their circumstances were so different, how their journey/family/social event was so much more important than mine. If I sound angry it's because I am.

AGAA4 Wed 23-Jun-21 16:26:05

British people are mainly law abiding if the rules seem fair. The rules are no longer fair and are favouring some while restricting others. This just makes us angry.
The rules regarding schoolchildren are now ridiculous. Sending whole year groups home when one child tests positive is very disruptive to their education.
As most of the vulnerable population have, according to doctors, immunity then I don't understand why all events can't go ahead.
It has to be all or none.

love0c Wed 23-Jun-21 16:28:30

We can't holiday abroad unless we get tested like cattle and quarantine and isolate. However, we can do pretty much most other things. So do them. It is called 'living your life'!

Teacheranne Wed 23-Jun-21 16:29:05

I understand that many of these exceptions are trial events and that everyone attending had to have a PCR test before and afterwards so the health authorities can asses transmission etc. My brother went to Portugal to watch Manchester City and had to have the results of his test before getting his ticket.

But my friend desperately misses singing in her two choirs, still not allowed yet at the Christian Festival taking place for the Travelling Community, they are able to pray and sing hymns in huge congregations with no social distancing or mask wearing. Even if a choir sing together outdoors they still have to be six feet apart and this festival took place in a marquee with chairs close together in rows.

If we are expected to follow the rules then everyone should be following them, regardless of who they are or how important they are. Don’t get me started on the Euro football fiasco of allowing foreign officials and VIPs to go the Wembley and be trusted to stay in separate bubbles the whole time instead of isolating!

Smileless2012 Wed 23-Jun-21 16:30:52

It's a joke isn't it, then again jokes are supposed to make us laugh and TBH crying is the overriding emotion at the moment.

Callistemon Wed 23-Jun-21 16:45:34

However, we can do pretty much most other things

I don't know where you live, love0c but no, we can't do most other things.

We can't all gather at a wedding, a funeral, have a big family meet up or go to the pub/restaurant and sit together in groups larger than 6 because of Rules and Regulations, despite most of us having had both vaccinations.

I am sick of it now and sick of seeing politicians, sports people etc flouting the rules or allowing what they think they will when most of us cannot.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 23-Jun-21 17:03:52

Also the Covid regs have removed all spontaneity from everyday life.

No longer can we decide to nip to the pub a table has to be booked in advance for a set time.

Like Calistemon posted family lunches/dinners out are still forbidden. As for visiting overseas family ???

25Avalon Wed 23-Jun-21 17:11:01

I want to stick with the rules. If all these other people don’t for whatever reason, raves, beach parties, football matches etc then they are all stupid. Covid rates are going up like crazy because of it. I will keep away thank you.

Callistemon Wed 23-Jun-21 17:21:07

Yes, we will, 25Avalon but it is infuriating being told we are so restricted we cannot attend a funeral when we see what is happening with sports fans, sports officials, politicians etc.

aggie Wed 23-Jun-21 17:30:10

I keep to the rules because I don’t want to get sick , I still keep visitors in the garden , my choice
If others do different that’s their problem
I have had two vaccines

Talullah Wed 23-Jun-21 17:34:28

Well I've managed to get 2 tickets to Wimbledon. I've been doublely jabbed. I shall wear my Wimbledon face mask and wrap myself up in the rather charming Wimbledon 2021 towel I've just received. And I imagine my fingers will be crossed. `And my legs.

Daisymae Wed 23-Jun-21 17:47:45

Yes, I'm totally fed up with it too. The advice seems contradictory. Infections are up, and although on a lesser scale hospital admissions. There is also a convenient forgetting about the tens of thousands who have or will be suffering from long covid. I just find it all illogical.