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Prince Andrew is being sued

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maddyone Tue 10-Aug-21 10:44:15

Well it had to be done, so I’m doing it. It’s in the news this morning that Prince Andrew is being sued in New York by Virginia Roberts for having underage sex with her when she was seventeen. Will there be a successful outcome for her?

Sparklefizz Tue 10-Aug-21 11:01:00

I don't blame her, but do wonder why she is only suing him and not those responsible for trafficking her - or Jeffrey Epstein's estate?

Or why not sue her parents who didn't seem to be taking responsibility for her jetting all over the world?

And why wait as long as this?

And (I may have got this wrong and, if so, I'm sure someone will correct me) she was not under age by UK laws if he had sex with her in the UK.

I am not defending Andrew by any means, but am suspicious about all of this.

Galaxy Tue 10-Aug-21 11:02:50

What the laws are in the UK is irrelevant to this situation.

25Avalon Tue 10-Aug-21 11:04:28

Sparklefizz her lawyers will also want vast amounts of money from PA which makes me like you a bit suspicious.

Anniebach Tue 10-Aug-21 11:07:05

I am wondering why only him, much has been written about
wealthy , influential American men being involved.

JenniferEccles Tue 10-Aug-21 11:07:28

Will he manage to wriggle out of it I wonder?
Yet again, my sympathies are with the Queen.

jaylucy Tue 10-Aug-21 11:08:07

I too have suspicions about her claims and I have often thought that several of the photos shown look more photoshopped than real!
I have also wondered where her parents were at that time and we also have to think that if PA did do what was claimed, as she was over 16, in this country it is not illegal, but I very much doubt that he would have been told that it is in the States!

Septimia Tue 10-Aug-21 11:14:13

I wonder what the actual truth of the matter is. Obviously something happened, but quite what.......

Oldwoman70 Tue 10-Aug-21 11:18:34

She is claiming he had sex with her in Epstein's New York property - so she was underage according to American law. I have always found it difficult to understand why he refused to meet with the FBI - in UK at a venue of his choosing - to answer their questions

Sago Tue 10-Aug-21 11:18:52

For girls and women that are trafficked by the gangs and groomers there is no comparison.

Sparklefizz Tue 10-Aug-21 11:19:03

Yes, JE, my sympathies are with the Queen, and she hasn't got Philip to share the strain.

Alegrias1 Tue 10-Aug-21 11:22:00

Woman sues man for sexual attack.

Woman must have ulterior motive.

It wasn't a real crime

Woman wants money.

It wasn't just him.

Do you hear yourselves?

Blossoming Tue 10-Aug-21 11:25:33

My sympathies are with Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Galaxy Tue 10-Aug-21 11:27:55

Which is part of the reason why after years and years it will be settled out of court. The chances of her winning the case are very low in my view. The victims commissioner recently said that we are in danger of de criminalizing rape in this country because of the woeful prosecution rate, I cant imagine America is much different.

Ilovecheese Tue 10-Aug-21 11:29:57


My sympathies are with Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Me too

Whatdayisit Tue 10-Aug-21 11:30:52

All of the above!
And what of 'Lady Ghislaine'? Is she still alive, is she bargaining,will she be found to have taken her own life?

I find it hard to call this trafficking. Forced prostitution, grooming etc. But it is up to the law not me to decide what trafficking is.
I do not know how Hilary Clinton stands by her husband then writes a book about strong women.
Then there's Bill Gates and of course Trumpy.
I guess Andrew's biggest mistake after the possibility of abusing this girl (now woman) was the BBC interview.
I wonder if the court will accept "Recollections may vary Your Honour!".

JaneJudge Tue 10-Aug-21 11:31:57

I know this is sky news but she claims she was forced against her will to have sexual intercourse with him plus two other charges. It's called rape in the UK if someone has sex with someone without their consent.

JaneJudge Tue 10-Aug-21 11:32:35

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial is due to take place in November

Blossoming Tue 10-Aug-21 11:44:34

This article detailing Julie K Brown’s investigation into Epstein is well worth reading.

As she says, “ There’s still a lot of people out there who think the girls knew what they were getting into and they came back for the money. There’s still people who think that what he did was not that bad.”

MissAdventure Tue 10-Aug-21 11:57:01

Innocent until proven otherwise applies to both parties.

trisher Tue 10-Aug-21 12:01:00

Good for her! It most likely will never come to court, it will be hushed up. Mummy will probably pay out quite a bit to make it go away.

MissAdventure Tue 10-Aug-21 12:01:55

As above.

JaneJudge Tue 10-Aug-21 12:14:41

so according to that article, even the lawyer was involved? confused sad

MissAdventure Tue 10-Aug-21 12:24:37

They often are.
The big, powerful men for whom there are no repercussions to their behaviour.

Jabberwok Tue 10-Aug-21 12:30:06

Ummm. I doubt very much that PA knew how old she was, judging from her photos looking extremely happy for someone who is being forced, she could easily have been older than she was, and which one of us at a party asks how old someone is? would that person tell the truth? Where were the parents of this underage person? Why only P.A, were there no other men at this 'party' who were behaving in a similar fashion? One things for certain, she certainly wasn't a child, and to try to accuse PA of pedophilia is absurd..