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Mick Lynch - RMT Unions Boss

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Daisymae Thu 23-Jun-22 11:19:06

Interesting to watch how Mick Lynch just makes mincemeat out of a lot of interviewers, including Morgan and Madeley. Unexpected star of the week.

Daisymae Sun 26-Jun-22 20:22:15

But it was obvious that Madeley trying to link Lynch to Marxism. It was twaddle and he was called out.

icanhandthemback Sun 26-Jun-22 20:39:24


But it was obvious that Madeley trying to link Lynch to Marxism. It was twaddle and he was called out.

Nick Robinson asked exactly the same question but Mick Lynch was happy to answer without being so rude. I don't think it is twaddle to give Mick the chance to refute such allegations and he did give a good answer to Nick Robinson that certainly made me review my opinion of him.

MaizieD Sun 26-Jun-22 22:38:17

Whatever Maddely 'meant, what he said about 'You want to destroy us all' was ridiculous and probably deliberately framed that way to propagate the image of Marxists as evil incarnate. Marxists don't want to destroy people, they want to destroy 'the capitalist system'. And, frankly, there's a lot about capitalism that could do with being destroyed. Like the way money in it flows upward to be concentrated in the hands of the already wealthy.

If anything, it's capitalism that's destroying people...

DaisyAnne Mon 27-Jun-22 07:55:13


Mick Lynch has stated that unless he is given cast iron guarantees that there will be no redundancies, he will not negotiate. How can any employer give anyone a cast iron guarantee of this nature? Especially not, given the precarious state of our country’s finances. Perhaps one of you who like him so much, would tell me?

But that isn't what he said montymops.

Granless Mon 27-Jun-22 10:34:08

Read The Mail - on Sunday page 16. Your opinion of ‘the star’ might alter.

volver Mon 27-Jun-22 10:42:33

Most people don't waste their money on the Mail on Sunday so you'll have to give us more that that. Is it his support for Brexit?

But as Twitter commented a few days ago, they'll be coming after him. Raking through his bins, that kind of thing.