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Breaking: H & M in Car Chase

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FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:18:38

Just now

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:19:10

Described as ‘near catastrophic’ and involved paparazzi

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:20:33

In New York

Casdon Wed 17-May-23 15:29:24

Car chase, not car crash.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-May-23 15:32:37

So nothing actually happened?

aggie Wed 17-May-23 15:33:33

More publicity for this unassuming, shy , pair

Anniebach Wed 17-May-23 15:35:23

2 hour chase through New York, they were in a taxi ! ! ! !

62Granny Wed 17-May-23 15:35:43

And an attempted break in at their house last night. Apparently their security made a citizen arrest.

Monigran Wed 17-May-23 15:38:19

Omg. Are they OK? x

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:40:50


Car chase, not car crash.

Quite right
I’ve asked for it to be edited.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:41:15

Her mum was in the car too

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:42:01


Omg. Are they OK? x

No crash, ‘several near collisions’

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:44:54

Thanks HQ, that was quick! thanks

lyleLyle Wed 17-May-23 15:45:49

Seems only the non-reputable tabloids are reporting the dramatic, likely wildly overstated events. Willing to bet that it was a typical case of paps being overly aggressive and needing redirection by NYPD. I just came here to read the conspiracy-laden comments from those who will no doubt accuse them of orchestrating the entire incident. grin

Daddima Wed 17-May-23 15:50:42

So, constantly decry the media, but get your spokesperson to alert Reuters? It’s up there with ‘ Chip Pan Nearly Goes on Fire in Clydebank’!

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 15:51:06

It was breaking news on LBC (where I first heard it) and on the Beeb
I should imagine it’s on all news platforms, not just ‘non reputable tabloids’ Lyle

Smileless2012 Wed 17-May-23 15:52:53

Maybe it's time to keep a lower profile. Thank goodness the children weren't involved.

timetogo2016 Wed 17-May-23 15:55:36

Spot on aggie.

Calendargirl Wed 17-May-23 15:58:47

Seems the USA is not too safe for them either.

MerylStreep Wed 17-May-23 16:06:06

The police were a bit slow in stopping a 2 hr car chase in New York

BlueBelle Wed 17-May-23 16:10:02

Some mean comments from some grand netters I can see you almost rubbing your hands in glee
Shakes head can’t find an emoji for that 😬😵‍💫

MerylStreep Wed 17-May-23 16:12:13

I’ve just read where it took place Manhattan area.
I’m sure lots of you here have been in a taxi in that area, you hardly move.

Anniebach Wed 17-May-23 16:12:34

It’s being compared with the car chase in Paris

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 16:14:18

A UK pap being interviewed on LBC, apparently the paps in the US are even less principled

FannyCornforth Wed 17-May-23 16:14:55


It’s being compared with the car chase in Paris

It would be, it’s Harry’s greatest fear