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Tories tearing themselves apart - how long to a GE!

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CvD66 Mon 13-Nov-23 09:57:16

Love her or hate her, Suella Braverman has highlighted the big rifts within the Tory party, with her getting away with vile rhetoric and blatant disregard of No 10. Supported by the right wing of the party, she will interesting to watch on the back benches as she conspires against the PM. Never a strong leader, his promises of professionalism, integrity and accountability look pretty thin as the 8th Tory MP could be kicked out of his constituency by December for allegations of sexual misdemeanours. With the Supreme court ruling on Rwanda this week (not an expected win) and inflation figures not being halved as promised, just how long do we have to wait for a general election as the Tories to tear themselves further asunder!

DaisyAnneReturns Mon 13-Nov-23 10:33:15

Interesting reshuffle.

DaisyAnneReturns Mon 13-Nov-23 10:39:46

David Cameron appointed next foreign secretary and will take a seat in the House of Lords to enable him to take up the post.

DaisyAnneReturns Mon 13-Nov-23 10:42:41

James Cleverly has been appointed UK home secretary as part of Rishi Sunak’s attempt to reset his premiership with a cabinet reshuffle.

The prime minister kicked off the shake-up of his ministerial team by sacking Suella Braverman after a weekend of remembrance ceremonies and protests.

Cleverly’s appointment as home secretary comes 48 hours before a crunch supreme court decision on Wednesday when it will announce whether the government’s Rwanda deportation plan can happen.

This, and my previous post from the Guardian.

DaisyAnneReturns Mon 13-Nov-23 10:44:03

Suella Braverman sacked by Rishi Sunak

Siope Mon 13-Nov-23 10:55:44

How exactly, with a seat in the Lords, will Cameron be accountable to, and scrutinised by, MPs? This is a serious question, btw.

The Commons’ Procedure Committee was asked to look at this question by Gordon Brown because of Mandelson and Adonis. They - the Committee - wrote a report in 2010, which included recommendations for MPs to consider, but following the election, ironically as it turns out, Cameron shelved the issue.

Siope Mon 13-Nov-23 10:57:56

Oh, and to answer the original question: I think the GE will be in May, following a (relatively) giveaway Budget.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 13-Nov-23 11:58:20

That's 6 months away, Siope! How much more damage can they do in that time?!! angry

rosie1959 Mon 13-Nov-23 12:07:39

I suspect the next election will be October 2024

Katie59 Mon 13-Nov-23 12:55:47

GE in May would be a surprise, they will hang on as long as possible, maybe November/ December.

OldFrill Mon 13-Nov-23 13:12:24

As they are unlikely to become electable within the next year, and their only hope is that any opposition may become even less electable, l think they'll hang on until the end of next year.

Dinahmo Mon 13-Nov-23 21:05:46

I think they'll hang on as long as possible in order to create more problems for Labour to deal with.

M0nica Mon 13-Nov-23 21:14:29

I think the Conservatives could still pull it out of the hat if they hold on until the end and things go right for them over the next year.

Labour has a lack lustre leader and is still spending far too much time in internecine strife.

i couldn't care less who wins, I cannot see either of them doing anything to improve life for most people in this country, just shift the deckchairs round on the deck of the Titanic.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 14-Nov-23 08:39:52

Sitting on the fence is never an option as far as I’m concerned. My vote is a precious thing and I try to use it to the best of my ability. Even if I don’t vote someone will be in government the day after, and I would be in no position to criticise if I had opted out entirely.

Vintagewhine Tue 14-Nov-23 09:23:09

I think they will hang on as long as possible hoping something will change to their advantage. However I think we'll see a change in direction designed to win votes in the centre ground. There's also a chance of a party split which might hasten a GE, I'm sure Suella wanted to be sacked but she'll cause a lot of trouble from the back benches.

Katie59 Tue 14-Nov-23 09:26:18

The Tories still think they can win against the odds, Cameron as Foreign Secretary has little effect on domestic issues but will build bridges overseas particularly with the EU.
It’s not going to influence my vote which will not be Tory, our MP is very unpopular but has a large majority and so far the local party are supporting him.

A week is a long time in politics, really, anything might happen, the Labour supporters continually sniping at Starmer reduces the chances of a Labour government.

Katie59 Tue 14-Nov-23 09:40:08

Braverman made direct challenge to Sunak and knew she would be sacked, she believes in a much more right wing agenda and will be a threat in the future.
The rest of the right wing in the Tory party will keep quiet for now, it’s after the election, win or loose that they will cause havoc in the Tory party, if they loose Braverman will be first in line to depose Sunak.

Granny23 Tue 14-Nov-23 09:44:30

Here in Scotland it will not be a two horse race and I suspect that there will be many voting for Independents, Greens, Liberals etc. throughout the UK. Unfortunately we live in "Interesting Times"

Fleurpepper Tue 14-Nov-23 09:51:57

She is the tool of the ERG, who has its own very right wing agenda- a party within a party- and a secret one at that.

What are they up to? They have been very quiet lately- which makes me very suspicious. Hidden strings are being pulled ...

LizzieDrip Tue 14-Nov-23 10:03:01

the Labour supporters continually sniping at Starmer reduces the chances of a Labour government.

I agree Katie. After the sh**show of Tory PMs over the last few years, the country needs a stable, measured leader. Starmer is that leader. Sure, he’s not a clown, a joker, a big personality - but I think we’ve had enough of them! I wish my fellow Labour supporters would stop this almost self-sabotage and, for once, celebrate the fact that our party is electable and is what this country needs.

maddyone Tue 14-Nov-23 10:08:02

Whatever the Conservatives think, they won’t win the next election, in my opinion. They are tired and lacking lustre and really do need a period in opposition.
Keir Starmer has gone up in my estimation due to his stance on Israel.

Grantanow Tue 14-Nov-23 10:11:55

I think Sunak's strategy for the GE is damage limitation - losing as few 'safe' seats in Tory-inclined constituencies as possible and ditching the red wall Tories to take their chances. Cameron will strengthen the traditional seats. Braverman is toast. The ERG Tories are noisy but I doubt she has much of a following across Tory MPs. Of course, if we're up to the grassroots she, like Truss, could be elected Leader with similar disastrous results.

Grantanow Tue 14-Nov-23 10:12:39

if it were

M0nica Tue 14-Nov-23 11:19:59

I don't sit on the fence. I vote, and vot decisively, I just do not vote for the Conservative or Labour parties. To do so would compromise my principles.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 14-Nov-23 11:22:43


I don't sit on the fence. I vote, and vot decisively, I just do not vote for the Conservative or Labour parties. To do so would compromise my principles.