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Is JK Rowling pushing the boundaries too far?

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RosiesMaw Tue 02-Apr-24 13:31:14!preferred/0/package/1662/pub/1662/page/3/article/NaN
Well pigeons, cat and among , but with reference to the particular examples she instances I am team JK.
Scotland is digging a massive hole for itself with regard to so-called “hate crime” and if it wasn’t that 1984 was 40 years ago I’d say it had arrived.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Apr-24 13:33:48

I wholeheartedly support J K Rowling.

The abuse she receives on X (Twitter) is deplorable, including the staking out/stalking of a women and child mistakenly identified as her daughter and grandchild.

Aveline Tue 02-Apr-24 13:34:29

I'm so glad to have brave JKRowling speaking up for so many of us. What a woman. The whole situation is just awful on so many counts.

ronib Tue 02-Apr-24 13:36:07

I am glad that I don’t live in Scotland.

Smileless2012 Tue 02-Apr-24 13:42:55

She's amazing isn't she.

Rockyroad Tue 02-Apr-24 13:44:23


She's amazing isn't she.

Yes she is.

Sarnia Tue 02-Apr-24 13:49:56

J K Rowling all the way. Someone in the public eye who isn't afraid of saying and standing up for what she believes is right. More power to her elbow. Rishi stepped in to put a stop to the Gender Reform Bill in Scotland, is he able to do the same with this?

SueDonim Tue 02-Apr-24 13:51:04

Good for JKR! 👏 👏 👏

I’m sure she doesn’t need the money but I’d happily contribute to crowdfunding to support her, if required.

Mollygo Tue 02-Apr-24 13:54:34

Well done JKR.
When speaking the truth is a hate crime, even when it’s referring to specific, or any TIM who have cheated, lied to the detriment of females and offered violence to females, Scotland is not a good place to be.
When putting that law in place is considered more important than protecting females who suffer because of those actions, it says a lot about the misogyny of the man who enacted the law.

Dickens Tue 02-Apr-24 13:55:36

What I gather from the BBC article on this is that a biological man, identifying in whatever way he chooses, as a woman is now protected by legislation - but a biological woman, is not.

Misogyny is not a hate crime. But insisting that biological sex is immutable - quite easily, could become one.

An activist waving a placard around which tells us that TWAW - and might make reference to a "girl-dick" is not arrested. But women at a vigil for Sarah Everard with a placard which says "stop killing us" are quite likely to be (and were).

JudyBloom Tue 02-Apr-24 14:01:44

I am also wholeheartedly behind JK Rowling.

AGAA4 Tue 02-Apr-24 14:16:33

I fully support J K Rowling. It is not a
hate crime to say that a man can biologically never be a woman. It is a fact.
She has received a lot of hate herself from transactivists. She won't use their preferred pronouns because they behave like misogynistic men.
She has told the Scottish police she is ready to be arrested when she returns to Scotland but I think there would or should be a huge outcry from women everywhere.

Grantanow Tue 02-Apr-24 14:21:38

There are far more important things for the SNP to deal with - education, housing, drugs, employment. etc., instead of wasting resources on this kind of legislation which acts as a diversion.

Ailidh Tue 02-Apr-24 14:25:48

I stand with J.K.Rowling.

Visgir1 Tue 02-Apr-24 15:29:37

Fully supported her, she's definitely in the Majority not the minority for support.

Doodledog Tue 02-Apr-24 15:35:31

I'm another JKR supporter. I think she's a heroine. Many people with her success and wealth would live the high life, but she's using the fact that she is high profile and can afford the best lawyers to protect the rest of us. That's solidarity, and I'm grateful for it.

If you're reading this, JK, have a high five from me.

NanKate Tue 02-Apr-24 15:37:57

Well done JKR for standing up for women. I’m pleased Rishi has backed her. I wonder if Starmer is brave enough to back her too, I doubt it.

When I go to my WI I wear my suffragette broach, especially as the NFWI accepted transwomen into the WI without a vote from the members and we are supposed to be democratic !

Grannybags Tue 02-Apr-24 15:40:52

JKR 👏👏👏

Sparklefizz Tue 02-Apr-24 15:43:51

I stand with JKR. She’s a heroine!

Callistemon21 Tue 02-Apr-24 15:44:31

No, she is not. She's a brave woman standing up for the rights of women and girls, which are being eroded steadily.

An amendment to add sex to the list of protected characteristics was voted down, despite cross-party MSPs raising concerns about why women were excluded.

Yesterday, protesters gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to demonstrate against the Act’s introduction, but Mr Yousaf claimed it was needed thanks to “a rising tide of hatred against the people because of their protected characteristics”. Pressed on Rowling’s views, he said the police would investigate if a crime had been committed and the Crown Office would decide “if there is a sufficiency of evidence to charge”.

The man's a dangerous fool.

petra Tue 02-Apr-24 15:45:55

I wonder if she has anyone in mind to MisGender first. It’s not as if she will have to look far.
She’s ready for this fight 😀

Primrose53 Tue 02-Apr-24 15:46:02


Aveline Tue 02-Apr-24 15:59:40

She puts her money where her mouth is. When she found out that the local rape crisis service was run by a transwoman who said the the poor women had to learn about gender as part of their rehabilitation, she set up and funded an all female organisation for them.

Elegran Tue 02-Apr-24 16:27:51

If anyone in Scotland would like to add their two-penn'orth to the current consultation on the imminent legislation on "Ending conversion practices" which will make it a crime ( liable to up to 7 years in jail) for anyone, such as parents or teachers, to NOT automatically affirm the wish of a child in their care to change their gender, just go to BEFORE 11.59pm TONIGHT and answer the questions. The consultation ends tonight, 2nd April.

You may find it helpful to first read -
and/or -

NannyJan53 Tue 02-Apr-24 16:32:55

I too stand with J K Rowling! Absolutely