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"Myself" cropping up everywhere lately

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Alima Sun 27-Aug-17 10:14:00

So many times recently I have heard the word "myself" whereas I would use "I". For example, "Fred and myself went out". Heard Prince William say a similar thing in an interview the other day. Though not about Fred I hasten to add. Please could the pedants among you tell me if it is correct usage of the word. It really annoys me.

Teetime Sun 27-Aug-17 10:17:08

I don't know if its correct but it certainly sounds clunky. PW is a lovely chap but I don't think grammar is his strong point he often uses quite awkward phrases.

SueDonim Sun 27-Aug-17 15:02:44

Yes, it does seem to have become common. I watched a documentary with the two princes and prince Harry said 'Myself and William.'

Christinefrance Sun 27-Aug-17 15:09:51

It's annoying, why not me and William or even William and I. People trying to big up their conversation. Go for it pedants " big up " grin

mcem Sun 27-Aug-17 15:29:28

You'd never say "Myself went out."
You'd never say "Me went out."
Adding Fred to the sentence doesn't change the grammar!

Treebee Sun 27-Aug-17 20:51:48

I like 'big up', it explains what people are doing by saying myself instead of I. It's putting on airs.
Correct use is for example a toddler asserting,"I'll do it myself."

Lillie Sun 27-Aug-17 21:17:49

Three times in tonight's programme Prince William said, "She loved Harry and I," "She gave Harry and I lots of encouragement." Etc.
You would think he could get it right.

Disgruntled Mon 28-Aug-17 10:38:51

IO noticed that, Lillie - what happened to the Queen's English?

Atqui Mon 28-Aug-17 11:05:45

I was in surgery the other day ( v small so one can hear phone calls) and receptionist kept asking the patient things using ' yourself ' instead of you.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:36:56

Yes, I agree it sounds clunky. Using 'yourself' on the phone sounds as though the speaker is trying to sound clever but perhaps can come across as abrupt on the phone.
This type of controversy could go on forever.

Rosieroe Mon 28-Aug-17 11:45:13

Much preferable to "Harry and one".

Hm999 Mon 28-Aug-17 11:51:52

A lot of folk are confused by 'and I' for the subject of the sentence, as opposed to 'and me' for the object of the sentence, so they use myself instead.
PS And before we get into bashing teachers of English, please don't tell me Eton don't teach formal grammar!
PPS I know a few people in their 80s who use 'and I' for everything

sluttygran Mon 28-Aug-17 12:22:43

People say 'I' instead of 'me' even when it's incorrect - they think it sounds posh!

meandashy Mon 28-Aug-17 12:34:27

Atqui that seems to be a 'thing' in telephone jargon these days and drives me bloody nuts!!!!! I have to try very very hard not to loudly correct people who use this ridiculous term! I have had it said to me in a shop once...... you have to wonder if these saps are being schooled in this terminology?

missdeke Mon 28-Aug-17 13:16:15

Generally 'myself' should be used as the object of a sentence when the speaker is the subject, it's definitely irritating when it's used incorrectly.

Stella14 Mon 28-Aug-17 13:39:25

The worst for me is when H is pronounced Haitch instead of Aitch. I fear those (apparently few) of us who know the correct pronunciation will die off and it will change forever 😡 I also hate it when someone (customer services etc) asks me 'what was your name'? I feel like replying 'well, I don't know why that would be relevant, but it was (maiden name)'. I did once say laughing 'well it was X and it still is'! Sadly, it was completely lost on the person concerned.

Don't even get me started on 'of' instead of 'have'. I may exploid.

Witzend Mon 28-Aug-17 14:02:27

Pretty sure it should only be used in reflexive sense, e.g. 'I washed myself' or 'I could have kicked myself'.
If you could substitute 'I' or 'me' then that's what it should be. 'John and I went to...'. or 'She told John and me...'

Though have just thought of course it can also sometimes be used for emphasis 'I have not seen it myself (or have not myself seen it) but so and so told me...'.
You couldn't have 'I' there, o 'me', come to that.

lindiann Mon 28-Aug-17 14:06:19

I hate it and it is getting increasingly common on TV when someone says pound instead of pounds (300 pound, 300 pounds)

adaunas Mon 28-Aug-17 14:34:55

Stella14, thank heavens someone else knows about h being aitch not haitch. I used to get the children to look up the word they said in the dictionary. Surprisingly enough they could never find Haitch.
We were taught that if we were struggling with I or me in a sentence such as John and I went to the park or Mum gave them to John and me, we should take out the named person and say the sentence. So I went to the park/ Mum gave them to me.
Lindiann I always thought pound instead of pounds is only correct if another word is added e.g. 300 pound coins or a 5 pound note, but who knows?
It's like less and fewer. There are fewer people who know which word is correct. There is less chance of worrying about a mistake if you don't know.
Different than instead of different from seems to be acceptable nowadays, but different to is still incorrect - but I suspect fewer and fewer people will either know or care.

Anya Mon 28-Aug-17 14:53:40

Talking of syntax errors NO ONE does it like Trump!

cc Mon 28-Aug-17 15:15:06

I loathe "haitch" too, it is amazing how many otherwise normal people use it.

phoenix Mon 28-Aug-17 16:23:42

"Yourself" is one of my pet hates too, "Just bringing that information up for yourself" Aarrgh!

Plus over using my name, I don't mind if they ask me "Is it ok to call you Phoenix, or would you prefer Mrs Phoenix?"

I usually say "Phoenix is fine " (although under some circumstances, I don't allow it wink) but once we have established the rules,please Do not use it in every sentence.

You are not "building rapport" whatever that dumpy woman in the dark suit who came in to do your Customer Service Training may have told you, you are just seriously pissing me off annoying me.

Riversidegirl Mon 28-Aug-17 16:25:56

My son always claims he landed a Civil Service job by saying "fewer" instead of "less". It was something I always drummed into my children (along with other grammatical things!)

lemongrove Mon 28-Aug-17 16:32:23

I am no pedant ( why am I on this thread then?) 😆 But really hate when anyone taking down my name says 'and how are you spelling this?' As if I have chosen an awkward name on purpose and only I spell it this way, as well as being clunky and they should simply ask how to spell my name.

maddy629 Mon 28-Aug-17 18:03:54

I always say 'my husband and me', I know it isn't really correct but I'd feel too posh if I said 'my husband and I', don't want anyone to think I'm getting ideas above my station wink