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LullyDully Mon 20-Jan-20 08:44:32

I am quite happy to learn and use a new word but find the use of wellnessvery irritating. Why not health?
Do we now have National Wellness service?

Am I the only one who finds it grating? ( wellnicity or wellnicityness could be other form of this new usage maybe)

Marydoll Mon 20-Jan-20 08:54:09

LullyDully, your post got me thinking about this and made me want to find out if they actually were the same thing.

This is what I found out. Language is always evolving, so probably they will become interchangeable in the future.

Understanding the difference between health and wellness: in short, health is a state of being, whereas wellness is the state of living a healthy lifestyle (3). Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being; wellness aims to enhance well-being. ... It can affect physical, mental, and social well-being.

Health is defined as the overall mental and physical state of a person; the absence of disease. This isn't entirely the same thing as wellness. Wellness refers to the state of being in optimal mental and physical health. But wellness is more than that.

Missfoodlove Mon 20-Jan-20 09:19:40

Wellness like “woke “ is irritating.
However not as irritating as “gotten” which is creeping into journalism and was used by the Duke of Sussex in an interview recently.

Farmor15 Mon 20-Jan-20 09:28:46

To me it seems that wellness is a sort of industry promoting all kinds of products and lifestyle gurus. I don’t like these new words either but have to accept that language is continually evolving.

LullyDully Mon 20-Jan-20 10:07:24

Thanks marydoll I get the difference but will still find it irritating until it becomes ingrained in my brain and I just accept it as normal.

Marydoll Mon 20-Jan-20 10:14:19

I do too! grin. I was thinking earlier how much more complicated life is now, I hanker for the Good old days, when I was a child, when everything was simpler and not so materialistic and commercially orientated.

Then again, do I want to go to an outside toilet, shared with other families, wash in a sink of cold water, scrape the ice off the windows in the morning, get up to light the coal fire, etc, etc..

However, you could get a doctor's appointment the same day, he would come out in the middle of the night, he knew all your family and understood your needs and looked after your wellbeing !

orly Mon 20-Jan-20 10:22:46

Maybe it's because you're a "gammon" or a "snowflake" - whatever they are.

Madwoman11 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:27:23

No I like the word Wellness, and it really makes sense especially for people who have faced difficulties either emotional or otherwise. It's great for anyone
In this rat race of a world we live in, and technology that creates more stress it makes sense to look after your mind as well as your body.
Personally I love it, but understand we are all different 😊

Minerva Mon 20-Jan-20 10:29:03

I like gotten Good old English word. In the UK we dropped it and the Americans didn’t.
Wellness was never well established until now in the US or here. It seems unnecessary. I find these additions/returns to English English fascinating rather than grating.

Bijou Mon 20-Jan-20 10:38:33

Yes, gotten , is old English. The English language is rapidly changing now and new words added almost daily and local dialects disappearing.

TLVgran48 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:42:01

I wonder whether wellness originated in manufacturers’ wish to avoid making claims for products by promising they are ‘healthy’, or as restoring ‘health’. Promoting wellness is more opaque and not binding.

polnan Mon 20-Jan-20 10:46:17

I find all these new words ,, well not grating, but confusing, don`t understand the half of them...

harrigran Mon 20-Jan-20 10:49:40

Definitely grating and wellness and woke do not feature in any of my conversations.

Kartush Mon 20-Jan-20 11:25:31

Wellness always makes me think of tree hugging and contemplating your navel

3nanny6 Mon 20-Jan-20 11:26:41

I keep seeing the use of "woke " on gransnet but I am in the dark about the newer meaning of it. Please someone enlighten me as I feel I have missed something somewhere.

I am familiar with wellness and wellness clinics also wellbeing as it is used in medical settings but I do not know woke.

Grape1 Mon 20-Jan-20 11:42:28

Not particularly a new word, but starting each sentence when asked a question with the word “So” really irritates me

TrazzerMc Mon 20-Jan-20 11:42:33

I don’t like “texted” I’m sure it’s grammatically correct but it feels unnatural to me . I say I will text you or I have sent a text or I received a text from whoever...... is this just me ?

NaughtyNanna Mon 20-Jan-20 11:45:53

I think the point is that you can be actually very ill or disabled but still have an inner sense of happiness / wellness. Amazing to think of it that way but true nonetheless.

Legs55 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:02:46

Woke is the word which irritates me most, what does it me mean?

Other words like wellness & math are also irritating although I do get NaughtyNana's point

Joplin Mon 20-Jan-20 12:02:56

Grapel - me too! Everyday somebody on the radio, or TV, says it & I now say out loud " No, stop saying that ". It's so irritating & so unnecessary.

Valeriejane Mon 20-Jan-20 12:03:06

"Hello guys" this is annoying to me if I'm in a group of both male and female, and " I'm good" instead of " I'm well thank you". I don't like to hear the word "gunna" instead of going to either.

3nanny6 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:33:49

Ah just found out about the word woke. Personally to me it is the past tense of wake but apparently many meanings.

Perhaps I should start addressing my posts with

Yo you all Gransnetters y'all doin good.
How goes your day?
WHASS UPP, anyting happening in da hood?

I am sure you would all know this kind of talk I had to listen to it from my sons friends for several years thank the Lord he is older and now I get more normal conversations.
I used to keep a book of all the street terms so I knew what they were talking about maybe I need to get a new one.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 20-Jan-20 12:38:09

"Wellness" certainly grates on me too. Fortunately, not all words that come into a language stay in use, so wellness may disappear again.

Most of us talk of dieting or slimming or loosing weight nowadays, but in the 1930s people talked about "banting".

Grape1 Mon 20-Jan-20 13:43:58

Joplin ... I do exactly the same ! I just can’t listen to them !!

NonnaJazz Mon 20-Jan-20 14:32:57

One of my former students once greeted me with the phrase,

‘Yo Jay, keep it real’

I might have let that go if he had been a New York hipster....but he hailed from Basingstoke....