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Gloves & Brollies: what have men got against them?

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Margs Sat 15-Feb-20 10:46:33

In the inclement weather of Winter I've seen so very many men walking along with their fists dug into the wholly inadequate pockets of their jackets when a pair of gloves would be the much better option. Is it 'manly' to encourage frostbite?

Also, when the rain is practically horizontal it's rare to see a man using an umbrella. Most women rarely go out without one, as umbrellas and caution are second nature to us.

Do men feel that being seen with - horror! - gloves or an umbrella would compromise their machismo rating?

Any theories as to why men find both the above items anathema?

MawB Sat 15-Feb-20 10:54:22

Umbrellas are not a lot of use when the rain is horizontal though, are they?
Gloves are another matter and with the threat of Coronavirus hanging over us, more people should realise that wearing gloves on public transport significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Kalu Sat 15-Feb-20 11:15:18

Personally, I would ban umbrellas. Hate the things!

A busy street full of umbrella users not looking where they are going, some don’t even care if they bump into you. No use whatsoever on a windy day. Grrr.🤬

What I don’t get though are males and females wearing hooded jackets but not bothering to put their hood up in the pouring rain. A strange one.

eazybee Sat 15-Feb-20 11:57:30

I have bought gloves, hats and scarves for presents, which are not worn even in the most extreme of conditions; the recipients then come into the house and stand in front of the fire warming their poor little hands, completely blocking the heat from everyone else.

jusnoneed Sat 15-Feb-20 12:01:12

I very rarely wear gloves, they annoy me when you have to keep taking them on and off.
Umbrellas nearly as bad if the rain still runs off and down your back, and totally useless if it's windy.

MaizieD Sat 15-Feb-20 12:01:56

Another one for the umbrella ban! Though I think my objection to them is confined to crowded streets, where they can be lethal. They're alright in less crowded places.

I think that so many people spend their time in cars and heated buildings these days that they have very little idea what very cold fresh air can do to them!

SueDonim Sat 15-Feb-20 12:10:22

My dh wears gloves a lot. He has an unusual form of arthritis that is particularly painful in his hands so gloves are a necessity. Rain is often accompanied by wind here in Scotland and it’s just too much to have to wrestle with an umbrella in a gale.

I do wonder at the men who walk round in shorts in near-freezing temperatures, though.

paddyanne Sat 15-Feb-20 12:17:14

I dont use umbrellas ,I get them as gifts but they go in a cupboard as I cant be bothered faffing about with them,I dont wear gloves either as my hands are never cold ...ever .My sister has that thing where her hands turn blue with the cold so any gloves I get I pass on to her .

Cunco Sat 15-Feb-20 12:19:43

'Any theories as to why men find both the above items anathema?'

My theory is that they don't. It's just another stereotype which women can use but men do so at their peril. It's harmless but, these days, the pillory awaits.

I use both gloves and umbrellas when the occasion demands. As far as I can see from a casual Google, the main reason why men might avoid them is potential abuse from women. One contributor to Mumsnet was very definite on the subject and, according to The Telegraph, real men avoid them. One ex-England football manager was branded 'the Wally with the brolly' which might have influenced some real men, especially those who stand bare chested and bare-bellyed at freezing football matches in January. Personally, I like to keep warm and dry and, so far, there have been no complaints - at least, not over gloves and umbrellas. smile

Callistemon Sat 15-Feb-20 12:33:49

I just don't get on with umbrellas. I either struggle to put them up, drench myself putting them down or lose them.

DH does keep a golfing one in the car, useful in a downpour if we have to stand anywhere but not in a busy street.

rosenoir Sat 15-Feb-20 13:09:20

I have never owned an umbrella but have had to walk in the road many times to avoid others. I wear gloves a lot, mainly to cut down on germs.

Harris27 Sat 15-Feb-20 13:18:04

I like gloves as my hands are freezing in the winter. Terrified of the expensive ones as I get out of the car and they drop on the floor sometimes if I’ve taken them off inside! Usually to text ( passenger of course). Keep an umbrella in the carjust In case.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:24:50

Well, I use an umbrella if it is raining and there isn't a stiff wind. I wear glasses and walking in the rain without an umbrella is hard as no-one has yet invented windscreen wipers for glasses.

I wear gloves in cold weather, but it took me years to want to do so, as gloves were part of our school uniform and we hated having to wear them.

I think most men still feel it is unmanly to show that they feel the cold

Nannan2 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:25:36

I use a stick now my osteoarthritis is so bad,and find i cant manage a stick,a brolly,and a handbag! I often dont have a free hand to keep pulling up my hood either in gale weather so thats probably the mystery of that son wears gloves in winter for driving,and he's only 21.he takes them off indoors (shops etc) but yes with this virus rife & winter bugs maybe he shouldn't. I often take gloves but the constant on/off deters me but maybe i should wear them now.hmm

Nannan2 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:30:00

Yes in the north i think especially carrying a brolly they seem to think you are a 'jessie' if youre a bloke with a brolly maybe not so much gloves nowadays as they have the new fangled ones for txting or from designer sport wear like adidas,puma,etc.

Nannan2 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:33:47

My daughter always seems to break a brolly,its well known in our family she always needs a new one😂

inishowen Sun 16-Feb-20 10:35:14

Ha ha this is my husband to a tee. No gloves, no hat, no umbrella. When it's raining I put my hood up. He hates that, and mutters "how sexy" not!××

joesdadnick Sun 16-Feb-20 10:37:47

I am a man and have used brolly and gloves all my life , sheer stupidity not to when needed, storm proof ish umbrella, with exception to storms Dennis and Ciara, some good leather gloves. It depends where you have lived , ie wild and woolly places. Nowadays thats everywhere.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:39:16

Some men use both, their choice but mine would only wear gloves,would never ever use a brolly, wears a coat with a hood attached

Moggycuddler Sun 16-Feb-20 10:45:10

I never use an umbrella myself. Never have since I was a teenager, probably. Too much of a nuisance to carry and store etc. I have coats with hoods for when it rains, or I just get wet. I do wear gloves in winter though. My DH won' t wear gloves no matter how cold it is, despite having a couple of pairs in a drawer. He just shoves his hands in his pockets.

Davidhs Sun 16-Feb-20 10:45:29

I’m happy to take an umbrella on a day out as long as it’s not likely to be windy. As for gloves, they don’t seem to keep my hands warm, no idea why but pockets seem better.

Jillybird Sun 16-Feb-20 10:45:53

My partner has both... for a short while... I can't tell you how many he has lost! He buys his from the £1 shop because they're guaranteed to go missing after one or two uses. He's not a sports fan so has no concept of it being unmanly to use clothes to keep warm and dry. We live by the coast, so umbrellas are prety useless most of the time due to the wind. I agree in built up areas they are a menace to other pedestrians.
I also want to query how much use gloves are against viruses??? My understanding is that most viruses cannot live outside the human body, but the latest one can. Interested to know the science. Anyone...?

NoddingGanGan Sun 16-Feb-20 10:46:21

My son owns more pairs of gloves than I do but he's a professional cellist and very particular about looking after his hands. He doesn't like brollies though.

Davida1968 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:47:29

DH uses gloves and always has a pair in his coat pocket. Neither of us has an umbrella - we gave these up decades ago. Living here in the rainy NW, we've found that wearing a really good (Gortex treated, or similar) coat/raincoat (with hood, or worn with a stout hat) is preferable to using an umbrella. (Leaves both the hands free, too.)

H1954 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:53:26

I would ban umbrellas too! I'm only 5 feet tall so I'm constantly getting poked by the end spokes of everyone else's brollies!

I also agree with another comment, they are totally useless n high winds!