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A shocker from our MP! (NB, for pedants only!)

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Witzend Mon 22-Jun-20 12:42:09

Dh just forwarded an email from our LibDem MP, with a headline saying that the council is planning to ‘kerb’ anti social behaviour.
I dare say it may have been an aide who wrote it, but still....

vampirequeen Mon 22-Jun-20 12:46:40

grin Maybe they intend to smack each offender into a kerb but surely that would come under corporal punishment grin

Charleygirl5 Mon 22-Jun-20 13:23:52

He should read what he signs!

MawB Mon 22-Jun-20 13:28:59

Oh I have seen that one (from somebody else)
He or his secretary needs a severe talking to.
And to stand in the corner
And to write out the respective definitions 100x each.
👨‍🏫 👩‍🏫

MaizieD Mon 22-Jun-20 13:48:56

I'm reading a very recently published book in which the writer is frequently 'pouring' over data.

I put it down to auto-corrects and very poor proofreading.

sodapop Mon 22-Jun-20 14:57:31

That's the sad thing MaizieD when people don't realise its wrong.

FarNorth Thu 13-Aug-20 22:44:03

A couple of times lately, I've seen 'we must do our upmost...'
(even autocorrect didn't want to go with that one, just now).

lemongrove Thu 13-Aug-20 22:46:19

I hope there isn’t going to be any curb crawling😁

welbeck Thu 13-Aug-20 22:58:09


MawB Thu 13-Aug-20 23:45:57

I think he needs to tow the line, personally.
🦆 🦆 🦆

Alexa Thu 13-Aug-20 23:50:11

Scottish speakers simply don' t make errors like that . A Scot pronounces kerb and curb very differently.

welbeck Fri 14-Aug-20 00:19:00

that sounds like the great fork doesn't rhyme with pork thread on MN.
all over the country people were muttering to themselves on trains and buses, pork, fork, in puzzled tones.
as the other passengers inched away from them...
apparently in some areas they do not rhyme.
no, i don't understand it either.

Chewbacca Fri 14-Aug-20 00:26:10

I was looking online for a specific poem earlier today and came across a website of poetry for schools to use during lessons. One of the categories was "Smypathy Poems". I ask you!

MissAdventure Fri 14-Aug-20 00:30:29

Do you remember the text I got from the school?

"If your child has accidentally brung home the wrong coat..."

Chewbacca Fri 14-Aug-20 00:32:24

You're kidding! Really? That's a shocker!

MissAdventure Fri 14-Aug-20 00:35:43

I posted the text on here.
I was quite stunned.

MissAdventure Fri 14-Aug-20 00:37:57

Oh I hope I don't get a swarm of angry teachers after me now.
Is swarm the correct collective term?

Chewbacca Fri 14-Aug-20 00:41:12

I'll just leave this here...

MissAdventure Fri 14-Aug-20 00:45:39

Oh dear, oh dear.

Funnygran Fri 14-Aug-20 01:04:22

I was reading our local newspaper last week - an item about how the beauty salons have prepared for reopening. One of the owners 'has took steps to make sure all the equipment is sanitised'. Taken steps surely?!

quizqueen Fri 14-Aug-20 02:38:44

If I receive badly spelt wording in a formal correspondence, I always reply and comment on it especially if it is from an educational or political source. Chewbacca, I would have gone straight to the Head Teacher on that one, not just on the incorrect spellings but also the misuse of capital letters.

JackyB Fri 14-Aug-20 07:55:02

Not to mention the use of Comic Sans.

TwiceAsNice Fri 14-Aug-20 10:28:58

Oh Chewbacca that is deplorable . The teacher setting the spelling is an atrocious speller

ladymuck Fri 14-Aug-20 10:34:56

Perhaps he dictated it and it was his secretary who wrote it. Just another indication of the general lowering of standards.

Daddima Fri 14-Aug-20 10:37:24

Education safe with the Conservatives?