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URGENT Advice please

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Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 09:29:34

Morning all.

Clutching at straws here, but I have a very poorly cat and wondered if any of you have dealt with the same issue.

She has been retching/gagging since Sunday evening and until yesterday was also flicking her tongue in and out.

Monday we went to the vet and she had exploratories done.

Her gut was inflamed so they operated on her abdomen, but found nothing.

She came home last night and drank some water, but not eaten.

She's on two meds - one anti-inflammatory and Ranittidene (sp?) as she is full of wind.

She spends her time hiding quietly in a corner and wants to be on her own (very out of character, but understandable at the moment).

She is still doing mini-retches, almost like an unproductive burp.

I slept downstairs with her last night and she had a few little wanders around and then settled down again.

Any ideas as to what may be causing this or what else to do? The vet's on standby to readmit her, but he doesn't have a clue as to the cause.

Help please!

Willow500 Thu 02-Aug-18 09:37:13

How distressing - it's awful when you don't know what's wrong with them isn't it! Could she have eaten something poisonous - a mouse maybe? Presumably the vet checked her throat when they did the op to make sure she didn't have anything stuck in it like a bone? You could try her with some tasty bits of tuna or even tuna water just to get something in her or try warming her normal food. I have no advice really - you've done the right thing taking her to the vet and hopefully with nothing found she will start to feel better. They do tend to want to be alone when they're ill - such independent creatures.

Hope she responds to the meds and soon starts to feel better.

ChaosIncorporated Thu 02-Aug-18 09:43:01


Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 09:47:15

Thanks both of you.

Yes, done all the above.

Temperature normal, she's hydrated.

I think a toxin would probably cause a rise in temperature??

AnnS1 Thu 02-Aug-18 09:48:54

Some sort of grass seed stuck in her throat? Poor cat

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 09:50:02

AnnS1 Thanks! That was one of the first things I thought of, but all clear apparently.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 09:51:34

Apologies if I don't reply to one and all, but I'm on observation duty for a while now and then back to the Vet if no improvement.

Any further ideas would be much appreciated, even if I don't reply straight away. Thank you smile

Jane10 Thu 02-Aug-18 10:04:20

Our cat has had 2 episodes like that. No reason ever found except possibly very large fur balls. He recovered completely both times. I hope your does too. Its very frightening.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 10:39:52

Jane10 That's interesting. Sorry your cat has been through it though.

Was there any treatment?

How long was it until s/he recovered?

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 11:41:31

Sorry Jane10 on rereading, I realised yours is a 'he'!

Waterloosunset Thu 02-Aug-18 11:43:06

I’m so sorry Squiffy, I understand how worried you are. It’s good that your cat is drinking - important to keep up the fluids. I recall when our kitten ate a strip of Christmas tree foil, some years’ ago, it had wound itself around her intestines! Poor thing after the operation, she wouldn’t eat or drink. I would line her gums with purée food which she licked and I used a syringe with water! Bless her, she came through. I hope all will be well xxx

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 11:59:43

Waterloo Puree on gums is a great idea. I'll see if she'll let me do that. Thank you!

Jane10 Thu 02-Aug-18 13:12:39

Put soft cat food on the back of her her paws? The vet gave us stuff to give our boy that way. It's a rare cat who could resist the urge to clean it off.

ninathenana Thu 02-Aug-18 13:23:22

A fine fishbone would not show on an x-ray this maybe stuck in her throat/palate.
You say they operated on her abdomen. Did they check the pharynx/aesophagus ?

seacliff Thu 02-Aug-18 14:18:23

Hi Squiffy

Sorry I can't help, but understand how worried you must be.

I did a bit of googling and found the attached- really hope it's not that. Don't want to upset you.

Just wondered is it worth you getting a second opinion? Our local vets are part of a chain (CVS) and a lot of them aren't very experienced when there are difficult cases. Sometimes another vet will have an idea what the problem could be.

Hoping it clears up soon.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 15:00:29

Nina Vet said throat area all clear, but I don’t know how he actually checked it.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 15:02:01

Seacliff Our previous cat died from liver disease. She went downhill so fast it was untrue. All our present cat’s tests have come back negative.

seacliff Thu 02-Aug-18 15:04:32

Thank goodness for that.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 15:05:39

Have been on Poo Patrol as there have been brown patches on the carpet (oh joy!). I’m actually a bit relieved as it means something’s moving - albeit without her control! She’s such a clean cat, she’d be mortified if she realised her standards had slipped.

etheltbags1 Thu 02-Aug-18 17:15:09

Was it poo, my cat brings up fur balls and they are covered in brown yuk but the centre is solid hair

etheltbags1 Thu 02-Aug-18 17:17:12

Hope he's ok soon, my cat is 17 and got on going thyroid probs I'm round the bend with worry, also its costing 100 a month for treatment😞

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 17:41:06

Ethel Definitely poo! I’m in the process of cleaning carpet and sofa throw and wondering how on earth I’m going to clean the cat - or whether she’ll even let me do it. I’m frightened of hurting her wounds in the process.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 17:42:48

Posted too soon! Sorry your cat has problems Ethel Thyroid seems a coomon problem when cars get older. Our cat is only four and a half.

Squiffy Thu 02-Aug-18 17:43:14

Coomon?? Common!

Squiffy Fri 03-Aug-18 11:44:02

Well, back to the Vets this morning sad

Looks as though she's there for the night - luckily I'd packed her overnight bag in case! Not as bonkers as that may sound - she needs special food and the Vet didn't have any in, plus the meds she'd been sent home with previously and a t-shirt of mine to snuggle up with.

Feeling very 'lost' without her following me around and I can't seem to settle down to do anything constructive! I'm supposed to be painting the fence! Daft when it comes to our pets, aren't we?!