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Feeling very sad.

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ginny Thu 25-Oct-18 19:40:12

Today we said our last Goodbye to our beautiful, sweet natured Sasha. Thank you Boo bear for more than 16 years of fun and love.

nonnasusie Thu 25-Oct-18 19:45:46


Jane10 Thu 25-Oct-18 19:54:13

A sad day. Awww. flowers

Squiffy Thu 25-Oct-18 20:11:26

I’m so sorry Ginny flowers

Anniebach Thu 25-Oct-18 20:15:00

I am so very sorry ginny x

Willow500 Thu 25-Oct-18 20:44:27

So sorry Ginny - we love them too much and it hurts when we have to say goodbye. flowers

Fennel Thu 25-Oct-18 20:45:09

I know how sad it is - our dear border collie died in Jan. aged 15.
I saw a bc this afternoon just like her and thought she'd come back!

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Oct-18 20:46:51

So so sorry- it is dreadful when this day comes flowers

Doodle Thu 25-Oct-18 20:49:37

So sorry ginny . It's so sad when they are such a big part of the family. flowers

sodapop Thu 25-Oct-18 22:05:33

Thinking of you and your lovely dog Ginny God bless flowers

Bathsheba Thu 25-Oct-18 22:13:26

Oh ginny, such a desperately sad day, my heart goes out to you 😘💐

FlexibleFriend Thu 25-Oct-18 22:23:37

So sorry for your loss but 16 is a wonderful age to reach x

MiniMoon Thu 25-Oct-18 23:04:26

A sad day 💐. We said goodbye to our lovely old girl at the end of December. She was 18. I miss her.

annep Thu 25-Oct-18 23:44:40

Sad day for you Ginny. flowers

watermeadow Fri 26-Oct-18 03:25:22

So sorry, Ginny, for the pain and grief you’re feeling. Keep looking at Sasha’s photograph and remembering 16 happy years. She had 16 years of your love.

ginny Fri 26-Oct-18 07:16:49

Thank you all for your kind messages.

Tea and cake Fri 26-Oct-18 07:39:45

So sorry Ginny. It's horrendous when we have to let them go. We've had lots of animals over the years and it never gets easier to say Goodbye. My only consolation is that they have been much loved, haven't suffered and the tears I cry are really for me. But I weep buckets nevertheless. Your lovely dog looks just like one of ours did. I'm sniffling a bit now. I hope your sorrow soon fades and you can remember the lovely times. Xx

kittylester Fri 26-Oct-18 07:51:19

(((hugs))), ginny.

morethan2 Fri 26-Oct-18 07:57:34

flowers ginny

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-Oct-18 08:04:23

So sad for you 💐

Grannyboots1 Fri 26-Oct-18 08:16:50

I know how you feel Ginny, we had to let our dog go in June. We think of him everyday.

Iam64 Fri 26-Oct-18 08:26:34

So sorry for your loss. I know it isn't to everyone's taste but increasingly, the rainbow bridge comes to mind when a much loved family dog leaves us xx

wot Fri 26-Oct-18 09:35:05

So sad for you xxxx

merlotgran Fri 26-Oct-18 10:14:44

Sorry to read your sad news.

seacliff Fri 26-Oct-18 10:32:04

So sorry Ginny, it's like losing a member of your family. 16 years is a long time. Dear Sasha x