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30th Wedding Anniversary dilemma.

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NannaandPea Fri 18-Aug-23 20:01:15

In October 2026 it will be our 30th wedding anniversary. I like to mark all occasions big or small as I see them as achievements. We have a degree of surplus cash now that we are not endlessly forking out for our kids needs but we’re no way minted so it takes a lot of financial planning to fund our treats. Hence why I am beginning to think about it now.
As it’s a biggie I would like something special for us to do together but it is always left to me to come up with an idea of what to do, where to go. I have tried to float the idea of DH arranging something special for big birthdays and anniversaries previously but he’s just not bothered, it’s just another day type of attitude. I don’t know whether to let go of my hopes and dreams and do nothing and if nothing happens it will piss me off or forge ahead and arrange something on the basis that he always enjoys whatever I choose. Thoughts?

Romola Tue 22-Aug-23 17:30:50

My DH was up for celebrations but not for organising them. I used to ring-fence a sum of money and give him a choice of two: a special trip or a party.
It was always a party! We did nothing for our 25th (too poor, children at uni) but 30th, 40th, 50th, pushed the boat out. We seemed to feel that staying in touch with friends, including being invited to their celebrations, was important. Now a widow, with friends in many places, I'm glad we did that.

Corkie91 Tue 22-Aug-23 19:04:02

It was my Sapphire wedding anniversary today. Given up on my husband organising anything. So I booked a table at a restaurant for the two of us bought myself a pair of sapphire earrings and we went out and enjoyed ourselves also bought my husband some commemorative coins as he collects them.
He did get me an orchid which is very unusual for him. October 2026is still along way off but if you want to celebrate tehn organise it

Jeanieallergy21 Tue 22-Aug-23 22:17:05


It’s our 60th anniversary next May…..and coincides with graduation from Uni of our eldest grandchild so we’ve decided to combine the two events in one trip - a true family celebration linking two generations.! And quite honestly I’m more excited about watching her graduate than our anniversary, even though we do realize ours is quite momentous!

I hope someone will organise a message from the King for your diamond wedding anniversary - here's how to apply:

Dinahmo Tue 22-Aug-23 23:11:33

My DH and I have been together for 55 years but married 50 years (I think). He hates remembering his birthday and doesn't like to be reminded. One year I forgot and we didn't realise until a day or so later that it had passed by, unnoticed.

Neither of us are big on presents for birthdays although if we saw something the other would like we'd buy it as a present, regardless of the date.

I do celebrate my own birthday - had a lovely 60th with a friend the same age as me and our DHs. We went to Giorgio Locatelli's for lunch which was divine. For my birthday, just before covid hit we saw the Cirque du Soleil. Expensive but magical.

I'm the one that organises - I always have done, ever since I was at school and booked concert tickets for my friends and I - Tamla Motown Roadshow and Bob Dylan (solo) at the Albert Hall. I don't remember how I managed to pay - being still at school I didn't have a bank account. Those were the days - small venues and easy to get tickets, unlike today.

I had a friend in Suffolk who used to say that she would like her DH to take her on holiday or to buy such and such for her birthday. I don't know why she didn't organise the former or buy herself the latter since she had plenty of money.

The moral is - organise your celebration yourself and your DH will enjoy whatever you've planned.

Candelle Wed 23-Aug-23 01:33:32

The 30th wedding anniversary is pearl and I have posted here that received a beautifully wrapped gift of.... a bag of pearl barley! Mr C thought it hysterically funny. Me, rather less so.........

I hope you do better!

4allweknow Wed 23-Aug-23 09:00:07

Went to the Big (red) Apple for 40th. As anniversary was near Christmas wanted to see New York at that time and the red symbol kind of represented the ruby colour of the anniversary.

Sheian62 Sun 03-Sep-23 18:16:10

We have just celebrated our 40th recently. We have booked a week away, went out for a lovely meal and I have booked a photo studio to have both formal and informal pics of us both and one with our best friend, our pet dog. Our AC are not interested and didn’t both sending cards or even texts, hence our pet is our mutually loyal family.