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Lilygran Sun 16-Sep-12 12:56:21

Preliminary research suggests that quite a few active Gransnetters are also actively anti-religion. I shouldn't really call this 'research' but I should get some credit for reading every post on the Religion and Spirituality thread. You might get a different impression if you read all the posts on all the threads, given the notable Gransnet tendency to veer wildly off the subject. But, so far, of 67 topics listed, only 20 showed little or no evidence of adverse comment about nuns, Islam, priests (mainly Roman) American believers, childhood indoctrination, Christians, Christianity or related subjects. Sometimes, the original post invited that kind of comment and in that case, there were few dissenting voices. Even where the OP was positive about religion, there was sometimes marked tendency for negative comment to dominate. Feel free to comment, as you no doubt will.

Bags Sun 16-Sep-12 13:01:02

I think I would say 'critical of' rather than 'anti'. Bit like politics. One can't be anti-politics because politics is just how people/societies organise themselves, but one can be critical of political ideas or practices.

And in any case, so what?

Did you, by any chance, do a similar bit of research to find out about gransnetters who are anti-atheist? Just for balance, natch.

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 13:10:08

It seems to me it is also the case that the ative once are anti the current government as well but it would surprise me if this were representative as they were voted in after all.

Having observed the way some posts have gone for the last few months, may I suggest that those who disagree with the more 'active' posters do not wish to join in such strong threads?

Lilygran Sun 16-Sep-12 13:11:17

I wasn't looking at the number of posters or at individual posts, just the way the thread moved. Quite subjective in any case. There's me.......

Lilygran Sun 16-Sep-12 13:12:31

I think you're right, Moved.

absentgrana Sun 16-Sep-12 13:13:18

Movedalot It's a coalition – that's because no political party had a mandate to form a government.

annodomini Sun 16-Sep-12 13:13:31

Why do you think the current government was voted in, Movedalot? The coalition came about because no one party had enough seats to form a government and I doubt if many of us voted for a coalition!

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 13:44:25

absent and anno didn't realise it needed saying as I thought we all knew that!

We got what we voted for, like it or not it is the voters who are responsible for the government we have. However, my point was that if we are all as left wing as the posts I've seen seem to imply why don't we have a labour government?

absentgrana Sun 16-Sep-12 14:02:24

Movedalot Do you seriously believe that the Labour party is left wing?

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 14:23:40

absent I am just trying to make a point without putting in too many details. I am sure you know what I meant. Do I need to spell out every detail to avoid this nit-picking?

MiceElf Sun 16-Sep-12 14:53:00

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point being made is that the membership of this forum is probably unrepresentative of the population as a whole. It is self selecting and as the owners of the site choose not to make the numbers of members public and data about religious belief, political persuasion, marital status or level of education is necessarily unavailable, there is no way of discovering how representative or otherwise those who post on this forum, may be.

It would, I suppose be possible to do a meta analysis of all the posts and make an informed guess, and, this I think is what is being done here.

It certainly seems to this reader that frequent posters on this forum tend to be well educated, left of centre politically and scornful of religious belief. But I may be wrong.

baNANA Sun 16-Sep-12 15:14:53

It occurs to me that sizeable section of the population wouldn't necessarily have views on politics or religion and certainly wouldn't be interested in contributing to a forum such as this. I don't know what the turn out for a general election is, but I know the weather can affect that, so I would therefore assume there's not a great political commitment for those who wouldn't brave the elements. Similarly, how many regular religious attendees are there as a percentage of the population? A lot of people just go about their daily lives and don't really engage with politics or religion and are only interested in the things that affect them directly. I think many gransnetters are obviously interested in all sorts of things, but how representative of the nanas of the country are we?

whenim64 Sun 16-Sep-12 15:47:57

MiceElf I am reasonably well-educated, left of centre politically, but not scornful of religious belief. Just dont believe in a god myself. I joined Gransnet because I thought the thing I would have in common with others is my grandchildren smile

Greatnan Sun 16-Sep-12 15:54:00

I am not sure what this thread is for - it is pretty obvious that the people who bother to contribute to threads about politics and religion are those with an interest in those subjects and possibly strongly held views. There is nothing to stop everybody joining in. Lilygran, perhaps you could try to galvanise the believers to make a contribution. If they don't want to, you can hardly blame those of who are interested in putting forward our views.
I don't know how often we have to repeat the position which, as far as I am aware, is common to all the 'atheist wing'. We don't believe in any god. We don't want those who do believe in any particular god to be able to influence law making to suit their own beliefs. That's it, really. Not aggresive, not militant, just asking for freedom not to believe.
I admit to being well educated (at considerable effort, as a mature student),
left -wing, if that means concerned for fairness and justice, and anti any kind of prejudice such as racism, sexism, homophobia.......I see nothing wrong in any of this.

JO4 Sun 16-Sep-12 16:09:28

"may I suggest that those who disagree with the more 'active' posters do not wish to join in such strong threads?"

Yep. Scaredy-pusses the lot of 'em.

I do sometimes wonder if I, and now Lilygran, are the only Christians (in lily's case) and trying-to-stay-reasonably-Christian (in my case) on here.

Bags Sun 16-Sep-12 16:23:38

So what makes anyone think that "well-educated, left of centre politically, and scornful of religion" (not my choice of words, just quoting) is not fairly representative of the population? [wooden spoon emoticon] [taking the piss emoticon] grin

Greatnan Sun 16-Sep-12 16:26:48

There is always Alison and I am sure she had many supporters.
The golden rule is to go for the ball, not the man - the 'ad hominem' rule. We are free to be as critical as we like of beliefs, ideas, theories but not to make comments about the personality,sincerity or honesty of other members.

Greatnan Sun 16-Sep-12 16:27:23

Bags - we wish!

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:31:40

Greatnan should we infer from "left -wing, if that means concerned for fairness and justice, and anti any kind of prejudice such as racism, sexism, homophobia......." that you think right wingers are not "concerned for fairness and justice" and are for "any kind of prejudice such as racism, sexism, homophobia......."? This definition is new to me.

whenim64 Sun 16-Sep-12 16:39:07

.....and all those of us who are cheesed off with the same old script, see you in the quiet corner when I have taken my pineapple upside down cake out if the oven grin

Should have cooled own by 7pm. I'll bring ice cream, too! smile

unless someone can come up with something original?

annodomini Sun 16-Sep-12 16:44:47

See you there, when. I'll bring my appetite! wink

Greatnan Sun 16-Sep-12 16:46:48

No, you can't infer that. However, I do think the present Government's moves to cut benefits , reduce taxes for the richest, and curtail workers' hard-won rights does not bode well for the people at the bottom of the pile.
What do you mean by right wing?

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:52:31

I was just trying to understand what you meant by right wing. It did sound as if you were attributing all those things to them but I would have gone further that RW, perhaps fascist?

Movedalot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:57:20

Mice can I take that as a compliment about my education? Or maybe I don't post often enough to qualify? What level of education do I need? Please tell me so I know whether I should leave GN because I am a fraud? grin I do sometimes post badly because I am doing so in between something important but I am far from alone in that. I have seen some bad spelling (as against bad typing) so does that mean those people don't qualify? Should I have passed an entry test? [woried and confused emoticon]

Typed in between ironing and cleaning a bathroom - important things!

Lilygran Sun 16-Sep-12 17:00:54

Like your emoticons, Bags!