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Is Faith In Jesus Important To You?

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Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 11:41:39

When Did you Last See People Throwing Their Life Savings into the Streets?
Never I confidently Assume!
Simply cause Money continues to be of great value and Therefore People Tend to hold onto it as best as they can.
What Then about Religion?
Does it has any value in your Eyes?
My Ex Partner Died age 67 in early april this Year and I still feel that sense of loss and emptiness now that she is no longer alive.
And I now that nothing in my life can give me hope of seeing her again except Faith in Jesus Christ.
I Know from my personal study of the Bible That he demonstrated by means of resurrecting Lazarus That He Has The Power To bring our loved ones back to life.
And therefore Faith in him is virtually priceless and precious.
Faith in Jesus Is of immense value To those of Us Grieving over the deaths of our Loved ones, and Also to those of Us dealing with various debilitating Illnesses.
The Bible Shows That Jesus Also Has The Power To Cure People Of All Illnesses.
And If We Are Suffering from Want of Various Kinds Then Jesus Also showed by means Of Feeding the 5.000 people That He Can Also provide for our Daily Needs.
Therefore Jesus Is Precious and for Those Of Us That See Value In Him
We Are in possession Of Something of Immense Value.
But Not All of Course View Jesus In That Way.
Many Disregard Faith in Him as Valueless and A waste of Time.
But Is It?
What Do You Think?
Also Do You Believe That Religion Can Be Distorted and Therefore If Fed To The Public In The Wrong Way Can Cause Many To Go Astray Spiritually?
please Share your Thoughts and Experiences.

Charleygirl Wed 23-Jul-14 12:11:29

In one word, no. I went to a Catholic boarding school and was forced by the nuns to go to a religious ceremony x2 a day. I never want to see the inside of a church again.

Galen Wed 23-Jul-14 13:05:49

Sounds like sermon to me hmm

ninathenana Wed 23-Jul-14 13:06:19

Whether I do or don't is not something I discuss.

jinglbellsfrocks Wed 23-Jul-14 13:12:40

I am so very sorry for your loss. I too, would love to see again my loved ones who have gone before. I'm not sure whether it works that way though. I believe in the spirit and perhaps my spirit will find theirs some day.

But today is a sunny day. Enjoy if you can. x

Malcolm102 Wed 23-Jul-14 15:19:05

I was born a Jew. My father died when I was 6 years old. My mother did a good job bringing up my older brother and I. She was very religious and was strict with us in her beliefs. I was made to go to the synagogue every Saturday and on holy days. And 3 times a week to the classes.
It was strange that I could not see the sense in learning Hebrew as a language that I would never have a use for in my life.
It was also in my youth that I would ask, if there was a god and it was so good, why did it allow wars and these terrible things to happen to baby's, young children, and adults?
These days I ask where is this god that is so great and forgiven that it allows all the different religious faiths to fight in his/her/it's name.
As for the 'son of god', was he the starter of the different break away religions.
As time passes stories get distorted. Who can tell what the truth is.
When the light goes out of this life, that is it. There is nothing after.
If anyone can prove different I would be glad to hear.

henetha Wed 23-Jul-14 15:28:30

It's so hard to lose those we love, and it must be wonderful to have such faith. I used to have faith but have lost it somewhere along the way and am now quite cynical about religion. So many ghastly wars are fought in the name of religion, including right now in the world, and sad events in life for all sorts of people who don't deserve such tragedies.
So where is God then? I suspect there is nothing beyond this life. But this life can be wonderful, so I hope you can find some way of enjoying it.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 18:57:33

i'm sorry your experience appears to have affected the way you view Religion charleygirl.
I also dislike going to church when i was a boy.
and i only started looking to religion again cause i was feeling depressed and unhappy with my life.
and although I'm not babtised I still try to hold onto the hope that one day faith in jesus will be rewarded.
as i mentioned i lost a dear ex girlfriend in april and i would love to be able to see her again one day.
and as far as i know the christian faith is the only one that seems to be genuine.
and if Jesus could bring back Lazarus
then he can bring back my dear deceased ex girlfriend one day.and if he can do it for me then he'll do it for everyone else too.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 18:58:24

fair enough nina.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 19:06:51

i don't know of anyone that could bring a deceased person back to life galen
except Jesus.
can you imagine if a man today was able to raise the dead
how popular he would be?
i know I'd be seeking him out and taking him to where my dear ex is buried and begging him to bring her back to life!
then i'd take him to my dear friend who lost his dear mum and brother recently
and ask this man to ressurect them.
then i'd ask him to ressurect the mother of my dear friend in america who died a few years ago.
I tell you galen that man wouldn't get a minutes rest
simply cause the amount of people going to him to be healed would be immense!
wouldn't you go to him galen even if it was just to see what you were hearing about him was true or not?

rosesarered Wed 23-Jul-14 19:14:25

I think we would all love to see our friends and relatives again in the future.Perhaps we will.Who can say what is beyond this life [nobody] so we can't dismiss the fact that we may meet again.Something [we call God] made our universe, we are on a tiny planet in space and know nothing of what comes after.One day, hopefully we will. Sorry for your loss Trevor it's something we all have to face. Don't give up on life though.

hildajenniJ Wed 23-Jul-14 19:21:26

perhaps this isn't exactly what you were asking Trev , but I'd like to share an experience my DD had with my GD when she was 23months old. A very articulate little girl, she asked her Mum what Christmas was about. My DD began to explain about the birth of Jesus, saying "do you know Jesus" and before she could continue, my GD said "no, but I know God!, and in a wistful voice, "heaven". My DD is not at all religious after studying anthropology at uni., and had never spoken to my GD about, God or Heaven, and was astonished that her baby would even know the word Heaven. This gave me comfort and hope, thinking that my GD could remember Heaven.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 20:28:34

I really appreciate your message
Thank you.
Believe it or not rose I was baptized into the church of England but I never go to church anymore.
The last time I did was back in 2007 with my ex who passed away.
And from what I can remember I didn't come away feeling refreshed Spiritually.
But Deep down I Feel sure That Faith in Jesus Will be Rewarded one day.
I may not personally Live to see that Day
but if i do and get to see my ex again
I can't express enough how happy I will feel.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 20:30:14

arrrrrrr That Is a lovely story Hilda
Thanks for sharing it.

Galen Wed 23-Jul-14 20:41:41

This a grandparents site. You are 47 and have no children let alone grandchildren. You have admitted a penchant for older women.

Why are you posting on this site?

Mishap Wed 23-Jul-14 20:43:29

It is hard to lose loved ones and know that we will not see them again. But I look at it like this - we are in part ourselves those whom we have loved - their love, humour, virtues, faults and everything about them have changed who we are, so we carry them inside us always. And we in turn pass on so much of those loved people to those we interact with and to our children and grandchildren.

No-one truly dies - their legacy is always with us.

The love that you shared with your friend is still there - it is part of you and who you will be. I hope that this is some comfort to you - I know I find it helpful.

Ana Wed 23-Jul-14 20:45:27

Good question, Galen...hmm

Elegran Wed 23-Jul-14 20:45:27

Trevor You said on another thread that you have never married?

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 21:20:12

What's wrong with communicating with people Galen?
OK I am indeed 47
if i live I'll be 50 in three years and the chances are I will still be un married
But that's not a crime is it?
and If I still use the internet by then I may still decide to post on this site
And again that as far as I know isn't a Crime?
If you are attempting to accuse me of ulterior motives
Then that in my eyes is unfair in the absence of real evidence.
I notice how quick I was Criticized for using too many capital letters
But Did I resort to Complaining?
Did I accuse any one of perhaps ganging up on me and being patronizing in the way They Highlighted my spelling mistakes?
Lastly I did have relationships with Older White women but again Is that a Crime?
I simply used my experience of interracial relationships To start a conversation
And I didn't set out to upset or offend anyone.
I sense that you perhaps feel uncomfortable by my presence?
If So That Is Unfortunate And I don't Think I can Be Blamed for the way you Feel.
After All you are the One that chose To remind me of what I already Know in that I don't have any grandchildren
but That is not a crime as far as I know?
If I broke the rules I would Have been made aware of that by the moderators by now surely?
who knows maybe by thursday if I am still accused of ulterior motives
my membership may be deleted?
but in the meantime I can assure you That My Motives are good and pure
and I would appreciate it you would allow me time to prove that rather than using words that encourage a kind of ganging up thing which I think is unfair.
lastly if you don't like my posts you don't need to respond.
Thank you and Good Night.

MiceElf Wed 23-Jul-14 21:42:50

A bit of cognitive dissonance here....

Soutra Wed 23-Jul-14 21:48:09

The site is called Gransnet and it is not unreasonable to expect to meet other grandparents or those of a similar age who may not yet have grandchildren but are of our generation. No? It is not a site where someone who claims to be attracted to older women is going to find a soulmate grin We have valuable contributions from men so I am not being sexist !

whenim64 Wed 23-Jul-14 21:48:43

.....and we're off! hmm

Ana Wed 23-Jul-14 22:01:15

I don't think so, when.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 22:18:13

You see again its that kind of thing that I think is unfair.
You seem to be suggesting that I am perhaps attempting to find a Soulmate sou?
Well, If So your wrong.
And I don't think you are being so called sexist...I just think it's unfair to gang up against a fellow poster and attempt to bring me down.
after all if it were you on the receiving end you would Likely Feel As I do.
Also I Don't need reminding about the name of this website.
and again the fact that you have done that Makes you look in my eyes rather
and I regret to say That but that is the impression I have picked up since you and others Have been Targeting me With harsh and unfair and UnJust comments.
You Don't know Me and For You To show the side you Have suggests that you are rather oversensitive and appear quick to make judgements against people you don't know.
once you know me and know my motives then feel free to do your thing...but till then I would much appreciate it if you refrained from what you have been doing?
Thank you.

Trevor47 Wed 23-Jul-14 22:20:35

I guess miceelf that is part of life.