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Tarot reading has worried me

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ineedamum Wed 29-Jan-20 20:11:14

I have used this tarot reader several times over a few years and he has generally been accurate- specific dates and predictions have been correct eg redundancy,

This time he has predicted I may lose my job this May, a bullying manager is involved and a blonde woman helps him. This is because he got the fallen tower, 10 of swords and five of pentacles cards. The manager will say I'm underperforming etc

I have googled these cards and they aren't good- meant to be the worst in the whole lot.

I do have a bullying manager, the HR person is a blonde woman and I'm still on probation. It is also a step up and whilst I'm capable, I need training and he isn't supportive.

I don't want to lose a job after 6 months when it is a step up.

How can I stop worrying?

whywhywhy Wed 29-Jan-20 20:16:59

Ineedamum you must stop worrying. My daughter was the same as you and she even split up with her partner because of a tarot reading. Stop having the readings and believe in yourself. These people who do the readings pray on vulnerable people like yourself. Be brave and put it all behind you. They are just shisters. Take care. Xx

ineedamum Wed 29-Jan-20 20:27:37

Thanks whywhywhy.

I do lack confidence but the manager is a micromanager, controlling and a bully. Other people have said it, and that he'll back off when I've proven myself.

A volunteer said she walks on egg shells and that she is scared to try things in case she gets it wrong- so he is an awful manager making it harder for me to believe in myself.

The job has to be right and there's no bluffing or hiding as it is technical and is either right or wrong

Elegran Wed 29-Jan-20 20:31:13

Take active steps to stop it happening! Can you get the training you need WITHOUT your manager's support? Can you stop the bullying - your blonde HR person will advise you on this. Get some personal training too, in how to stand up for yourself to the bullying manager.

Sack the manipulative Tarot card reader - sounds to me as though he knows you very well after "reading" your cards so often. He has learnt from what you have said to him at previous readings (or from other sources) that your manager is overbearing, your PR woman is blonde and that you have no confidence in your ability at work. As a result he has been dealing the cards from the bottom of the pack, where he placed them.

I hope you have not been paying him!

Missfoodlove Wed 29-Jan-20 20:40:14

Do not allow this to be a self fulfilling prophecy!
Take control of your destiny and use it as a warning.
Make sure when communicating at work it is done via email so you create a paper trail. Take steps to protect yourself and stand strong with the bully. If he starts to get unpleasant then ask him to put everything in an email so it’s official.

rafichagran Wed 29-Jan-20 20:42:58

There are thousands of bad managers, and the same with the blond women. If you said the blond woman had black hair he would reply she was once blond. This is about manipulation of the facts, he is a expert at it. In other words a con. Stop worrying and spending money with this fraud.

Nancat Wed 29-Jan-20 21:07:12

I agree totally with Elegran about the actions you should take. Please remember, Tarot is Guidance, not Destiny. You are shown the pitfalls ahead so that you can take action to avoid them.

Doodledog Wed 29-Jan-20 21:07:23

Nothing in the tarot is fixed or inevitable. The cards (if you believe in them) can only show what might happen - ultimately you have the power to change any or all of it.

Can you go and speak to the manager or the HR woman, and ask if you can have training? Or ask for an interim appraisal, so that you get to know if they have any concerns and can ask about how best to move forward.

If you are worried, you could cover all the bases and make sure that you have joined your union, and start keeping a record of anything that the manager does that could be perceived as bullying, so you know that if the worst happens (which it probably won't) you are not on the back foot. Sometimes, taking some of the stress out of a situation can give people more confidence and make them less likely to make mistakes.

I think it was irresponsible of the reader to be specific like that. Even if he genuinely thinks he can see things in a reading, he should have been vague and given you suggestions of things that are working in your favour. I would resist the temptation to go back to him for reassurance and pay out more money.

M0nica Wed 29-Jan-20 23:18:46

No one can tell the future, because that implies that the future is fixed and can never be changed.

For all you know before any of these terrible things happen you will win the lottery or the manger could have a heart attack or be sacked, in which case you will not be working for him/her in May.

Tarot readers, like other fortune teller,s are either doing it for fun, when neither of you believe in it, or clever psychological manipulators who are good at conning money from gullible clients.

BlueBelle Wed 29-Jan-20 23:36:10

For goodness sake Please stop visiting this man, a pack of cards can’t tell you what’s going to happen to you this is so wrong the man is making a fool of people causing them unnecessary worry just to get you to pay more money Stop Googling tarot cards you can interpret them any way you want please please get this out of your head
I m blonde and I m now bullying you to STOP this nonsense

harrigran Thu 30-Jan-20 00:19:15

You let your life be governed by tarot card readings ? you really need to take yourself in hand and stop pursuing mumbo jumbo.

Ginny42 Thu 30-Jan-20 00:56:16

Take some of the fear out of it and make sure you become as proficient as you can in your job. Is there a colleague who would show you the ropes?

If you're really worried that there's a hidden agenda, keep a diary of all communication with your manager and the HR person. What they said and how you responded. If it becomes necessary, it's best to be able to produce chapter and verse with dates, rather than a vague 'I remember once you said...'

What does your contract say about training?

Good advice from Doodledog and others. Try to stop worrying. Easier said than done, but tell yourself you can do this. Ditch the tarot reader eh?

notanan2 Thu 30-Jan-20 02:31:23

There are two kinds of "psychics" true cold readers (saying things that would ring true to anyone) and people readers (who are very good at reading you as a person and picking up on where you are in life thus being able to make either "safe guesses" or by planting ideas that become self fulfilling.

IMO your tarot person is the latter.
They've read you, present tense. And have made the cards sound like they apply to you.

These people make you focus on their predictions in a way that makes you subconsciously make them come true.

Pre tarot reading: my boss isnt supporting my training. I need to self fund it and do it in my own time
Post tarot reading: well thats that Im going to get fired so why persue the training? Might as well keep an eye out for other jobs and await the inevitable.

If you are waiting to get fired you will under perform and thus become more likely to get fired and this is how tarot readings "come true"

absent Thu 30-Jan-20 02:35:24

My first job in publishing was as a sub-editor on the development of an occult magazine. Almost immediately all almost the staff became transfixed by one or more "magical" subject from tarot cards to astrology and from palmistry to numerology. A wide range of "professional practitioners" wrote for the magazine and were constantly in and out of the office and were forever drawing charts, laying out cards, doing readings and all sorts of stuff.

As a result, I know that I have a very low sex drive through astrology and have a wanton nature through palmistry. Other experts in the arcane have assured me that I shall have no children, I shall have a large family; I shall remain single but have many lovers, I shall marry only once – Mr absent is my second husband; I am afraid of travelling and of foreigners – I emigrated to New Zealand six and half years ago. And so it went on from my lascivious loops (graphology) to my early death (scrying) – I shall be 70 in a couple of months.

As for the tarot cards, they never foretold that the magazine would never see the light of day and would be shut down in development.

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jan-20 06:35:26

Is your user name showing your vulnerability Ineedamum
I think you do.....a sensible, down to earth one to take you by the hand and lead you into reality

ineedamum Thu 30-Jan-20 07:04:03

Thank you everybody for replying.

My username, well yes, at times I wish I had someone to tell me things will be OK. I have never ever had this in my life, and whilst people say I'm strong minded, I've never ever had anyone to hug me and say it will be OK.

That's why I have called this tarot/psychic person, I have needed reassurance in my career. It is scary changing career, having a mortgage being single at an age when others are settled.

So yes, I think that's what makes me vulnerable.

There are no employment rights if you've worked there less than two years.

The sensible side of me says it makes no sense for them to lose my job- the post was three months vacant causing a lot of work for the manager. He also verbally said it will take 12 months to understand the job and he's reasonably happy with my progress although I didn't have as much experience as he thought. (He's a negative person and always has to say something!).

As for training, I have the qualifications and each case is specific. He doesn't like helping and he's the only person who can help and train.

I try and do a bit at home which really helps. Interesting, I find it easier to think at home than when I'm in work. Hes so controlling if I stop typing for one second hes all over me. I'm sure he watches me instead of working !!!

I have started taking notes and there's a senior manager who's aware he can be difficult.

I feel better typing this. I need to keep this positivity and control when I'm in work. I really feel different when he's in the building! Although to be fair, I don't feel completely confident in my ability yet.

craftergran Thu 30-Jan-20 07:39:23

What Notanan said is true, the man is reading you and in the course of your conversations you have given him little bits of info, either in your tone of voice, or if in person by your body language.... where he can read you some more.
It is not for nothing that they always state on their ads "for entertainment purpose only".
He has, I am positive, told you many things that never came true. People only tend to remember or pay notice to the bits that were right.
How many young women have blonde hair at the moment? Near all of them. Most dyed. Not much of a guess. How many other women at your place of work have blonde hair? Have had blonde hair? And if the HR woman you mentioned had been a brunette, you would have wondered which of the blondes in your workplace is friendly with the nasty boss.
He's picked up on stress at work, perhaps that was your question to him and he has ran with it.
I have known tarot readers, they all read people not cards - I can 100% assure you

Curlywhirly Thu 30-Jan-20 08:18:57

No one can predict the future - surely if they could, they would all be predicting the winning lottery numbers. Your tarot reader is irresponsible and should not be worrying you with tales of woe. I wouldn't believe a word he says - it is just entertainment, how could your life possibly be predicted by choosing a picture card?

Nelliemoser Thu 30-Jan-20 08:29:30

I would avoid anything like tarot cards.
they are really rubbish .

They they are probably designed to get people anxious so other people could decide to try and buy things to ward off other things.

timetogo2016 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:35:55

It`s all bulls..t.
You will make yourself ill with worry and that could cause you to loose your job.
Life is what you make it not by stupid readings.

joannapiano Thu 30-Jan-20 08:41:35

I was wondering how much this tarot card reader was costing you per visit? It’s certainly costing your peace of mind.

notanan2 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:42:15

You let more slip than you realise. People have "tells" and psychic readers are often super attuned to body language etc.

They read you as they speak:
"There is a blond lady....."
now they read whether you assiciate the word "blond lady" with comfort/friendship, fear/anger, or grief. Before continuing depending on your "tell":
If your tell was friendship/comfort: "she is the only one you can trust/confide in and will help you when times get tough"
Fear/anger: "she will be complicit in a bad thing that will happen to you"
Grief: "she is guiding you and watching over you and wants you to know that things have a way of working out in the end, even if its tough in the short run"

notanan2 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:54:45

And you know, you MIGHT lose your job. You are on probation and it might be unlucky timing as management may be proving theyre tightening their belt at the end of the financial year after overspends (May is always gonna be a safe bet for work troubles for that reason. People on temporary contracts always have trouble at my work in the last quarter) And last in last out. But its not a foregone conclusion.

Your performance cannot be tip top of you have this imagined deadline of May at the back of your mind after seeing this person. Try to see it for what it is: they gained enough info from you to know that your job is currently stressful and insecure. Thats all.

When people fixate on psychic predictions they make them come true.

Eglantine21 Thu 30-Jan-20 09:01:12

Forget the tarot. It’s just bits of card with pictures. Someone just like you and me made them up.

But on the tack of taking notes. Don’t just record the difficulties. If he says it will take twelve months to understand the job or stuff like that record that: when, where, what he actually said as accurately as possible.

If he says he is reasonably satisfied with something record that and send him a brief email thanking him.

Put your request for training in writing. If you do any independent training tell him so in an email.

When he gives you a task confirm it with a memo.

I can’t stress how important it is to have a paper trail.

We all worry about the future but nobody , not even tarot readers, can tell you what it holds?

whywhywhy Thu 30-Jan-20 09:41:11

I'm glad to read that you are taking notes. Write out a diary, times and what this horrible boss says and does. It will be invaluable in the future. Stay away from the tarot cards and try and be strong. Sending you virtual Hugs. Xx