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Anniebach Sun 17-Apr-22 08:17:39

Father God, we humbly thank you that you gave your son to suffer on the Cross for us and we remember his words to
Thomas, ‘you believe because you have seen, blessed are those
who have not seen but believe’.

We rejoice because he lives


aggie Sun 17-Apr-22 08:18:31


Chocolatelovinggran Sun 17-Apr-22 08:45:36

Indeed we do...

Smileless2012 Sun 17-Apr-22 08:46:19

Thank you Anniesmile.

Marydoll Sun 17-Apr-22 08:47:52

Happy Easter Annie, I am delighted to see you posting your Easter message! x

rafichagran Sun 17-Apr-22 08:49:15

Happy Easter Annie.

Joseanne Sun 17-Apr-22 08:50:13

Happy Easter

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 17-Apr-22 09:16:18

Amen to that....Happy Easter everyone ??

Nannee49 Sun 17-Apr-22 09:25:09

Happy Easter Annie and allflowers

mumofmadboys Sun 17-Apr-22 09:33:39

He is risen indeed! Happy Easter everyone!xx

nadateturbe Sun 17-Apr-22 09:34:31

Happy Easter Anniebach and everyone.

tickingbird Sun 17-Apr-22 09:34:44

Happy Easter. A lovely post Annie

Sweetpeasue Sun 17-Apr-22 09:35:38

Thankyou Annie. A very Happy Easter to you. ? x

merlotgran Sun 17-Apr-22 10:04:33

Thank you, Annie. Happy Easter.

Chewbacca Sun 17-Apr-22 10:09:12

Happy Easter Annie and one and all.

Granniesunite Sun 17-Apr-22 10:15:12

Alleluia Alleluia…..Thanks Annie. Now to the chocolate. Happy Easter everyone.

dustyangel Sun 17-Apr-22 10:16:46

Thank you for your prayer Annie and Happy Easter to you.

Robin49 Sun 17-Apr-22 10:24:38


Doodle Sun 17-Apr-22 10:25:18

He is risen indeed. Thank you Annie
Happy Easter everyone.
Peace be with you.

shoppinggirl Sun 17-Apr-22 10:31:47

Happy Easter Annie and to everyone on here!

grannyrebel7 Sun 17-Apr-22 10:37:55

Happy Easter Annie. That was lovely ?

Jumblygran Sun 17-Apr-22 10:41:44

He is risen indeed
Thank you Anniebach

GrannyGravy13 Sun 17-Apr-22 10:44:17

Thank you Anniebach Amen

Sometimes the Easter message gets drowned out by chocolate and bunnies. It’s good to remember.

timetogo2016 Sun 17-Apr-22 10:48:52

Very true GrannyG13.
A very Happy Easter to all.

HolySox Sun 17-Apr-22 11:18:30

Yes, rejoicing because He lives.
Happy Easter.