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M0nica Wed 02-Mar-22 11:52:56

DH gave someone a rotten review today. For the second time in a few weeks they have sent a parcel to the wrong post code. DH informed them the first time and today it has happened again.

We haven't moved at all and they were told last week that the postcode was wrong.

This was an ebay purchase.

biglouis Tue 01-Mar-22 17:45:53

The person in Australia has already left shitty feedback so it is now locked in! You cant leave it twice. hahaha Also Ebay will remove bad feedback which refers to having to pay customs duty.

Namsnanny Tue 01-Mar-22 16:23:40

I thought ebay had dispensed with PayPal?

jaylucy Tue 01-Mar-22 14:28:55

Some people seem to make a career of being rip off merchants and I have to wonder if eBay has been hit because of the lockdowns that they haven't been able to shoplift!
Scamming online seems simple because you are dealing with someone that is faceless to you- never met, little communication, almost seen as not human!
At least you have support from Paypal so far - just can't wait to see the feedback you get from the person in Australia! lol

Shandy57 Tue 01-Mar-22 14:18:34

I've been selling on ebay since around 2000 and got caught by a scammer in the early days. He said the china I'd sent was broken and I refunded him without asking for the china to be returned, or a photograph.

There are some horror stories on the Community pages of scams/chancers - thieves, basically. It's like Fagin, but on line. I sell on Facebook more regularly now, and have met some lovely people.

The longer I live the more I despair at the chancers/scammers/con people in the world.

biglouis Tue 01-Mar-22 14:08:14

I used to sell on another platform (Etsy) until they brought in some arsy policies. One person wanted to return an item saying it was the wrong colour to go with her costume. I found a picture of her wearing it on social media and sent her a scarry message that we were partnering with the local police on an initiative on returns fraud and would pass on her details if any more was heard of it. Needless to say she disappeared into the woodwork.

Ive also had buyers claiming that an item from the package was missing. I asked them to look more carefully in the packing materialsto see if they had missed it. Meanwhile we would investigate the cctv above the packing station in our warehouse. Either they "find" the missing item within 24 hours of we hear no more of it.

Some of these people are so unbelievably stupid they will try anything to scam sellers. Push back and threaten them with the police, debt collecters, adding them to the fraud register or ruining their credit record etc and they crawl back under whichever damp little stone they emerged from.

M0nica Tue 01-Mar-22 10:16:31

I am an intermittent seller on ebay, mainly vintage items and some fabrics. I have yet to have any problem with any of my sales, but I put that down to luck, I am sure I will have a problem sooner or later

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 01-Mar-22 10:14:46

Biglouis is big on karma, if I remember correctly from the thread about money found in a quilt.
Given that there is a help centre eBay sellers I'm not sure what the purpose of the thread is. Sago seems to have got it nailed.

Sago Tue 01-Mar-22 09:21:33

I think when you are a new seller, that’s when the scammers pounce.
Record keeping is essential.

glammanana Tue 01-Mar-22 09:18:45


It sounds as if Sago has got it sorted, maybe she could help the others who have problems with making E bay a business. Perhaps you all need a self-help Forum.

There is a community help centre on E-bay where you can get very good support for sellers and buyers who have problems some of the scams are unbelievable,I had a buyer who bought a new dress and 3 weeks later heard back that it had a hole in the hem and was unwearable only for my daughter to track her down on FB to see her wearing it at a wedding I still had to refund her as she won the case.

Yammy Tue 01-Mar-22 09:03:50

It sounds as if Sago has got it sorted, maybe she could help the others who have problems with making E bay a business. Perhaps you all need a self-help Forum.

Sago Tue 01-Mar-22 08:51:55

I sell a lot on eBay, I currently have 1300 transactions under my belt with 100% positive feedback.
In all my years of selling only 3 buyers spring to mind that caused me grief.
The first decided after 3 months the handbag she purchased wasn’t as described.
She told eBay she had been in hospital and hadn’t opened the package it had been waiting for her.
I have a book with every transaction recorded and an envelope with all the Royal Mail receipts.
I tracked her parcel and her signature was there online, she had accepted it.
Case won!
The second claimed goods hadn’t been sent, I was on holiday couldn’t access my records and PayPal took the money from my account to refund him.
On my return I gave proof to EBay no money back but they removed his negative feedback.
The third was a girl who claimed she hadn’t received the goods.
I naively sent a replacement and registered the parcel, when I went online and checked the signature I realised it was a porter at student halls.
I called the desk and asked if they had a record of parcels taken in, they did and he had taken in the original parcel, they even photographed them!!!
I emailed the girl who was a foreign student and told her that unless she refunded the money via PayPal I would write to the University.
Refund arrived pronto!

BlueBelle Tue 01-Mar-22 04:31:48

Sounds like it’s your business I ve used eBay for many many years and never had a problem but then I m only buying and selling bits and pieces not doing it as a business
I ve no idea what help we can be or did you just want a rant

biglouis Mon 28-Feb-22 23:45:19

Ive seen the off thread here and on MN asking for advice with an Ebay problem - often from a new/ish seller. The incidence of scammers and chancers seems to have increased exponentially lately. Im a long time Ebay seller (since 2000) and would normally expect one Paypal claim about every 6 months. Ive had 5 claims/chancers in just the last period since christmas.

All my items are sent with end to end tracking. I sell vintage items - not usually considered a high risk category.

So far Ive had:-

1 unauthorised purchase claim -Paypal found in my favour.

2 item not recieved claims - both items were still in transit and the buyers lacked patience. Both delivered and Paypal found in my favour.

1 buyer wanted to send the item to another address "for verification" - a well known scam. I cancelled the transaction. Withing minutes of relisting I had another offer for the same item. Very suspicious.

On another platform a buyer who supplied the wrong address and sent frantic emails (while I was away from the computer) wanting me to change it. Although I managed to fix the problem she still left shitty feedback - of course forgetting to mention that the initial problem was down to her supplying an incorrect shipping address.

Needless to say I am a past mistress at crafting responses to the occasional shitty reviews from impatient and vindictive buyers. It is possible to respond in a cool professional way which shows up the (often incoherent) ramblings of the "reviewer" for what they are.

I considered cancelling the above transaction but still sent it on. However I declared it at full retail value and she will have a shock when the Australian customs charge her import duty on it.

None of these people will ever be able to buy from me again and I have duly passed on their IDs to other sellers on my forums so that they too can block them.

Karma can be a bitch, but I love to help it along sometimes.