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The best picture you will see today😄

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Whitewavemark2 Sat 15-May-21 08:27:41

The person who took it said she pulled back her curtains and there in her window box - ta-da!

CafeAuLait Sat 15-May-21 08:29:56

Awww, that's a gorgeous picture.

downtoearth Sat 15-May-21 08:38:52

Beautiful picture

kittylester Sat 15-May-21 08:42:10


Loislovesstewie Sat 15-May-21 08:43:32

How lovely! Nice to see red squirrels!

Grandmajean Sat 15-May-21 08:54:54

I think that would win a prize !

Buffybee Sat 15-May-21 09:01:40

Absolutely adorable! 💕

DanniRae Sat 15-May-21 09:23:34

What an amazing picture. Thank you Whitewave for posting it smile

honeyrose Sat 15-May-21 09:41:24

Thanks for posting - fabulous photo! What a surprise that lady must have got!

Lucca Sat 15-May-21 09:50:07

Do we know whereabouts this is ?

Grannybags Sat 15-May-21 09:52:21

I'm jealous! Lovely photo

timetogo2016 Sat 15-May-21 09:57:09

Ahhhhhhhhhhh what a cutie.
Thank you for sharing.

Shelflife Sat 15-May-21 10:00:46

Made me smile this morning 🌄 .Thankyou .

Daisymae Sat 15-May-21 10:03:04

That's a great photo!

Ro60 Sat 15-May-21 10:05:50

Amazing! It certainly is the best.

Namsnanny Sat 15-May-21 10:25:49

They look so cosy! Thanks for posting Wwmk2.
As someone else asked, do you know where that is?

Margiknot Sat 15-May-21 10:31:23

Lovely picture! We saw a similar nest of sleeping red squirrels perched on a small barred windowsill at a rural holiday house in France ( the property had been empty before we arrived). So cute- but I did not grab a camera! Needless to say this was long before Covid! Nice to be reminded of us all creeping around to avoid waking them!

silverlining48 Sat 15-May-21 10:53:17

Haven’t checked dr google but think Scotland is the only place in the UK with red squirrels. We saw some in Switzerland years ago, apart from that it’s grey all the way. What a sweet photo.

DanniRae Sat 15-May-21 13:33:58

I have seen red squirrels in Jersey.

shysal Sat 15-May-21 14:15:39

There are red squirrel reserves in Merseyside. I saw them there when visiting 'Another Place' with the Anthony Gormley figures.

Squiffy Sat 15-May-21 15:04:32

What a wonderful surprise, I'm so envious!

farview Sat 10-Jul-21 16:31:11

Red squirrels in Formby Merseyside

Callistemon Sat 10-Jul-21 16:33:42

I missed this earlier.

What a wonderful picture!

muse Sat 10-Jul-21 16:36:45

Amazing, touching and beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

avitorl Sat 10-Jul-21 16:44:56

Red Squirrels are also on Brownsea Island,Poole. Lovely photograph.