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COP 26 opens

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ElderlyPerson Mon 01-Nov-21 16:50:04

COP 26 opens

Here is a poem.

followed by The Prime Minister.

Sparklefizz Mon 01-Nov-21 19:19:31

Was Joe Biden asleep or "just resting his eyes" ?

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 20:31:47

Asleep. No mask.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 01-Nov-21 20:47:56

Apparently it was suggested that Johnson had had to much to drink at the G20 photo shoot, which is why he was late turning up and had to be helped up the steps.

Downing Street have not denied it.

It looks as if he may have over done it again by the photo at COP26

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 20:53:28

Are masks mandatory at workplaces in Scotland?

Whitewavemark2 Mon 01-Nov-21 20:54:28

I read that Johnson who can’t even take the worse, most disastrous crises the world has faced, seriously, peppered his speech with gags, which were met with a stones silence by world leaders.

Personally I have no hope at all that anything will come if this.

Kali2 Mon 01-Nov-21 21:06:39

He arrived 30 minutes late- making all the world leaders wait for him. Unbelievable!

ElderlyPerson Mon 01-Nov-21 21:15:16

Here is a LINK to the speech by The Prime Minister.

Urmstongran Mon 01-Nov-21 21:16:45

China laughing at climate hysteria in the West.
I’m a huge fan of HM. But I’m uneasy about the RF involvement.

Perhaps if Prince Charles was seen cycling around on an e-bike occasionally that would be better PR than talking of a ‘war footing’. As they all fly home (again).

Kali2 Mon 01-Nov-21 21:22:10

Climate hysteria - wow. I do wonder, do you have grand-children?

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 21:29:09

Her majesty isn't calling it hysteria. Here's a bit on Prince Charles and how he is reducing his carbon footprint as part of his long commitment to the environment. Biomass boilers, wind turbines, electric cars, solar panels...and more.

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 21:33:39

Here's what The Queen said

'This is a duty I am especially happy to discharge, as the impact of the environment on human progress was a subject close to the heart of my dear late husband, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

'I remember well that in 1969, he told an academic gathering: ''If the world pollution situation is not critical at the moment, it is as certain as anything can be, that the situation will become increasingly intolerable within a very short time … If we fail to cope with this challenge, all the other problems will pale into insignificance.''

Urmstongran Mon 01-Nov-21 21:40:55

Natural climate change takes place over thousands of years-not one or two centuries.

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 21:51:17

That's right Urmstongran, but the rapid warming we’re seeing now can't be explained by natural cycles of warming and cooling. The kind of changes that would normally happen over hundreds of thousands of years are happening in decades.

Urmstongran Mon 01-Nov-21 21:54:46

And yet I hear the Great Barrier Reef coral blooms have been enormous the past 5 years, despite all that wailing about acidic water from Attenborough years ago.

Scones Mon 01-Nov-21 22:10:54

Can you share your source with us please Urmstongran

Whitewavemark2 Tue 02-Nov-21 06:27:30

What a b….d he is - sitting next to a nonagenarian and one of the UKs most respected men, and the idiot cannot show enough respect to wear a mask.

What a pathetic individual he is.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 02-Nov-21 06:28:18


And yet I hear the Great Barrier Reef coral blooms have been enormous the past 5 years, despite all that wailing about acidic water from Attenborough years ago.

So a climate denier?

Whitewavemark2 Tue 02-Nov-21 06:30:49

“So far the PM has made a speech about James Bond, done a car crash interview about cutting tax on domestic flights and new coal, fallen asleep, and announced he’s flying back to London tomorrow.”

Urmstongran Tue 02-Nov-21 07:01:04

Not a denier WWmk2 but sceptical about the urgency and the timescale. ‘The End is Nigh’. Hmm. We do our bit re plastics, recycling etc (who doesn’t these days?), we don’t drive a gas guzzler, yes flights to Spain but once there no car so we walk or use public transport for half the year. It sickens me to see the great and good arriving in Glasgow - the very worst of offenders - telling us how we should be doing things. Such hypocrites. Think for example of the carbon footprint made carting Formula 1 circus all around the world! No, I do my bit but I’m not panicking. And yes I love my grandchildren.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 02-Nov-21 07:19:12

Ah! so it is the so called elite that you are mad at, and are pushing back at?

vegansrock Tue 02-Nov-21 07:30:26

Are the world leaders really up to the task? Or is it all a blah blah blah exercise?

Josianne Tue 02-Nov-21 07:54:42


Are the world leaders really up to the task? Or is it all a blah blah blah exercise?

No they're not up to the task because most of them have exceeded their shelf-life and not just because they are elderly. They just keep churning out the same old platitudes.

Alegrias1 Tue 02-Nov-21 08:09:24

I think that recycling and the odd flight to Spain aren't what we need to be talking about here. Any more than complaining about the elite flying here and there. The end is not nigh, it's right here, now. Johnson was wrong with his "one minute to midnight" speech. I'd say it was about ten past.

Granny23 Tue 02-Nov-21 08:12:42

Marks out of ten

Attenborough = 10
Johnson = 0