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Oh look. a Gransnet tea towel. Aaaarrrgh!

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j08 Tue 15-Oct-13 21:24:54

Are you sure you wouldn't rather make it a frilly pinny and have done with it?

After all, we are just sweet little old-fashioned lovable grannies aren't we? Fresh out of the kitchen.

[finger down throat emoticon]


Lona Tue 15-Oct-13 21:26:36

What about a Gnet thong instead?

baubles Tue 15-Oct-13 21:27:10

What? Where? thlconfused

j08 Tue 15-Oct-13 21:30:17

Anything but a flipping tea towel!

merlotgran Tue 15-Oct-13 22:15:00

A granny in a witch's hat wearing a thong would be a great design for a tea towel thlgrin

Can't draw though. hmm

gillybob Tue 15-Oct-13 22:17:35

I love pinnies jingle the frilly the better! I happen to have a passion for tea towels too and have my favourites that I can't possibly use to dry the dishes. Sorry.

LizG Tue 15-Oct-13 22:32:54

Perhaps a GN dibber thing to help with 'fat finger syndrome?

Nelliemoser Tue 15-Oct-13 22:43:48

merlot grin You should try and market that.

Tegan Tue 15-Oct-13 23:44:10

I think the winning designer should get royalties not just a few books and a tea towel confused.

Mishap Wed 16-Oct-13 12:24:19

Oh perlease! A tea towel!! I am lost for words! Is this the WI? Have dishwashers not been invented? What can they be thinking of!?

j08 Wed 16-Oct-13 12:27:16

merlotgran no it wouldn't. hmm

Flowerofthewest Wed 16-Oct-13 12:28:28

You could at least turn the thong round when its time to change it. The tea towel would be rather damp. Who is making these articles? did I miss something? We could sketch ourselves and send to GN (as infant/junior schoolchildren do for tea towel design. what do you think. Or it could be filled with GNetters sayings and quotes.

j08 Wed 16-Oct-13 12:29:13

Design the cover for the next Gransnet book they put on the market?

Riverwalk Wed 16-Oct-13 12:36:06

I have a confession .... I love teatowels and make it a mission wherever I go in the world to buy one for my sister and she does the same for me blush.

It started as joke about 15 years ago but now I'm hooked.

Unlike Gillyblob I actually use mine so they're a very practical gift to give and receive.

I have strict criteria that they have to meet: either made locally (some chance!) or have an obvious picture of the place/city.

I could wax lyrical about the various ones I've bought and received ....... John Steinbeck' house, Shakespeare's house, Stonehenge, MOMA New York, Gold Hill (the street in the Hovis advert) ........ shall I continue? grin

gillybob Wed 16-Oct-13 12:45:46

How lovely Riverwalk I have my old faithfulls that are used time and time again and some lovely special ones that I can't bear to use as they are just too pretty. My favourites are sheep in the snow, beach huts, a lobster and and the address side of an old postcard. Sad isn't it?

j08 Wed 16-Oct-13 12:46:03

I have got so many tea towels I find it hard to close the two drawers they occupy. And I use only the same five on a daily basis. hmm

Riverwalk Wed 16-Oct-13 13:16:20

I've hooked a couple of friends into this sad endeavour.. ... one is a Californian, the other an Aussie - both now stalk the world looking for teatowels!

In the gift shop at the royal palace in Stockholm the snooty assistant said they didn't sell such things ... I took great delight in saying that Buckingham Palace sell 'em! grin

Ariadne Wed 16-Oct-13 13:17:13

Don't use tea towels very much - the dishwasher does most things, and anything else is washed up in the utility room and drains dry. In the end.

gillybob Wed 16-Oct-13 13:29:30

I have never taken to my dishwasher Ariadne I do use it occasionally after a big family meal or the likes but I actually enjoy the whole washing up "thing" staring out into the garden........ dreaming.

Grannyknot Wed 16-Oct-13 13:32:59

Get with the programme - tea towels are trendy! There's even a Ryan Gosling one

Riverwalk Wed 16-Oct-13 14:28:44

Sicily, Bath, Royal Hospital (Chelsea Pensioners), Vancouver, Isle of Man ..... I could go on, and on......grin

Anne58 Wed 16-Oct-13 14:34:53

Re the Gransnet Tea Towel, may I suggest it has a picture of a gran drinking wine, eating chocolate and cake and has the legend It's your turn printed across the bottom.

(Of the tea towel, not the gran)

Anne58 Wed 16-Oct-13 14:35:17

Or even "It's your turn, I'm busy"

Anne58 Wed 16-Oct-13 15:14:22

£10 !!!!!! For a tea towel!!!!! shock

j08 Wed 16-Oct-13 15:23:28

Oh I like that site. I'm getting the coffee drinking one for son for Xmas. smile I will frame it for him.