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You’ve done it again HQ

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MawB Fri 30-Aug-19 08:35:41

“Buy Generic Latisse on line” (whatever that is ) features in your discussions of the day.
NO IT DOESNT (apologies for he shouty capitals) - it was spam and reported as such!
Are you going to feature the N Korean eye cream (or whatever) next?
We don’t want a computer generated site - use real people please and engage brain. 😡😡😡😡

M0nica Fri 30-Aug-19 08:56:37

Just googled it. Latisse is some kind of product for your eyelashes that encourages them to grow and thicken. It comes in branded products and can also be bought as a generic product.

However, it comes with medical warnings, so I wouldn't be tempted to touch it with a barge pole.

Elegran Fri 30-Aug-19 09:00:57

This is at least the third time that an obviously spam post has been highlighted as a "discussion of the day" What has happened to having a real person actually read the available posts once a day and pick out the interesting ones That is my definition of a "discussion of the day", not the first one that an automaton detects in the morning!

BTW - this will not be picked up by GNHQ - no-one is reading the posts to see it. We have to copy it to [email protected] for it to be noticed, unless the robot selects it randomly as Discussion of the Day. I have done so.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Aug-19 09:03:43

Because it is a profit making organisation and computers are cheaper than paying salaries.

So don’t hold your breath.

Elegran Fri 30-Aug-19 09:07:59

I am not. I learnt long ago that money trumps people.

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 09:18:02

Oh, we know it's all done automatically. (Discussions of the day) hmm

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 09:19:38

If you want to complain about anything, complain about threads being deleted. Like a perfectly harmless one was yesterday.

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 09:23:06

That 'Discussions of the day' and the 'Active' by the side of it, is totally confusing anyway. The wrong one gets highlighted.

MawB Fri 30-Aug-19 09:25:22

This thread has indeed just come up! gringrin
(Which thread was deleted yesterday?)

GrannyGravy13 Fri 30-Aug-19 09:29:20

Gonegirls thread complaining about another thread being deleted (French children)

This will probably be deleted now!!!

MawB Fri 30-Aug-19 09:31:41


Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 09:47:39

It was a thread by Kircubbin. Harmless. Except it raised headless chicken type panic.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 30-Aug-19 09:51:57

Hi. As you know if you see anything suspect please let us know and we'll take and look and delete anything spammy immediately.

Yes, we put together Discussions of the Day but the tab next to it 'Actives' which we think is the one you're talking about? If you click between them you can see the difference. These are automatically generated to show the top 5 threads that are on Active conversations. As soon as the thread is reported and deleted though it won't show up anymore so if you see anything please do continue to report. Hope this helps. smile

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 10:00:23

I think it would be better to grey out the one that's NOT applicable.

Just saying.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 30-Aug-19 10:12:41

We delete spam threads rather than grey them out so that the more relevant threads can rather fill up those places.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 30-Aug-19 10:42:56

Gonegirl, apologise I remember Kircubbins thread, hadn't realised it had been deleted.

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 11:18:26

That's not what I meant Lara.

I meant the greying out of the 'Actives' or 'Discussions of the Day'. The boxes by the side of 'Gransnet Forums' up there.

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 11:20:23


Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 11:21:17

I don't think grey works for highlighting. It suggests crossing out.

Feel free to ignore me. I would.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 30-Aug-19 11:24:18

OK, we understand what you are asking now. But yes, it would likely be more confusing. Thanks for the suggestion.

Gonegirl Fri 30-Aug-19 11:31:05


M0nica Fri 30-Aug-19 21:05:45

Why on earth do games feature in the top discussions of the day? there are two there at the moment, surely they should be automatically excluded from 'Discussions of the Day' because they are not discussions

Bathsheba Fri 30-Aug-19 21:35:50

But they're not in Discussions of the Day M0nica, they're in 'Active'. Which they are. Active, that is.

Bathsheba Fri 30-Aug-19 21:37:18

At least, they were when I just looked. There were 3 games threads under the Active tab. Now there's 1. Because we're being active on lots of other threads, so 2 of them got pushed out.

NatashaGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 30-Aug-19 22:06:11

Hi M0nica,

Threads that have recently been commented on will appear in the 'active' tab regardless of which forum topic they're posted under. smile