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How did you choose your username?

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 05-Mar-20 10:40:36

We were wondering...when you signed up, did you find choosing a username tricky or very easy? Is there anything we could do at the registration page to make this simpler for new joiners? smile

Bathsheba Thu 05-Mar-20 10:52:16

I did have to try several different ones before I found one that hadn't been taken. Apart from that, however, I didn't find the process problematic in the least.

What I would say, though, is that it would be useful if it was at all possible for the system to warn new registrants if a name they have selected is extremely similar to one already in use. This has caused some confusion in the past and indeed we currently have some regular posters who have almost identical usernames, the only difference being the use (or not) of an upper case letter.

Auntieflo Thu 05-Mar-20 11:21:09

I echo Bathsheba's comment on very similar user names.

As to my own user name, I do not remember any difficulties when signing up, but it was a while ago now, and my recall is not brilliant!

Calendargirl Thu 05-Mar-20 11:26:08

Had to have about three attempts before found an unused one. Was surprised as the ones I first went for were not common ones I would have thought.

silverlining48 Thu 05-Mar-20 11:44:02

I had some awkwardness with a very similar name bar one number which was resolved but it would help to know when joining if there is a close name already being used.

phoenix Thu 05-Mar-20 11:47:58

As far as I know I'm the only phoenix on GN!

(Been here from its inception, so no problem with getting the name I chose)

ninathenana Thu 05-Mar-20 12:22:18

Lara there was a long thread started by a member recently asking the same question.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 05-Mar-20 12:24:31

Yes it was me asking a few weeks ago lol

Bathsheba Thu 05-Mar-20 12:45:13

there was a long thread started by a member recently asking the same question.

Yes there was, but that was simply asking people why they chose their username, not, as Lara is asking, if they had any difficulties with choosing a username, and if there is anything GN could do to make it easier.

LadyGracie Thu 05-Mar-20 13:08:30

After my beloved cat, sadly no longer with us.

ninathenana Thu 05-Mar-20 13:43:03

Bathsheba fair point.

As I joined a couple of months after GN started I had no trouble choosing my name.

Luckylegs Thu 05-Mar-20 15:15:41

It was my nickname at school (not meant kindly!) so it was obvious to me!

Grammaretto Thu 05-Mar-20 16:02:19

I think I'm the only grammaretto but I had a couple of attempts and they were already taken.

I agree with Bathsheba that there are a lot of very similar names which make it confusing.

Purplepixie Thu 05-Mar-20 16:40:50

I'm new to this wonderful site. Purple is my favourite colour and Pixie was my beautiful cat that sadly died last year. She was my best friend and I miss her like mad.

CherryCezzy Thu 05-Mar-20 17:19:06

As a newbie I had no trouble choosing my username and it was accepted first choice. I did pause inputting it in as I hesitated before selecting the second capital and a message came up that Cherry was taken but it appeared briefly and I continued with my choice. Both are parts of nicknames I've had over the years.

grandMattie Thu 05-Mar-20 17:22:14

It's my name and I'm a grandmother!

Juno56 Thu 05-Mar-20 18:16:17

My user name was accepted first attempt. Roman goddesses not a popular choice for grans I suppose.
I chose it because I'm a bit chaotic in the housewifery department and DH jokingly calls me a "domestic goddess".

Willynilly Thu 05-Mar-20 22:02:06

Because I errr err errr prevaricate 😃

Tangerine Thu 05-Mar-20 22:10:20

I wanted a nice sounding word that didn't indicate anything too revealing about me.

I tried one or two other fruits but they'd already been taken.