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GNHQ, question for you.

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phoenix Tue 22-Sep-20 22:21:26

So, when you send me an email, please would you be kind enough to explain why I can't reply to it?

I try, but get the postmaster undeliverable message.


MawB2 Tue 22-Sep-20 22:54:05

Phienix I use the “[email protected]“ address at the bottom.

MawB2 Tue 22-Sep-20 22:54:36

Sorry Phoenix -fat finger syndrome tonight

Furret Tue 22-Sep-20 22:58:23

phoenix I get that too.

phoenix Tue 22-Sep-20 23:14:07

It would be much better to be able to reply to the email, to keep it in context, iykwim.

Oopsadaisy4 Wed 23-Sep-20 05:08:45

That’s odd , I was able to reply (twice) a couple of days ago from my iPad.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 07:01:41

Hi everyone
I believe that GNHQ may be understaffed at present.
I know that MNHQ is running on fewer staff.
There are under financial stress due to lack of advertiser's, hence the introduction of Mumsnet Premium (you pay £5 a month for fewer ads and some extra features that didn't materialise).

Marydoll Wed 23-Sep-20 07:15:29

Fanny how do you know that about GNHQ? I haven't seen anything about lack of funding, but I'm not surprised.

I get the feeling that the team are different from previously. I can't put my finger on it, it's only an instinct.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 07:17:53

Hi Mary, I'm just going on how things are at Mumsnet.
They have been very vocal about their financial problems.
The introduction of Mumsnet Premium didn't go down well with the punters!

Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Sep-20 07:52:38

I use call blocker and rarely see an advert. Once I believe.

Furret Wed 23-Sep-20 08:00:48

It’s not a case of being understaffed. The replies are blocked by some technical issue. Not always just sometimes. I’m wondering if it’s unfavourable ones?

I recently had a totally illogical email from GNHQ, in fact quite a nasty one accusing me of something I hadn’t done. When I ticked the unsatisfactory button and tried to explain they had it wrong the reply was blocked.

Marydoll Wed 23-Sep-20 08:04:07

Thanks, Fanny, I wasn't up to speed with Mumsnet! Too vitriolic for me. I'm no shrinking violet, but many of us are just looking for a gentler life at present!.

I do agree with Sodapop about the inconsistent way posters are dealt with.
I could be completely wrong, but I get the feeling that there are new people at HQ, apart from Lara that is. 🤔

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 08:07:00

Mary, I much prefer it here. You can chat properly.
It's very much a hidden gem.
I enjoy some areas of MN but am spending much more time here now.

FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 08:07:53

I got the impression that Lara is a one woman band!

Furret Wed 23-Sep-20 08:11:36

Fanny it depends on who you get. A couple of the long-standing moderators are on the ball and very perceptive.

Elegran Wed 23-Sep-20 08:46:32

Fanny Lara is the daughter of Geraldine, the founder of Gransnet. She has been here from the start and knows what's what.

Furret Wed 23-Sep-20 08:47:28


FannyCornforth Wed 23-Sep-20 08:50:57

Thanks Ele, that's interesting.
Has Gransnet always been affiliated to Mumsnet, or did that come later?

Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Sep-20 09:01:57

Lara is the only name I recognise these days.

Elegran Wed 23-Sep-20 09:08:07

Gransnet was started as an ofshoot of Mumsnet, for older members. Their main corporate business address is identical. It has gone its own way, reflecting differences in interests and attitudes.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-20 09:09:46

Hi 👋
Not quite a one-woman band wink but it's tricky times for most organisations at the moment including us, that's very true.
Phoenix and anyone else who's had a problem emailing us back, would you mind emailing us on [email protected] for now and letting us know exactly what message you get or what happens when you reply? Any details you have would be great. That shouldn't be happening so we'll take a look (the royal tech 'we') and try sort it out. Thanks smile

Furret Wed 23-Sep-20 09:23:33

It’s not the contact thread I’ve had problems with Lara. It’s the reply to ‘how did we do’.

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 23-Sep-20 09:35:36

Hi Furret
Are you able to go through the feedback bit? Does that work ok? If you need to carry on the conversation then please email us at contactus and we can do so smile

Riverwalk Wed 23-Sep-20 09:54:01

While we have your attention Lara, can you please advise how to hide particular threads - it used to be possible.

Lisagran Wed 23-Sep-20 09:55:30

Hear, hear, Riverwalk