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Olympic 3 day Eventing

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crimson Mon 11-Jun-12 22:46:57

Anyone interested in this? Haven't heard yet exactly which horses and riders have been chosen but, on my racingforum somebody said that one of Trevor Hemmings horses had been chosen [he owns half of Blackpool and breeds and owns many good racehorses along with rare breeds of horse; a really lovely man]. Someone replied that, he didn't care how good Ballabriggs was over 4 1/2 miles [Mr Hemming's latest Grand National winner] he was never going to beat Usain Bolt [this made me chuckle]. I understand that Zara Phillips has been chosen, which I am well chuffed about. I cried when she won the World Championships on Toytown a few years back.

nightowl Mon 11-Jun-12 23:02:43

I used to love 3 day eventing crimson although I do have to close my eyes at some of the jumps. I only watch it, I hasten to add, I am not a competitor! I don't really follow it these days but I remember seeing Princess Anne compete at Burleigh in the 1970's. It was a wonderful day out (or even 3 days out!). Maybe I will reacquaint myself with it for the Olympics.

crimson Mon 11-Jun-12 23:11:38

I can't believe the size of the fences they jump or how brave they [horse and rider] are. I've only been once, and that was to Burleigh. I'm like the White Knight when it comes to horses; get on one side and fall straight off the the other, so I gave up long ago. William Fox Pitt must have been chosen; he's riding out of his skin at the moment. Can't remember the name of that little horse he used to ride a few years back that I used to like.

crimson Mon 11-Jun-12 23:37:55

Tina Cook has been chosen; sad in that she lost her dad earlier this year [Josh Gifford, the guy who trained Aldaniti to win the National]. He was a lovely man, who came to our racing club when Bob Champion couldn't make it due to ill health. I hope he'll be looking down on her. Mary King as well [thought she was getting a bit old]. And Piggy something or other. These posh people do call each other strange names, don't they confused.

nightowl Mon 11-Jun-12 23:51:36

I didn't know Josh Gifford had died. I don't follow racing but I remember him because I think he married Althea (someone?) who was a showjumper, and that was another equestrian sport I used to enjoy. I was quite horse mad in my youth and still love that horsey smell... I am determined to take up riding again when I finally retire, although I have no illusions about my abilities and just want a very quiet plodder. I do remember Mary King and also Richard Meade and of course Mark Phillips. I agree with you about their bravery, just standing by some of those jumps is enough to make my knees tremble.

crimson Mon 11-Jun-12 23:58:43

I'd forgotten about Richard Meade. And Ian Stark [always rode mad grey horses]. I really want to go to Giffords Circus, which is run by Nell Gifford. It was on at Cheltenham Racecourse a couple of weeks back but I was feeling sad and I want to go to it when I'm feeling happy. They don't seem to come oop north. I remember when showjumping was really popular when I was a kid; Vibart and Stroller. And Harvey Smith wasn't fat! See him at the races sometimes. They're such a gifted family, the Giffords.

nightowl Tue 12-Jun-12 13:26:44

I see Zara Phillips has won her place, you must be delighted crimson. I like her, she seems a very down to earth young woman and while all her privileges definitely help there is no denying the basic talent and dedication she has needed to get this far. I saw a photo of Zara, Princess Anne and the Queen riding together and thought how wonderful to see them all doing something they love so much.

Hats off to Mary King, still competing at olympic level at 51! I will definitely watch it this year, look forward to sharing the excitement with you. I can't believe there are no other GNers interested in this, where are you all ?

nightowl Tue 12-Jun-12 13:28:55

Sorry crimson you had already said that Zara had won her place, must read posts more carefully grin

Jacey Tue 12-Jun-12 13:31:59

Me too to walk the course on the x-country day. Tried for tickets at Greenwich ...with no success.[grumpy]emoticon

crimson Tue 12-Jun-12 13:51:22

It was awful when Zara won Sports Personality of the Year and gave a terrible speech [well, it wasn't a speech at all], because she's so down to earth and funny. Someone interviewing her once said something about her relatives and she laughed and said something about 'her dodgy family'. She's never had loads of money, either [well, not by royal standards]. She used to live with the NH jockey Richard Johnson, so was quite involved with the racing world. Of all the royals, I understand that Princess Anne is the hardest working and she's brought her kids up most creditably. Wonder who has got all these tickets, Jacey?

gracesmum Wed 13-Jun-12 00:00:25

I used to love our annual visit to Burghley - alas DH couldn't manage it any more, but we used to take whichever dog we had at the time and go round the Cross country course in the opposite way to the riders so you got to see a lot of them. I still think Greenwich was a stupid choice of venue when they could have gone for Burghley, or even made a course in Windsor Great Park. Took the girls riding at Ashkirk once (Ian Stark's place) many years ago and followed his career with interest . Youngest D was quite horsey in her teens and did a bit of X-country but MUCH smaller fences
(Also so admire Mary King - she is a superb sportswoman, not over the hill at 51 and so "ladylike" with it!!!)

crimson Wed 13-Jun-12 09:24:06

One of her horses was brilliant for the first two days but always messed up the showjumping phase; one of the 'King' horses I think..'Boris' perhaps? Someone was killed the year that we went to Burghley, so I'm terribly aware of how dangerous the sport is. I can still remember a voice shouting 'Good luck, Caroline' after one of the phases, and, as she was called Caroline I often wonder if it was her. The words are still in my head as if it was seconds ago.

nightowl Wed 13-Jun-12 09:44:36

I think it was the danger that put me off in the end crimson, I just couldn't bear it when the horses fell and used to hold my breath until they got up again. How terrible to be there when a rider was killed. Let's hope nothing goes wrong in the Olympics.

crimson Wed 13-Jun-12 11:11:57

It's very rare, I think. I know when Zara Phillips won her world championship it was all very emotional because she'd lost a friend earlier that year. When my daughter started riding oh so many years ago, I always thought that she'd just trot round paddocks, so it was a bit of a shock when she started jumping things. However, she never wanted to do eventing and such like, and the old pony we had wasn't too keen, either, so we spent most of that era of our lives muck picking fields. I'm mad keen on horseracing, so I'm a nervous wreck most of the time watching it. I wish I could cut and paste things, because there's a wonderful article about a 36 year old racehorse in America who is still visited by his 76 year old trainer. Cried buckets reading it! Can't wait for Royal Ascot next week; don't know ifyou've heard about her, but there is an unbeaten sprinter called Black Caviar who has flown over to run in one of the races. The whole of Australia is following her progress. They made her a special body suit to travel over in!

nightowl Sun 29-Jul-12 10:28:17

Are you watching crimson? I have to work today so I am sadand angry

gracesmum Sun 29-Jul-12 10:58:03

Saw Zara Phillips and I wonder if we will get any more today - talk about minority sport. Annoyed to see all those empty seats at Greenwich - they should sell them on the day (reduced) to "first come first served."

crimson Sun 29-Jul-12 11:10:20

I managed to see Zara but not sure how to negotiate the buttons to see all of it. A few weeks ago put my name down for lots of overtime at work forgetting that it was the Olympics; thankflully I'm not working tomorrow or Tuesday afternoon. I still found myself crying watching Zara [even more so with High Kingdom being a Trevor Hemmings horse]. I missed Mary King yesterday asking the crowd to 'shush' because of her horses being so spooky, High Kingdom is so delicate compared to Toytown. Oh, she's just been interviewed on the telly and I'm welling up again. Just think she's a lovely person. C'mon team GB but above all, come back safe all the horses!

crimson Sun 29-Jul-12 11:13:38 the way, any thoughts on getting to the Midlands meet up? I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for all of the northern ones and hope I'm not oop north when it's the Brum one! Would be just my luck for that to happen; perhaps we should try to organise a Nottingham one?

nightowl Sun 29-Jul-12 11:17:38

I could do a Nottingham one! Not sure how many of us there are in this area but that would be good smile

merlotgran Sun 29-Jul-12 11:24:10

I noticed they were whispering during the interview*crimson*. I love three day eventing. DD1 used to compete with our local pony club. Her eventing pony, Sport, was loaned to us by Maureen Piggot who rode him in the British junior eventing team when she was a teenager. Happy Days grin DD gave up when it would have been necessary to move on to bigger competitions.... The next age group was far too expensive for us.

nightowl Sun 29-Jul-12 13:40:21

Just managed to catch Tina Cook's dressage test before going to work. Wow!!! She was soaked poor girl but how fantastic!

crimson Sun 29-Jul-12 15:57:14

I missed it but saw the interview [cried again; she's so like her dad]. Isn't her horse beautiful....Hope it's not too slippery tomorrow. William's on at 4.20 they said. Hope I don't miss that one.

merlotgran Mon 30-Jul-12 13:30:19

What an amazing cross country course and great to see Nicola Wilson get round in such a good time. I am finding the graphics that are flashed up between competing horses really annoying though. flag

merlotgran Mon 30-Jul-12 14:12:54

Useless coverage angry Hardly any of the real action is being filmed. Two falls, nobody knows what happened or at which fence. Event delayed because of injury but no details. Can you imagine Formula 1 fans being kept in the dark? angry

gracesmum Mon 30-Jul-12 14:29:56

angry too