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Sunny82z Sun 04-Dec-22 23:48:29

Has anybody been watching the football?

Sparklefizz Wed 07-Dec-22 08:29:14


I would love us to win, it means such a lot to so many. My grandchildren would be ecstatic.

I'd love us to win too. It would lift people's spirits.

Sparklefizz Fri 09-Dec-22 18:02:04

Anyone planning to watch the match tomorrow England v France?

NotAGran55 Fri 09-Dec-22 19:14:51

My own team are kicking off an hour early at 2 o’clock to enable the supporters time to get home.

Jane71 Fri 09-Dec-22 19:18:39

DH has it on so I end up watching it.

AmberSpyglass Fri 09-Dec-22 19:24:16

Maybe this is sexist of me, but I don’t really watch men’s football. It’s just not as exciting.

Callistemon21 Fri 09-Dec-22 20:04:21

Croatia is through 😀

Blossoming Fri 09-Dec-22 20:13:20

Argentina leading 1-0

Shinamae Fri 09-Dec-22 20:21:22


Croatia is through 😀

Really pleased for them…🤗

Callistemon21 Fri 09-Dec-22 20:24:02


MayBee70 Fri 09-Dec-22 21:05:32

The Argentina Netherlands game is both horrible and amazing! Who’d’ve thought Netherlands would equalise.

Jaxjacky Fri 09-Dec-22 21:23:43

An amazing set piece second goal for the Netherlands, the referee is rubbish. Can’t control the game, inconsistent and prejudiced.

aquagran Fri 09-Dec-22 21:25:51

I really want Netherlands to win, but can’t see it happening…hope I am wrong!

Blossoming Fri 09-Dec-22 21:31:56

It’s more exciting than some of the others!

Blossoming Fri 09-Dec-22 21:57:52

Argentina are through

Charleygirl5 Fri 09-Dec-22 22:58:50

I usually want the underdog to win. I only watch football every 4 years so I am obviously an expert. Croatia was the better team today and they were rewarded.

I will be glued to the screen tomorrow evening- I do hope we win but France as a team is superb. We have done well to get so far. Scotland did not make it so I am shouting for England, mainly because I live here now.

MayBee70 Fri 09-Dec-22 23:38:56


I really want Netherlands to win, but can’t see it happening…hope I am wrong!

I wanted them to win, too. What a game. Summed up perfectly by Gary Lineker afterwards. ‘Bl**dy hell’. I know the referee was inconsistent but he was up against some terrible behaviour.

LauraNorderr Sat 10-Dec-22 18:34:52

Prosecco and mince pies at the ready, fire lit, tv on. Should be an exciting evening,
Come on 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

LauraNorderr Sat 10-Dec-22 18:37:38

Orlin has lager and Pringles, stereotypical, who? Us?

rafichagran Sat 10-Dec-22 18:38:17

Come on England. I am looking forward too it. X

Callistemon21 Sat 10-Dec-22 18:53:50


Orlin has lager and Pringles, stereotypical, who? Us?

Curry here 😀
On a tray 😲 usually unheard of in this household!

NotAGran55 Sat 10-Dec-22 18:57:48

I watched my team get a win this afternoon and hoping for the double. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

rosie1959 Sat 10-Dec-22 18:59:37

We are booked to go out tonight 6 of us to a Christmas party 5 of them normally watch football me I am just glad to be going put instead of suffering the football

Urmstongran Sat 10-Dec-22 19:21:53

Oh NO❗️

LizzieDrip Sat 10-Dec-22 19:22:51

I’m with you rosie. I can’t stand football and I’ll be bloomin’ glad when the World Cup is over. My DH is obsessed with it! I don’t like the way it has become ‘cool’ to like football and ergo not cool if you don’t like it. One of my grandsons is not into football and says you can’t really say that at school because people will say you’re a ‘nerd’ etc. I say to him ‘you do you’ and it doesn’t matter what others think. Football appears (to me) to be all about following the crowd. I prefer to be my own person, and prefer that for my grandson too. Sorry for offending footie fans here - no offence meant. Just my experience.

tanith Sat 10-Dec-22 19:23:59