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Sunny82z Sun 04-Dec-22 23:48:29

Has anybody been watching the football?

Kim19 Sat 10-Dec-22 19:25:47

Morocco certainly earned their victory today. Great game.

Joseanne Sat 10-Dec-22 19:27:36


Oh NO❗️

18 minutes in.
Dangerous these French!

Callistemon21 Sat 10-Dec-22 19:29:41


I’m with you rosie. I can’t stand football and I’ll be bloomin’ glad when the World Cup is over. My DH is obsessed with it! I don’t like the way it has become ‘cool’ to like football and ergo not cool if you don’t like it. One of my grandsons is not into football and says you can’t really say that at school because people will say you’re a ‘nerd’ etc. I say to him ‘you do you’ and it doesn’t matter what others think. Football appears (to me) to be all about following the crowd. I prefer to be my own person, and prefer that for my grandson too. Sorry for offending footie fans here - no offence meant. Just my experience.

Um, wrong thread?


BlueBelle Sat 10-Dec-22 19:31:19

Bottle of wine and Belgium bun at the ready and we re off
oh no ………."1 down already doesn’t bode well better have another drink to steady my nerves

LizzieDrip Sat 10-Dec-22 19:34:33

Callistemon21 Exactly!

Callistemon21 Sat 10-Dec-22 19:43:20

I'm glancing up at the TV from time to time, LizzieDrip!

Ooh, yellow card.

1summer Sat 10-Dec-22 19:46:27

It makes my nerves bad watching England play ( I don’t even like football) so I have to take a sip of wine every 30 seconds.😂😂

Callistemon21 Sat 10-Dec-22 19:50:00


Must get a top up, my glass is empty, mysteriously

Visgir1 Sat 10-Dec-22 19:59:25



Must get a top up, my glass is empty, mysteriously

That's funny, I have the same problem.. Mystery!

LauraNorderr Sat 10-Dec-22 20:04:08

I’m just revelling in my new found coolness. Who knew.

LisaAN Sat 10-Dec-22 20:08:40


Has anybody been watching the football?

Sorry, I could not bring myself to watch this time

MayBee70 Sat 10-Dec-22 20:09:50

Half watching…

Zoejory Sat 10-Dec-22 20:11:25

We can't watch so we've put an inane Hallmark Christmas film on.

Once France got the goal I had to turn it off. I was convinced it was all my fault due to us watching from the start. So off it stays until we score. If we score. It's all too stressful.

Shinamae Sat 10-Dec-22 20:12:13

England penalty!!

Shinamae Sat 10-Dec-22 20:13:46

Harry Kane….yes!!!

LauraNorderr Sat 10-Dec-22 20:14:12

Back in the game woohoo

Urmstongran Sat 10-Dec-22 20:14:35

Yay! GOAL❗️
Thank you Captain Kane. A confident penalty.

Mollygo Sat 10-Dec-22 20:14:42


Harry Kane….yes!!!

Yes and equalises Rooney

LauraNorderr Sat 10-Dec-22 20:14:59

Switch back on Zoejory

Zoejory Sat 10-Dec-22 20:16:13


Switch back on Zoejory

We have! Thank you

Joseanne Sat 10-Dec-22 20:16:41

Just need those yellow card Frenchies to lose their cool now. Getting intense.

Urmstongran Sat 10-Dec-22 20:17:07

I’m only half watching too MayBee!
It’s on the small tv here in the bedroom while I’m watching Sky Atlantic on my iPad but I heard my ‘Lion’ ROAR just now in the other room! So I looked up.

Urmstongran Sat 10-Dec-22 20:17:50

30 minutes to go ...

Millie22 Sat 10-Dec-22 20:19:20

Well done Harry 😊

1summer Sat 10-Dec-22 20:19:32

Nearly choked on my garlic bread - need more wine 😂