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I'm not interested in watching sport!

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lizzypopbottle Mon 17-Jul-23 20:49:32

I cannot be enthused by tennis. There! I've said it! It amazes me how much the media is obsessed by Wimbledon.

I don't watch any sport. I'm just not a spectator. My late husband would watch absolutely any sport. He would probably have watched tiddly winks or shove halfpenny if they'd televised it! I just find it stultifying boring watching other people playing sport. I'd rather play it myself although probably not team sports.

I played tennis and hockey at school. I loved athletics and was a good runner. I train in Shotokan karate four times every week. I've played badminton, snooker and table tennis. I just can't be bothered to watch other people playing sport. It leaves me cold.

Over to you!

foxie48 Mon 17-Jul-23 21:16:31

Each to his/her own. I have also played a lot of sports, there are some sports I will go out of my way to watch, others I have no interest in at all. I tend to avoid tennis as once I'm into a match I have to watch it to the end and tbh I am too busy doing other stuff and it's really time consuming! I can appreciate anyone who plays sport at a high level though. OH is totally disinterested in sport and it doesn't bother me at all as it means he gets on with "jobs"

CanadianGran Mon 17-Jul-23 21:24:53

My DH always has the TV on, and some sport on. In summer it's baseball, golf, Canadian football. He hardly actually sits and watches it, he listens to it while puttering, then will stop if something exciting happens. I'm used to it, I just can't handle when curling is on!

I do love to watch the Olympics though, especially sports I don't get to see often, like diving or slalom ski racing.

The only thing I will say positive is that I've seen some very lovely golf courses and it makes me want to travel to different locations. The recent tournament was in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and it looks stunning there.

Redhead56 Mon 17-Jul-23 21:42:20

I am not interested in tennis either we used to play tennis badminton and cricket at school it seemed much more fun then. I liked hockey and rounders and was good at long jump.
When I was in my twenties I went the gym for keep fit and swimming. I started self defence classes because of the job I doing. I remember telling the instructor he was a wimp he was teaching us to dance around an attacker I didn't think it would be effective dealing with a thug on the street.
I went to the occasional football match but lost interest after a particular tragedy. I even stopped watching the game on tv.
I like boxing I watched it with my dad who boxed when he was young. I started watching the occasional rugby game again with my dad. My dh asked me to go to a rugby match about fifteen years ago now we love the game. Rugby union not league and we are members of a rugby club we have lunch then watch the match. I’m still learning the game there are lots of rules..

SueDonim Mon 17-Jul-23 21:57:13

There is very little sport I’m interested in, either doing or viewing, apart from cricket. I like the long form and I’ve shared a subscription with my dd so we can both watch the Ashes. It’ll be cancelled after the series is over.

Dh and I do workouts with a PT but I find it deadly boring. I’m always thinking of something else I could be doing that’s far more productive.

BlueBelle Mon 17-Jul-23 22:34:38

Can’t stand Wimbledon avoid it like the plague
Not keen on watching any sports unless it’s something special to get caught up in the moment like when the ladies won the football
As for cricket 😴

Salti Mon 17-Jul-23 22:37:35

I'm not in the least bit interested in watching sport either, particularly tennis. I hated it with a vengeance when we had to freeze to death on a court in April at age 11. Watching it only brings back the worst memories. My husband used to watch football and formula one but got so annoyed with the presenters that now he watches them at double speed...or faster, and fast forwards through all the " yakking" particularly by the "crisp man".

Kate1949 Mon 17-Jul-23 22:52:17

I hate sport. We went to Wimbledon many years ago. My husband was given tickets. That's a few hours of my life I won't get back.

Beetlejuice Mon 17-Jul-23 23:22:57

Watching sweaty men (or women) racing around a field, whilst kicking, throwing or hitting a ball, with any kind of implement, is my idea of hell. It seems so utterly pointless and mind bendingly boring, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes. But any kind of sport where vehicles and speed are involved can hold my attention for hours.

Callistemon21 Mon 17-Jul-23 23:24:47

I used to play tennis and netball and do enjoy watching good tennis matches.
A mucky game of rugby is enjoyable to watch, too!

However, games like snooker are like watching paint dry. 😴

Callistemon21 Mon 17-Jul-23 23:26:20

I've played badminton
Oh yes, I played badminton at college.
My DC were/are all very sporty.

NotSpaghetti Tue 18-Jul-23 00:20:04


There is very little sport I’m interested in, either doing or viewing, apart from cricket. I like the long form and I’ve shared a subscription with my dd so we can both watch the Ashes. It’ll be cancelled after the series is over.

Dh and I do workouts with a PT but I find it deadly boring. I’m always thinking of something else I could be doing that’s far more productive.

Are you me?

Just wondering!

nanna8 Tue 18-Jul-23 00:58:04

I am only interested in my team in AFL ( go St. Kilda) and that’s all I watch. They don’t win things, unfortunately. My husband loves all sport and we watch tv in different rooms when he is watching cricket, rugby etc. I used to watch tennis but not much now, don’t really know most of the players anymore.

spabbygirl Tue 18-Jul-23 11:40:48

I'm the same, I cannot see the point in moving a ball from one place to another or watching other people do it. Last week before the news Wimbledon was on BBC1 & 2, I meant to complain but forgot

SueEH Tue 18-Jul-23 11:43:24

Can’t stand tennis but could happily sit through a five day test match! I compromise with wireless headphone on one ear and TMS on the radio!

mrsgreenfingers56 Tue 18-Jul-23 11:52:16

Well I feel the same and don't get me on the subject of football!
Have no interest in any of it at all but each to their own as they say.

Foxyferret Tue 18-Jul-23 11:54:49

Fly in the ointment here. I love watching sport and the two weeks of Wimbledon have been great. I like football as well but I’m obviously in the minority.

Growing0ldDisgracefully Tue 18-Jul-23 11:56:16

Another here who doesn't watch sport, and has never willingly taken part!
Actually that isn't quite true, I played tennis occasionally at school and at the tennis club which was situated across the ends of the back gardens in our road where I grew up, being sent there for lessons. I think what put me off, was the constant shouting and shrieking of the players while I was trying to have a bit of peace in the garden, and the incessant requests to have balls thrown back which the players kept lobbing over the fence!

Salti Tue 18-Jul-23 12:11:48

Why I wonder, considering how many people seem to have no interest in watching sport, does the BBC spend so much of the licence payers money on it, and even worse, on pundits. We absolutely hate world cup or Olympic summers.

Flakesdayout Tue 18-Jul-23 12:36:27

I do not like sport. I played netball and tennis at school and badminton with a friend when I was in my early 20's. Not at any more. Tennis - I just cant get enthused by, Football leaves me cold. Horse racing is a no no. I can tolerate athletics but must admit I have started to watch a little bit of cricket. Why cant there be a designated channel for all sports, using maybe BBC 3 and 4 during the day, or some of the ITV additional channels.

Jaxjacky Tue 18-Jul-23 12:37:09

Love football, cricket, six nations rugby and occasionally watch snooker and golf, I used to avidly follow the Grand Prix season. I had a football season ticket years ago before I got an allotment, we both take part in our local pub’s Super Six (an online Sky football predictor competition). Not long now until kick off, fourth Test starts tomorrow and The Open starts Thursday.

SachaMac Tue 18-Jul-23 12:41:37

I’m not a big fan of watching sport on TV either. I do occasional go and watch a football match with my family and enjoy the atmosphere but I much prefer watching a good film or drama on TV. My 88 year old mother is glued to the tennis.

Matelda Tue 18-Jul-23 12:43:03

Every year I spend my afternoons following the Tour de France on ITV4. It's into the last week now, but the scenery has been stunning, especially in the mountains. I can't understand the sport at all - totally baffling - but I don't care. I call it my summer holiday!

Smileless2012 Tue 18-Jul-23 12:44:14

I enjoy Wimbledon, ice skating and gymnastics but not anything else.

Urmstongran Tue 18-Jul-23 12:45:58

I never tune in. Sporting events just don’t interest me. Any of them ... Wimbledon, football, the Olympics, rugby. No thanks, I’m happy reading my book. Good job we’re all different though as life would be pretty boring if we were all the same.