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Ladies day at York races

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62Granny Thu 18-Aug-22 17:45:21

I know this sounds like it should be a sports thread but trust me is is definitely one for S & B
I have just seen the photos of young and some older ladies dressed in some dubious dresses which don't leave a lot to the imagination.
Why do they think that wearing high heels and tight fitting / see through dresses with the ubiquitous facinator make them look glamorous?
I know they go just for an excuse to dress up and don't know the first thing about horse racing but I wonder when they and look back at the photos in years to come what will they think.

PollyDolly Thu 18-Aug-22 17:49:15

From experience when I have been on duty at any. Ladies Day Race event, they stay sober enough to notice or care what they look like.

LadyStardust Thu 18-Aug-22 18:00:19

I think most of them look lovely! It's a fun day out and an opportunity to dress up and look glamorous! Everyone has their own version of glamour I suppose!

MayBee70 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:04:51

I didn’t see anything too bad today. I always think that ladies days are the only time that women can wear the sort of expensive outfits they’ve bought for a wedding and would otherwise not get a chance to wear again.

Galaxy Thu 18-Aug-22 18:04:58

Surely looking back at photos of your youth and going what was I thinking is fairly normal. I was a goth and had a demi wavesmile

J52 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:05:51

How do you know they don’t know the first thing about horse racing?
If I went to a ladies day event, I’d dress up.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 18:06:07

Indeed they do. And the attire of many 'ladies' at the races isn't mine.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 18:08:23

That was in response to Ladystardust.

I've been to various ladies' day events, some with clients, but have dressed, shall we say , rather more conservatively.

MayBee70 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:08:40

Crikey. I’ve just clicked on the link. They do look pretty awful don’t they. I’ve always found York races to be pretty tasteful. Aintree however shock

Yammy Thu 18-Aug-22 18:25:21

" Yorkshire lasses," strutting their stuff.
Many of them will know about racing and horses lots of horses are bred and trained in Yorkshire.
As others say what did we all look like when we were young I had a trunk I did not take home because of the clothes in it. Why would Aintree be any different? Maybe more botox.

Jane71 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:49:39

Go for it girls, strut your stuff!
I'm all for women being what they want. I wouldn't wear clothes like that, but perhaps I would when younger with a figure to match.

Dizza25 Thu 18-Aug-22 18:54:22

I was there today, in the picnic area, it was a great day and lovely to see everyone dressed up. Can’t say I saw anything inappropriate, but horses for courses.

Jaxjacky Thu 18-Aug-22 18:59:17

It’s what you do when you’re younger. I recall swimming at Henley in my underwear many years ago, fortunately no pictures!

MayBee70 Thu 18-Aug-22 19:09:13


I was there today, in the picnic area, it was a great day and lovely to see everyone dressed up. Can’t say I saw anything inappropriate, but horses for courses.

I haven’t been there for years but I loved it. We used to go when The Ebor was in a Wednesday. I love the pre parade ring with all the trees.

GrannyLaine Thu 18-Aug-22 19:12:32

This gal's got the right idea.

lemsip Thu 18-Aug-22 19:18:40

oh dear, the lady with piercings on face, shaven sides of head and mohican hairstyle posing with a tray of chips belongs on the 'commom' thread. ha ha

eazybee Thu 18-Aug-22 19:28:15

There is a thread running 'what do you think is common.' Those pictures are an example.

I was surprised because the Telegraph showed a picture of a group of young, slim pretty girls in different coloured sheath dresses and they all looked most attractive.; I thought that was the picture to which you were referring.

Baggytrazzas Thu 18-Aug-22 19:40:54


oh dear, the lady with piercings on face, shaven sides of head and mohican hairstyle posing with a tray of chips belongs on the 'commom' thread. ha ha

HI, surely if the racecourse felt that eating chips did not portray the correct image then it would not be selling them?

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 19:53:40

There aren’t many who wouldn’t belong on the ‘common’ thread. Two or three at most.

M0nica Thu 18-Aug-22 19:59:17

The thing that struck me about most of the dresses were that quite simply they were badly made and didn't fit.

I do not mean that they were revealing, just simply whether revealing or not most of them were sagging or stretching or the fabric was in great folds, and most of them had shoes that were inapproriate, or in some cases made them stand so badly with their bums sticking out, most unflattering.

Thare were women there both revealing, or more mature who did look elegant and whose clothes did fit them properly, but an awful lot of them looked like 'wear once and chuck' dresses from Shein.

LadyStardust Thu 18-Aug-22 20:27:07

Jesus!! Lets hold each other up sisters!! There are some pretty scathing comments on here. Bitching about the appearance of other women, having a fun day out, is far worse than appearing 'common' in my view.

M0nica Thu 18-Aug-22 20:34:11

Why when a woman or women criticise something they do not like in other women is it always described as 'bitching'? Isn't that a nasty sexist word, that we should not hear or see written by another woman.

We are all entirely free to comment on the clothes other women, or men are wearing. No one has been making any unpleasant remarks about the women themselves, just about their clothes - and I can see no fault in that.

In another thread, people are saying exceedingly rude and unpleasant things about men with beards.

Surely sauce for the goose should be able to be as critical as sauce for the gander. And beards are far more intimately personal.

Visgir1 Thu 18-Aug-22 21:11:22

Good for them a lovely chance to dress up.
I love a ladies day at the Races.

I'm fact I'm always impress Grand National week at Aintree, its nearly always cold but on ladies day, they go got it.

62Granny Thu 18-Aug-22 21:17:32


This gal's got the right idea.

I love his shoes!

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 18-Aug-22 21:42:15

Absolutely right MOnica. I think the word to describe the outfits you mentioned is ‘cheap’, in both senses of the word. I’ve never understood this ‘women must stick together and not criticise each other’ thing.