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What was the last thing you looked up?

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grannyactivist Fri 29-Sep-17 16:52:41

Having access to a search engine has had a huge impact on my life. I research prospective tenants, look up how to do stuff, find out what's happening locally, check out recipes and inform myself about current events etc. Most days I look something up at least half a dozen times, probably more. I relish the immediacy of the response and the opportunity to 'compare and contrast' the range of information given. My last search was on stove fans - I saw a reference to them and had no idea what they are. I do now.
Over to you; what was the last thing you googled (other search engines are available). smile

durhamjen Fri 29-Sep-17 16:57:50

Australian spiders.

tanith Fri 29-Sep-17 17:04:12

Day beds

Alima Fri 29-Sep-17 17:04:45

Gap Kids

wildswan16 Fri 29-Sep-17 17:24:03

"can i cook radishes"

Greyduster Fri 29-Sep-17 17:32:19

Clarkes shoes, black leather, ladies for the use of.

grannyticktock Fri 29-Sep-17 17:37:32

Three recent ones: the exchange rate for Turkish Lira, how to tune a ukulele, and what's on TV tonight.

grannyactivist Fri 29-Sep-17 17:39:41

See that's just what I mean; wildswan I couldn't resist and now I know. Who knew that radishes can be roasted?

grannysue05 Fri 29-Sep-17 17:47:37

How do pyrolitic ovens work.

phoenix Fri 29-Sep-17 17:48:11

Planning applications in our village, and the one before that was paint colours!

merlotgran Fri 29-Sep-17 17:55:42

I've just checked my search history and the last thing I looked up was Celafen cream which is supposed to be very good for muscle and joint pain.

I often look up locations when watching travel programmes. The last one was a repeat of Timothy Spall's journey through the Caledonian canal.

Chewbacca Fri 29-Sep-17 18:16:51

How to apply wax polish to raw wood.

FarNorth Fri 29-Sep-17 18:32:18

Trans activists

BBbevan Fri 29-Sep-17 18:37:35

How to move rhododendrons

Marydoll Fri 29-Sep-17 19:31:37

Markets near Villamoura and which bus to get to them.

lilypollen Fri 29-Sep-17 20:05:33

Where a particular cruise ship is.

Juliette Fri 29-Sep-17 20:27:54

Which saying is correct.
Off your own bat or 'off your own back'. Both in use but off your own bat is the original saying so I was sort of right DH. smile

shysal Fri 29-Sep-17 20:50:35

The mattress scam.

Auntieflo Fri 29-Sep-17 21:30:29

Daniel Graham, an artist who makes moth 'sculptures' from wood. Beautiful.

Envious Fri 29-Sep-17 21:37:02

A old movie I'm watching called "To late for tears"

NotAGran55 Fri 29-Sep-17 21:52:41


hildajenniJ Fri 29-Sep-17 21:57:38

Symptoms of ear infections in adults. (This was for DH ). He is having neck pain. I encouraged him to make an appointment with a chiropractor as it's definitely not his ears!

Loiria Fri 29-Sep-17 22:03:34

Found nibbled hazelnuts in the garden. Tiny hole, very neatly gnawed with a smooth inner ring. Oh, yes, I looked it up - a dormouse - now a protected species. Watch out for their nests and hibernation this Autumn and keep them protected. If you have had the horror of finding your cat with one (slightly gingery, slightly furry, flattened tail, long, long whiskers, white chin and sometimes tummy, too) rescue it and if necessary ring a wildlife hospital. They love to make nest from honeysuckle bark.

grannyactivist Fri 29-Sep-17 22:05:49

See this is how it works; I'm intrigued by Auntieflo's wooden moths so I search 'Daniel Graham wooden moths' and up pops a link to The Moth Man:
Now I have moth envy!

Azie09 Fri 29-Sep-17 22:25:06

How and when to transplant roses.